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What to do in 2022… with Your Penis!

by Bruce P. Grether

There is one single most important thing that you can do to help save the world! Refine and develop your masturbation skills to higher and higher levels! "New" as in this New Year means an opportunity that either comes again or has never appeared before! Our Mission is to help billions of human males awaken one penis at a time! It begins with training your penis constantly! Thus, you may inspire your fellow men.

We've entered an era of exponential change. We cannote predict anything about the near future for certain. One of the few certain things is that we ought to look to wise elders, as well as wise juniors who have caught on to the transformational power of pure penis pleasure!

You've got this extremely potent, deliciously blissful, and magickally alchemical power in your own hands, right there, between your legs! Proudly spread them wide, breathe deeply, keep relaxed and stroke slowly, alternate hands, employ a variety of strokes: Heaven on Earth!

As I relate in my revolutionary book THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS: MALE EROTIC ALCHEMY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY, according to Greek mythology, masturbation was invented by the Olympian God Hermes, patron of young men and athletes, Among other things, including crossroads, messengers and thieves. He even guided souls into the afterlife. And he taught masturbation to his friend, the Great God Pan!

As some Phallic Brothers who may read this probably know already, my own journey of erotic self-discovery, which led me directly to the transformational power of Mindful Masturbation began some six decades or so in that past! During a sleepover with a boy my age, we rubbed our erect penises together…

This rubbing of our seven or eight-year-old penises against each other proved so powerful and profound, that it changed my entire life! My existence came to revolve around the extreme bliss of cock2cock frottage.

I've now come to realize that I was experiencing multiple dry orgasms. Of course, my handsome young boyfriend and I were far too young to ejaculate. However, it's now understood that newborn baby boys can experience orgasmic pleasure. This even may occur pre-natally.

Following those "Golden Intervals" of boyish erotic play, my sex life was not dazzling. I did not even figure out actual masturbation with my hand until I was ten or eleven in a shower using the water as lube! I had always loved to exert pressure between my legs, but when I figured it out, I spent night-after-night pleasuring myself in my bed.

We had moved from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, to Bangkok. My bedroom had no A.C., but huge screen windows on both wides produced a pleasant cross-draft. After lights out, under the rush of the ceiling fan, I slipped off my underwear and lay on top of the sheet to masturbate.

I did not comprehend my same-sex attraction (while strongly aware of it since age three or four), I did recall those nights of cock2cock ecstasy and stroked myself to the memory. Being pre-pubescent, my multiple dry orgasms expanded me beyond my skin into feeling One with the night of crickets and frogs…

…and in truth, the cock2cock made me feel One with All Things! However, sadly, when I was perhaps twelve or thirteen, forced to shower among other boy after Physical Education, I admired the maturing bodies of the other boys immensely…

…and unfortunately I began to compare myself with them. I became terribly shy about being so skinny, slow to develop any kind of muscles and pubic hair. In fact until my early forties, I was terribly shy. I didn't even want anyone to see me shirtless. Then, after I discovered what became Mindful Masturbation, this swiftly changed.

The breakthrough for me was to learn to make ejaculation a choice. All through my teens, twenties and thirties I was an avid masturbator, but ejaculated all-too-soon, all-too-easily. When I watched FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN, Joseph Kramer's great pioneering video about Male Genital Massage and applied it to my solo practice: BINGO!

My old habits of poor self-esteem began to shrivel up and fall away from neglect. My confidence built and I was able to generate limitless amounts of erotic ecstasy for myself! As a more emotionally mature adult, I was able to experience cock2cock with my partner and with several boyfriends we shared!

Wow! With adult sex organs, for two men to rub erect penises together is surely among the most intense, profound and deep forms of nonverbal communication and communion men can share! If a lot more men start to do this, as well as masturbating mindfully, maybe there's hope for our species. Not convinced this will help save humanity and the planet? We need to listen to elders and younger men. Regardless of your age, listen to your own penis!

At the very least, Mindful Masturbation can definitely enhance your life! Most guys get strongly conditioned with somewhat limiting, secretive, repetitive masturbation habits from boyhood or teen years on and never really break free of these habits.

Even a serious Mindful Masturbator such as Yours Truly--I've been doing this for twenty-six years now!--slips back into old habits! But this is not a bad thing: it's one reason to photograph and videotape your practice. This helps you notice any old habits. Genuine mindfulness comes in with retraining yourself again and again and again.

It's been scientifically proven that mindful re-training of yourself, to break old habits and explore new behavioral options produces neurplastic re-wiring of your brain and nervous system. With Mindful Masturbation you actually rewire your CNS (Central Nervous System). Your penis actually learns to provide you with ever-increasing glorious bliss!

So keep training that exquisite organ of yours! The extent to which you become more balanced, calmer yet more energetic and creative, your personal growth and development overflows all over other men, and everyone!

When people ask me if I think the cup is half-empty or half full, I say it is always overflowing! While I've been accuse of select men to share on this blog for their large penises, of course some are, such as this impressive ball-player!

Most of us are a lot closer to whatever averages come from measurement studies. To benefit humanity and the planet, I suggest you masturbate mindfully, both solo and possibly with other men, either online or in-person. Masturbate mutually if you can, like these guys (above), or cock2cock like those guys in the collection farther above here.

Our Phalllic Brotherhood Mission always operates within legal parameters. At the same time, younger men and older men have always shared a special connection of inspiring one another erotically. Older men may share wisdom and experience, while the younger guys are simply cute and erotically intense!

Shakespeare, who was perhaps what we might now call pansexual, said: "What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god!"

If human beings were created in the image of their Creator, and that Creator was someone called a Lord (rather than a Lady) then surely this is why the Living Phallus of every man is actually a literal pathway to the Divine!

If Nature and Nature's God are the ultimate religious expressions, then the resemblance of the penis to the mushroom, which is actualy the fruiting body of that "Wood Wide Web" we call Mycelium, then there are approaching four billion + of these beauties on Planet Earth!

In my popular GOLDEN PHALLUS book, I included the Nordic Phallic Got Freyr, sometimes also called "Frey" as in this illustration of a current incarnation in popular fiction, and a traditional image from Swedish archaeology.

Much as I appreciate Phallic Gods, don't forget to include in our devotions your entire male body, and also your balls and anus! At the crossroads and some entrances such as the gymnasium in Ancient Greece, stood pillars called "Herms," in honor of Hermes, topped by a man's head and equipped with an erect phallus on the side. Here, a Young Woodland Faun makes creative use of a Herm!

Handsome Young Russell, Handsome Young Henry and the older guy (Bruce) are sincerely and profoundly dedicated to the Mission of Phallic Brotherhood to which we devote plenty of our blood, sweat, tears, smiles and semen! If you appreciate what we do, please support us with a generous DONATION (that "I want to help" button) or join the Phallic Brotherhood OF page! The costs keep rising to keep the website online, send newsletters, and produce video content.

Phallic Brotherhood helps men become more sane, balanced, generous and wise! One magnificent way you can support our Mission is to join us on the 17th of January, 2022 for a Full Moon Group Masturbation Ritual!

Ejaculate with us--or not, whichever you choose! Regardless, we hope you would like to join us for an hour + of group masturbation over Z00M to which you may arrive 15 minutes early, and stay an extra 15 if you wish. No recording allowed.

This first Full Moon of 2022 manifests the Sun in Cancer, which magnifies your feelings and makes everyone feel more sensitive. Cleanse your psyche and let go of baggage. Support the bliss of your Brothers and maybe even do some Sex Magick! Sign up by clicking the above image or HERE!

Let's Save the World through Phallic Brotherhood among Men!



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May 13, 2022

It is a beautiful and never ending process. I was also a late bloomer into the mindful masturbation camp (was in my 40s) and to say it transformed my life is not an overstatement. While a lot of my friends admit to frequent masturbation (duh!), I don't have a lot of friends who engage primarily in true mindful masturbation. As a result, they are missing out on more than just the amazing otherworldly pleasure during masturbation, they miss out on the spiritual and mental benefits which are such a key ingredient to the betterment of ourselves as men. I engage in it daily not only because of the bliss but because I enjoy the personal growth and development as well.

May 16, 2022
Replying to

Constant training - two words I can adhere to!


Mar 21, 2022

Wish I would have seen this in time to join in the zoom celebration and ejaculation!


Jan 21, 2022

A wonderful new year's resolution I have taken is to masturbate and ejaculate more and take more time with it. I hope we all might join together in that.


Jan 16, 2022

The power of the penis id fantastic! As men, we are sooo lucky!


Taylor Bates
Taylor Bates
Jan 16, 2022

So powerful, i masturbated reading it...our experiences as masturbators are so much the same.

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