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Your Golden Phallus is About Your Heart!

by Bruce P. Grether

Male Erotic Alchemy becomes truly transformational when you begin to practice self-pleasure as a form of self-love. Your flesh-an-blood penis transmutes to Gold! This is radical self-acceptance, being kind, generous, and profoundly encouraging to yourself!

In my lates book, the science-fi novel CLOUDWHALE, men are trained to recognize that their penis is not just an organ for self-gratification: it is an organ of Love. As such, pure penis pleasure awakens the male heart and helps it to stay open.

In this process, as you re-train yourself to Mindful Masturbation as conscious eroic exploration, you discover that regardless of its shape or size, your erect penis will seem enormous. Huge. Gigantic.

Friendly Edward - Super Masturbator!

Further down this page is a series of photos of this beautiful, sweet and passionate man who totally enjoys his penis and loves to masturbate in long sessions. You can find him on Bateworld where his profile has the same name: just remove the space in the middle (friendlyedward). Contact him and discover that he is indeed friendly!

What makes your Phallus Golden is your attitude towards it, and your devotion to stimulating your penis for the purpose of altering your consciousness, to awaken yourself from the trance of daily life, to live in Penis Paradise.

Live in Penis Paradise!

Support our Mission by joining the Phallic Brotherhood OF page!

We now have more than 50 hours of the finest male masturbation videos available online. Stroke with your Brothers hour-after-hour and develop your skills at the same time!

Shift from that blah, boring, ordinary place called "Mundania" so that your life becomes an adventure of ascending into Himalayan heights of mystery to enter Shangri-La. Or go inside a cloudwhale! Take yourself there, solo. Or in the pure-hearted innocence of masturbation shared with a Phallic Brother.

My tenth published book, the fist in since 2017, has just been published: CLOUDWHALE. This is a sci-fi epic story about humans that live inside a 180-kilometer-long environment that has a cometary life-cycle. In the cloudwhale's human society, masturbation is honored as the original, primary form of erotic pleasure.

In the socially-engineered culture of CLOUDWHALE, same sex relations are encouraged for purely recreational pleasure. Though hetero relations are allowed, consent is carefully protected. Men and women live separately in fraternities and sororities. Children are raised by their mothers in the sororities until they mature.

Can you be honest with yourself concerning how you feel about your penis? Many men still have mixed feelings, but younger men now have the opportunity to bypass a lot of the learned shame and guilt over sexuality.

This young man shamelessly enjoys not only his penis, but the pure pleasure it provides. The lubricated gleam upon his beloved Golden Phallus probably comes from the Albolene visible behind him. I'd love to turn him on to using pure 100% organic coconut oil!

This young man appears to happily love himself quite well, his exquisite body and his rampant, engorged erection that he proudly displays.

Down Under, consider the anus as entrance to the Labyrinth where the Minotaur of your sexual nature as a Horned God lurks in the deep center!

Our handsome guest Masturbation Master, Friendly Edward lives Down Under in another sense, meaning the Land of Oz in the Southern Hemisphere.

This lovely gentleman unabashedly adores his penis and eagerly celebrates the extraordinary pleasure it provides him…

…while he always seeks new ways to increase his masturbatory ecstasy, my hope is that he may become a champion of Mindful Masturbation for his continent!

You can see that Friendly Edward has everything required to full celebrate the potentials for limitless bliss that Mindful Masturbation practice allows men to explore.

My beloved friend Rowena Pattee Kryder, in her book THE FACES OF THE MOON MOTHER, describes the 16-cycle phases of the Moon, which is of course associated with the glans penis of your Golden Phallus.

Surrounding the First Quarter Moon, which occurs on the date of this newsletter and blog, Rowena describes: "The Child in the Garden," "Sacred Marriage," and "Mother of Oracular Wells" as the associated phases.

These three phases indicate awakening to playfulness, commitment to a practice or a path, and no hesitation about consulting your inner wisdom. IMO you can see Friendly Edward doing all of these things as he celebrates his Golden Phallus!

See how this exquisite Phallic Brother's glans penis resembles the Moon in its various phases? From different angles, the glans penis reflects those changes, just as the penis itself is forever transforming!

As men, we love our penises and the pure pleasure they can provide, and we admire and grow aroused appreciating the diverse penises of our fellow men.

This handsome young fellow's erection lifts up its Lunar Head toward the Sky Above just as his balls, in their two ovoids reflect the hemispheres of the Earth Below. In its own way, his organ is also a cloudwhale!

As men in the cloudwhale are trained to know, your penis is primarily an organ of Love. My new novel CLOUDWHALE (back cover show below) takes you into the kind of enlightened erotic utopia our species is capable of creating.

This is the back cover of CLOUDWHALE

If you read the book, please be in touch and let me know your reactions + consider putting at least a brief review on Amazon, okay?

Your genitalia, your heart, and your brain are a triad of anatomical centers for human Love. According to some now, this continuum exerts an extremely powerful field in the shape of a torus.

Handsome Young Russell, my primary collaborator in this Mission (which also includes Henry, Rupert, Nico and Coach Nick) understands from his own experience about the powerful toroidal field of Love! Love! Love!

First Quarter Moon: June 10th, 2023

The exact timing of the Lunar Phases matters less that opening your mind, your heart, and spreading your legs wide to experience the echoes and correspondences between the Moon's sphere and you glans penis.

Russell shamelessly and deliciously invites your eyeballs to roam and roll and savor the biological formation of his glans penis! My gratitude for this spectacular young man knows no bounds. He's a key ingredient of this Mission!

Love is greater than feeling good or bad, happy or sad. The ecstasy of pure penis pleasure lifts you into orbital space above the strongest pull of gravity. Your erect penis connects Below with Above.

That is enough!

Much Brotherly Love,


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Jun 13, 2023

Transformative, indeed!

About 5 years ago, after an unexpected divorce at age 40, I found myself lost and searching for answers. I was advised to seek professional help, and I was quickly put on anti-depressants and after a few months of aimless living, finally took a 6 month sabbatical that I had been putting of for years. I rented a furnished cabin in a small lake community. After a few days, I found a box full of books that had been labeled "discard" which apparently, had been left behind. Always the voracious reader, I went through the box, which consisted mostly of romance novels I quickly put aside, only to discover a book from Betty Dodson, Sex for One. …

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Jun 13, 2023
Replying to

Gosh, Brother! What a remarkable and inspiring testimonial you have provided! Indeed, this practice that Russell and Henry and Nico and I encourage men to pursue is transformational. It is very different from the mainstream of so many of today's men for whom, in the last couple of decades, masturbation has become 99% about looking at porn and still with a goal of ejaculation. When you learn how to enjoy the journey along the way at least as much as the destination--this IS life-changing! It did not happen for me until 1995 in my early 40s, that I stepped onto this Patheless Path of Pure Penis Pleasure. I'm working on my next book on the subject THE WAY OF THE…

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