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Why Not Live in Penis Paradise?

I mean, why not? If you are a human male on Planet Earth, you have a penis and you love to masturbate, why not refine your self-pleasuring skills with ongoing daily Mindful Masturbation practice? You deserve no less than this! This is not a religious experience in the ordinary sense, but an actual experiential reality in full awareness of your human body.

This is the highest potential of your embodied human experience, when you reach the place of total connection between your human nature and Nature itself. You could call it "Heaven on Earth." Your aroused penis is the perfect link between your human heart and the world you inhabit! You embody the One you call the Phallic God, Lord of Pleasure, Patron of Maleness. These are living potentials of your human body.

Take refuge in Lord Phallus Himself; take refuge in the Way of the Living Phallus; take refuge in the community of Phallic Brothers who support and inspire your practice. Thus you may inspire other men and support them in pursuit of masturbatory excellence!

If you actually do these things, rather than just talk or think about them, you discover that now you live in a very special and an actual place: Penis Paradise! Human males of all ages (18+ of course!) can be encouraged to explore the extraordinary potentials of pure penis pleasure for its own sake. This is the Way of the Living Phallus.

This experience of arousal and pure penis pleasure is always worth experiencing in solitude, also great to share with other human males. In Phallic Brotherhood among men, we encourage and inspire one another, and we can pass on any wisdom we have gained to younger men, just as younger men's virility may invigorate their elders with renewed energy.

In full enjoyment of male arousal and embodiment we can savor a host of sensations that add up to feeling fully and intensely alive in the mystery of existence. Appearance is not primary in this realm of genuine Phallic Brotherhood. The attitude of enthusiasm and appreciation shines from within and puts a gleam in the eyes of men, a grin on men's faces.

Of course, Penis Paradise is very much like the Garden of the ancient stories. We return in shameless nakedness to regain our Original Innocence, which was never lost except in the stories we were taught to believe. Now our pure penis pleasure tells a different story. Men share mutual masturbation as a sacred activity, a sacrament of Phallic Brotherhood, which also benefits all of humanity, and the planet.

Whether enjoyed spontaneously, as the opportunity presents itself, or in ritual and ceremonial connection shared in a structured situation of surrender, worship of the Phallus and offering of Sacred Seed, the ecstasy itself is the holiest element of the rite. Performed in brotherly love, it is all good!

This is really the best place that you can live in this world, as a human male of the 21st Century. We are gifted to explore what men have longed to know and longed to do for millennia during which such opportunities were often limited. We have the privilege of exploring the limitless possibilities for bliss. As never before, the Way of the Living Phallus opens before us when we spread our legs.

As if the Universe and the Powers have willed it so, I'm blessed with the collaboration of more young men willing to be coached by me, to have the coaching recorded and shared with you. Below you see Marco Chase, who I've recently coached and recorded. This young man has sweetness, charm, and passionate enthusiasm.

Also I'm so honored and pleased to work and play with my new young friend, Dragon Puppy. A student of Sacred Sexuality, he has everything it takes, and much much more. I also offer my recorded Mindful Masturbation coaching with Dragon Puppy. A smile like his makes the world a better place!

If you wish to follow the video series of my coaching with these young men, go to the Bate Master Bruce Twitter page HERE.

Namaste, Brothers, and Blessed Be!

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May 13, 2022

I have always appreciated your encouragement to embrace masturbation without reservation, hesitation and guilt. Too often, even those advocating masturbation put too many qualifiers on it, leading many to question their pursuits. I always find it remarkable how rarely someone criticizes the amount of time people spent watching tv or playing video games. I mean, people do those things for many, many hours each day, and yet most adults recognize they have to take care of their obligations regardless. However, the minute someone says they masturbate extensively, the cautionary lectures inevitably surface.

In addition, I would argue most mindful masturbators are pretty self aware and are choosing a lifestyle that they have learned benefits them as much or more than…

May 14, 2022
Replying to

When I was younger, I carried around a lot of beliefs, taboos, etc. about jacking-off and having sex with men. Almost everyone has these. Mindful masturbation brings them to the surface where they can dissipate. It really helps to know you're not alone. I admire each member of the Phallic Brotherhood who looks within and confronts his demons. Your light diminishes the darkness in the world. Much love to you longbeachpolly.


Mar 09, 2020

Masturbating with another man generates oxytocin, the feel-good hormone.

May 16, 2022
Replying to

Yes. And being str8 as I am, I found the pleasure and activity transcends sexual identity and age. I have masturbated with men more than twice my age, gay, str8, bi. Ever one made my cock extremely erect and my ejaculations powerful.


Feb 18, 2020

I'm so proud to say that I masturbate as much as I can !


Feb 16, 2020

Great affirmation of the benefits of shared self pleasure. Stroke on brothers!


Feb 12, 2020

So true. And these days, there really is no reason not to embrace it and develop it.

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