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Your Penis IS a Mushroom!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

by Bruce P. Grether

Every mushroom is the visible fruiting body of a far vaster, buried fungal network called the "mycelium." Turn over an old log fallen in the forest, and those fuzzy white threadlike fibers are mycelium, the weave of fungi that pervades all living soils in a forest or nearby. Your penis not only looks like a mushroom, but there are many more profound comparisons!

Click the image above to see a trailer for a film starring Stamets

Mushroom expert Paul Stamets works tirelessly to increase awareness of the key role of the Kingdom of Fungi throughout Nature. The mycelium is something like "Nature's Internet," AKA "The Wood Wide Web," and through it trees and other plants exchange information, nutrients, and remain interconnected.

Your penis can be considered the fruiting body of your nervous system! Just as the mycelium lives underground in the soil, yet connects everything in the forest and vital areas nearby, your nervous system lies beneath your skin, and connects and communicates for your entire body. Your penis is the external, visible fruiting body for your neural networks and brain.

Your penis certainly resembles a mushroom in form, but also in function. Just as a mushroom grows, flourishes and stands up to open its cap and broadcasts spores to produce more fungi, your penis serves a reproductive purpose. Of course, this is far from being it's only purpose!

Mushrooms come in a huge variety of species. Like the psychedelic mushrooms, your penis also serves the purpose of altering your consciousness. It produces lasting beneficial effects, though your penis does this "endogenously," meaning internally. You need not ingest any drug! The mushroom of your penis generates internal changes throughout your nervous system.

Male masturbation, specifically Mindful Masturbation, has become a new frontier of the current Sexual Revolution in the second decade of the 21st Century. Similarly, in the last fifteen years, legal government-permitted research into psychedelic therapies has resumed and boomed at Johns Hopkins University and other research institutions around the world.

One drawback of such psychedelic drugs is that once ingested, you are committed to a prolonged and intense journey. In contrast, when you generate beneficial pure penis pleasure for yourself or in collaboration with Phallic Brothers, this is a safer, endogenous process, which your own body naturally facilitates.

This kind of beneficial erotic ecstasy--enjoyed solo or with others--can change you for the better, but is not accompanied by disorienting hallucinations, as psychedelic sessions often are. Your penis is potent and powerful, but safer!

"Huston Smith, the scholar of religion, once described a spiritually 'realized being' as simply a person with 'an acute sense of the astonishing mystery of everything.' " - Michael Pollan, HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND, 2018. Mindful Masturbation offers men a natural spiritual path, which can provide just such "an acute sense of the astonishing mystery of everything." Zen Master Dogen teaches that practice IS enlightenment! This simply means presence.

My friend Larry Phillips, both a gifted artist and also an artist's model

Thus the realization that your penis IS a mushroom simply adds another layer of significance to the delight and enjoyment of your practice of self-pleasure as a process of continuously loving yourself better and better, as your skill at being present in this practice grows and grows.

So whether pleasuring yourself, or looking for mushrooms in the Phallic Forest of Brothers that spreads across the spherical shape of our beautiful Living Planet, and stroking the penis of one of those fellow men, all of this charges up and develops the "mycelium" of the related nervous systems of those men attached to the penis/mushrooms!

Paul Stamets explores how a wide variety of challenges may be addressed with various forms of fungi, as well as therapeutic and spiritual potentials of psychedelic mushrooms. The latest research, for example, also studies how such medicinal sessions may benefit healthy and well people, as well as those dealing with conditions such as depression, PTSD, alcoholism, addiction or "end-of-life" anxiety.

Similarly, male masturbation pursued in a wide variety of styles and modes (not only our beloved Mindful Masturbation) may indeed prove beneficial to many, many men for far more than simply relieving sexual frustration or "horniness." To pursue higher states of pleasure, and for longer periods can help build self-esteem, boost general confidence, balance your body/brain chemistry and enhance hormonal processes. Plus, it's simply fun, and a path to increased happiness!

So consider these parallels between mushrooms and mycelium, your penis and your nervous system, the Wood Wide Web, and the Phallic Forest of Brotherhood in which the brains, minds, hearts of men communicate via our similarly aroused nervous systems, as the mushrooms of our penises stand in parallel.

Whether you are a vibrant young man in the early stages of your journey, or a wise elder with great experience, all men open to sharing the common ground of Phallic Brotherhood can learn from one another, and much of this learning is non-verbal. This comes simply from masturbating together, or even masturbating in parallel, aware that we experience such similar sensations in our penis-heart-mind continuums.

This communication is published at the time of the Moon's First Quarter, which my dear friend Rowena Pattee Kryder calls the time of the "Sacred Marriage." To me this means not so much an ideal partnership, as it is to cultivate the inner integrity of harmony and balance within yourself.

The enjoyment and pursuit of pure penis pleasure helps we human males to integrate our inner and outer realities, the visible/external appearance with our unseen/internal realities, and you can see how the man (above) appears equally happy and confident fully clothed and naked and aroused. "As Without, So Within."

Explore for yourself the narratives that this concept, "Your Penis IS a Mushroom" leads you to. Though a narrative is only a story and not necessarily true at all, when you learn to listen deeply, you can discern the truth behind any story. This one may be less of a metaphor than some stories, and more of a literal reality. Or not! You decide.

For certain, the basic concept is nothing new, as this placard from the ancient city of Pompeii in Italy attests: "Here Lives Happiness!"

So don't miss out on the astonishing journey in which all men can become Phallic Foresters, seeking the fruiting bodies that sprout from between our own legs and those of all of our fellow men of every shape, size, color, and age. Handsome young Henry Meadows has become a major helper in my Mission to encourage and foster Phallic Forestry, along with my beloved young Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III.

This coming Monday, Henry will again guide the LIVE Mindful Masturbation session on the OnlyFans page of our Phallic Brotherhood. Please join to enjoy his gentle, kind and generous spirit, and share in his marvelous and passionate practice! He is a treasure!

If you have ever wondered what makes this crazy Bruce character tick, my little book (only 171 pages) pretty well sums up all of the most important things I've learned so far in my lifetime. Though this book is not primarily about masturbation or psychedelic experiences, it emerges directly from both of those ecstatic aspects of my own personal story.

It is available in both paperback and Kindle ebook format, if you are interested. Like GOLDEN PHALLUS, this book is actually not so much about me. It is mostly about you and about being human! For the book trailer, click the image above, or to go directly to its listing on Amazon, click HERE.

I'm not in this for the money, that's for sure, though I'd love this Mission to become self-sustaining!

I just want you to be as happy as possible!

Much Love,


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14 commentaires

25 sept. 2021

Like all mushrooms, it must be nourished and cultivated over time. It takes patience and dedication but the payoff is well worth it!


17 août 2021

Fantastic article. Read How to Change Your Mind. Great work. Stamets nails it: scientifically and spiritually. And this article articulates the metaphor of fungi to the masturbation ritual. Kudos. Just finishing Secret of the Golden Phallus...wonderful. Just ordered 9 Realities.


16 août 2021

First Brother Bruce another great installment. I have been happier the last three years than any of the rest of my adult years. While mindful masturbation is not the only reason for this it is certainly a big part of it.

I agree with Brother alawai1002 about the inclusion of more mature men but also enjoy the inclusion of all ethnicities various levels of endowment, and various sexual preferences.

I must admit that the group of men picture captures a long running fantasy of mine with me being tha guy in the middle.

Bruce P. Grether
Bruce P. Grether
20 oct. 2021
En réponse à

As you've learned though, Brother, it's never too late to learn something new! In fact, that's the key to constantly wiring in new neural pathways!!! Train your penis your whole life long, right??? Peace, Bruce


15 août 2021

Thank you Brother Bruce for guiding us through the Phallic forest. I love the connection between my mushroom headed penis and the ancient roots of the Phallic forest. I also appreciate the inclusion of the more mature men.


23 août 2021
En réponse à

Appreciate your comment, Brother Alawai. As a 76 year old homo-erotic male, I can testify that the capacity for sexual satisfaction not only does not wane with time, it is deepened, enhanced from primary focus on ejaculation, to immersion into the depth of manhood, full bodied, prolonged orgasmic experience.

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