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Your Penis is a Great, Great Gift!

by Bruce P. Grether

Your Penis is a great, great gift to be cherished and shared! Of course, this begs the question, a gift from who or what, though that may not be so important to consider. Call it Nature, evolutionary process, the Gods, Lord God, or the Goddess if you wish! Regardless of who or what gave it to you, your Penis is a precious, remarkable organ of delight, joy, communication and communion. A reason for major gratitude!

The popular alchemical image of the Green Lion devouring the Sun is sometimes understood to represent powerful, frustrated desire and its consequences. However, enthusiastic male masturbators like you and me don't bother to feel frustrated. Instead we enjoy another meaning of the Green Lion devouring the Sun, which is the way green plant growth absorbs and uses light to power its own growth--photosynthesis! It is upward growth.

Our erections which grow upwards toward the Light of Life parallel this process of photosynthesis and vertical growth of plants. What experience can be more delightful, or more delicious than when we men choose to share pure penis pleasure with our Phallic Brothers?

Your penis is a great, great gift to you and when you share it with fellow men, it also becomes your gift to them.

When you willingly, eagerly share your arousal with your Phallic Brothers, your arousal may inspire and fuel their arousal, and theirs in turn fuels yours. This is definitely a win/win process. A case can be made that this is one of the reasons that the human male penis evolved in Nature. Many scientists agree it is an organ of display aimed at other men!

Take pride in your male human body. Take pride in your body regardless of your appearance, ethnicity, age, or sexual identity. Take care of your body in all the basic ways: eat a healthy diet, exercise, get adequate sleep, manage stress, and masturbate daily. If you don't use it, you lose it applies to your penis, for sure!

To masturbate on a regular basis, at least once a day is part of healthy self-care. This also serves important purposes in terms of your self-realization, personal growth, and spiritual evolution. One Tantric effect of Mindful Masturbation is that it allows you to see beyond dualities as you experience Oneness with All Things on a regular basis.

Your penis is a great, great gift from the same Source what has given you Life Itself. Your penis is something that you must be mindful never to take for granted, no more than you take for granted the fact of your own existence--the fact that that you are alive!

Your penis provides you the ongoing experience of feeling totally alive in a way that nothing else can give you. Even sexual relations with a special lover or partner are not always as profound, intense and prolonged as your practice of Mindful Masturbation can be!

You are gifted with a human penis so rich with limitless potential that you might easily miss the true significance of this remarkable, even miraculous organ. Never slip into taking it for granted. Every erection IS a resurrection; your penis IS a great, great gift!

You are gifted with this organ that has an incredible range of textures, qualities, sizes, and functions. These range from exquisite delicacy, ultra-silky sensitivity, able to retreat into utterly malleable softness and pliability. Or it begins to flush increasingly full of blood from within through intricate processes that increase its internal blood pressure and volume while decreasing outflow so that it grows, expands, extends outward from between your legs.

Like an autonomous creature, and yet totally entwined with your human heart, mind, and soul, your pricelessly precious penis lives, waxes and wanes. It forever changes while remaining a constant present at the legitimate center of your human male experience. It is anchored into the fathomless depths of your being where it defines the center of all circles, and yet the crown of its head is the apex that traces out your circumference.

This great, great gift is a primary source of your joy and enjoyment, your happiness, humor, emotional range, sensitivity, strength, bestowed by the simple fact of your inherited embodiment. To discover its limitless potentials requires conscious and deliberate study and practice, practice, practice.

True excellence and skill in the fine art of Male Masturbation does not come naturally, and is not entirely instinctive. You may harness the instinctive desire for more and more physical pleasure to motivate your study and self-education in this art. But like any art, your natural talent and learned skill develops as you persist in practicing deliberately, consciously, mindfully. Consider carefully the nine principles of the "Phallic Brotherhood Manifesto" (below). Allow them settle into your awareness. Assess how they resonate within you and your body:


1.) The Men of Planet Earth are related to one another in this way: We share the admiration, adoration and fascination for male genitalia, that with the power of mindfulness, provide us with limitless bliss.

2.) We encourage our Fellow Men of all appearances, of all sexual identities, and all cultural backgrounds, to generate and cultivate pure penis pleasure for themselves, as a means of simple enjoyment of being alive, of personal growth and well-being, of embodied consciousness expansion.

3.) We encourage our Fellow Men to deliberately share masturbatory play with one another as a means of bonding, forming community, exploring human nature in a spirit of curiosity, Original Innocence and pure hearts, that is the authentic quality of penis pleasure. By conscious agreement, we engage in such masturbatory play together without expecting other forms of sexual contact in the context of this Brotherhood.

4.) We recognize the beneficial, health-giving, life-enhancing qualities of joyfully stimulating our penises and awakening our entire bodies, both in solitude and when shared in conjunction with our Fellow Men.

5.) In order to maximize the ease and comfort of this sharing for All Men, we declare this Brotherhood to be a Sacred Space of mutual respect and encouragement, free from ego games and competition.

6.) With this Brotherhood we bypass the ordinary sex-hunt, and we let go of exerting power over anyone else, in the spirit of sharing, for the greater freedom to simply be our true selves, and to empower ourselves and our Fellow Men.

7.) We create this Sacred Space of Brotherhood as an autonomous zone free from the judgment of others and by others, free from comparisons of appearance or personal accomplishment—in the generous spirit of Brotherly Love.

8.) We empower this Phallic Brotherhood for the benefit of all of humanity and of the entire planet we call home.

9.) The reality of this Phallic Brotherhood manifests through the creative power of penis-heart-mind.

It's been about a year and a half now since I met Young Russell AKA Dragon Puppy 3, the handsome fellow who has become my Erotic Wizard's Apprentice.

He began, like many men who encounter my work, by reading THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS, and then we started to get acquainted. I began to coach him in Mindful Masturbation, and he took all of this so totally to heart that he changed his own life.

The great, great gift off Russell's penis and his Mindful Masturbation practice led him to mastery of Male Solo Sex Magick. Along with my next major student, Henry Meadows, he has helped me plant the Golden Acorns that are now sprouting into a worldwide Phallic Forest of Brotherhood.

When you join our OnlyFans Phallic Brotherhood page you gain access to the ever-increasing library of masturbation-oriented videos, coaching, trainings, inspirations, and you can also interact with the Phallic Brothers through the chat messages.

Russell hosts a monthly LIVE Group Masturbation called the Circle of Men. The links below connect you to register for the next two such events, which take place via Zoom so you can see and be seen by the entire group of masturbators:

Full Moon Power:

You can follow the links above to register.

Much Love,


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Jul 12, 2021

Hello and welcome zhelene. I so agree about heartfelt mindful masturbation and brotherly love. This old world needs so compassion towards each other and to our environment.


Jul 10, 2021

Bruce, I love your Erotic Engineering site! As you know I am a natal female, but identify in my sexuality as a homosexual man. I think the awareness you bring to heartfelt mindful masturbation and brotherly love without competition is so healthy for this planet. I love the concept of photosynthesis and the penis growing towards the sun. "Every erection is a resurrection" is a quote I will never forget! Thank you for the brilliant concepts you express and share.

Jul 11, 2021
Replying to

My Beloved Friend Helene: Your comments always mean a lot to me, as I forever have a very special place for you in my heart! You are living proof that it would be a mistake to assume that one must be born a biological male to comprehend the Living Phallus from within yourself. I will always be grateful that we first really spent a bit of precious time together at The Pentacle of the Great Turning. Before that, I was aware of your existence, but since then my gratitude for you continues to deepen. And of course, the turning continues… Peace


Jul 10, 2021

Brother Bruce, This was perhaps my favorite edition to date since I started following you and your teachings my dear Brother and friend. I became self realized in my early thirties but all of this has grown me into such a greater consciousness far deeper than I could imagine deep within self and brotherhood of penis love.

And to Alasdair how beautifully you have expounded upon this.

Peace my Phallic Brothers,


Jul 11, 2021
Replying to

Brother Dave: Your appreciation and encouragement are tremendously important to me! Clearly you are among those Brothers who really "get this" because you practice it in your own way! Peace


Jul 09, 2021

I hope you guys realize the magnitude of this opportunity. Throughout recorded history these types of teachings have been available to the select few, monks, warriors, and emperors. Like these teachings, your penis has deep roots, giving it the magnificent upward growth of its "Green" stage. When you self-pleasure, be sure to palpate these roots as deeply as possible. Feel what a gift you have been endowed with. Thank you again Bruce, for your beautifully illustrated reminders of what is between our legs.

Oct 20, 2021
Replying to

I agree completely. We are some of the most fortunate men in the history of the planet. To be able to not only learn from the masters in ways few men have, but to have the health, longevity, comradery and discretionary time to enjoy our penises as often as we like....just incredible!

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