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We Are Phallic Foresters!

by Bruce P. Grether

To compare your erect penis with a tree may seem a bit of a stretch at first. In truth, this comparison has a lot of nuances: depths and heights, roots, a sturdy and resilient trunk, branches, sap, a leafy canopy and crown (among other aspects). The vertical, upright growth of trees is echoed by the periodic protrusion of your erection from your male human body.

A global forest of Golden Phalluses!

Among the most powerful and universal archetypes of humanity is the World Tree, a perfect image for your penis as it stands out from your earthy, terrestrial body. Most human beings love to enter a forest. To be surrounded by trees rising from the ground produces special feelings of wonder and awe, comfort, reassurance, serenity and clarity.

Apparently our early mammalian ancestors were arboreal, tiny creatures whose necessary balance and dexterity helped us to eventually adapt to upright mobility on the ground, and also led to the remarkable anatomy of the human hand, with its ability to manipulate, with the important feature of the opposable thumb.

Of course, both our manual dexterity and our upright posture made the basic activity of human male masturbation not only possible, but probable. Our bodies seem designed to facilitate this exquisite practice. From our understanding of evolution, the practice may also have exerted feedback influence upon our anatomy.

Regardless the precise mechanism, your male human body and your genitalia are not only more complex and more profound than your may have imagined, they act in ways mysterious and revelatory to illuminate the path of your awareness!

There is nothing ordinary or mundane about your penis or your masturbation. These are among the most precious and profound aspects your existence! They are also simply fun!

Personally, I am not religious in any ordinary sense, though I do consider myself a sort of "scientific animist." This means that I put a lot of faith in science, but not all my faith. I feel in a real sense that "Everything is alive!" So it may not surprise you that when I have questions, or I need to figure things out, I venture into the forest near my home…

I will meditate or masturbate in the forest, which are really one and the same process. The message I get is always the same: "Be like a tree!" In other words, sink your roots deep in the Earth and spread your branches high into the Sky.

You may also sometimes enjoy reading books as I do, but have you also noticed that male characters in books are seldom very aware their penis? How often do you get a sense what a male character's penis looks like? Do you very often get any details about his practice of masturbation? Well, in my published books you often do! Only, I'm not ordinary!

So individual men such as you and such as me may explore and develop awareness and consciousness of our penises by considering how our erections resemble trees. This easily leads to the concept of Phallic Brotherhood considered a Phallic Forest of erections.

This further leads us to the marvelous conception and perhaps the actual experience of sharing our penises and our masturbation practice with fellow men. As we cultivate our pure penis pleasure, this leads to another realization: We are Phallic Foresters!

Just as there is something deeply ancestral about actual forested places, something that speaks tour DNA for historical reasons, both of the species and the individual, all of these matters directly relate to what lies between your own legs.

As a Phallic Forester you may explore and experience the Mysteries of the World Tree that "holds up the Sky" (consider O2 production!) and connects the Earth and Sky. Consider how your Living Phallus, yes, right there, connects you directly into your full embodiment, literally manifests as an image of the Divine, the Source in Nature. The Living Universe.

What a great, great gift your penis is, no more or less so in solitary awareness, or in the delight of sharing actual Phallic Brotherhood, either through video conferencing, or in person. All these gifts are precious beyond ordinary evaluation!

Just like actually walking into the woods, among the trees, whenever you turn attention to your penis, to the sensations of pure pleasure it produces via Mindful Masturbation, the expanded awareness of Phallic Brotherhood surrounds you with the Phallic Forest. Here, life-force abounds. Everything you experience feels deeply familiar on cellular levels, and though much around you cannot be seen, it enfolds and embraces you like family!

Masturbate with the awareness of being a Phallic Forester, aware that your penis is no mere symbol of these things: your penis can be directly experinced as the World Tree, the Tree of Life in Paradise. The One Tree.

Something else that actual forests tell me besides "Be like a tree!" is that ultimately, on a genuine level of truth, all trees are the same Tree. There is only One Tree. This may sound crazy or mystical, but trees are powerfully aware. Trees do not view things in terms of individuality or separation as we do.

Trees, like penises aroused, activated, flooding you with intense awareness of being alive, are not so much aware of themselves as separate, as they are of unity, connection, Oneness, of the entire Phallic Forest.

Consider this possibility as a Phallic Forester: Be like a tree! Feel the connection. Oneness.

Likewise, with awareness of what a marvel and mystery of evolutionary process and even Real Magick your human body and Living Phallus are, you touch into realm of awareness beyond the ordinary bounds of space and time, beyond seasons and even reason itself!

Trust that deepest somatic connection within you and without you: your penis-heart-mind continuum, as one of the great Erotic Wizards I know calls it and as he named it in the "Phallic Brotherhood Manifesto."

Take your time, my Phallic Brother. Pause from the pace of your life. Seek stillness, breathe deeply, pay full, mindful attention to your body, to your own presence, to your penis and to the journeys of limitless bliss all of these things combined facilitate for you.

Don't settle for anything less than than the joyous miracle of NOW revealed through the Wold Axis of that penis-heart-mind.

Be like a tree! You are a Phallic Forester, if you have been reading this and come this far into the Phallic Forest of the Brotherhood of Men. Great, great is your gift that turns its head up towards your face when you stand upon the Earth.

Here is an incredible place where, indeed, it is all good! Here you can share your body, your penis, your arousal, your sensations of pure penis pleasure with fellow men who comprehend and share your enjoyment.

Reveal the exquisite design of your flesh, regardless your appearance, as a living testimony, a service of generosity to your Brothers, and to Nature itself, the Source of Everything!

We often make distinctions that have no actual validity. We speak of what is natural and what is artificial, as if these are ultimately separate categories. Nature is the Great Artificer. We are in truth simply one expression of natural processes, neither more nor less natural than anything else. This is the Great Mystery we enter to discover that we are already there!

A more meaningful distinction and category is what damages the quality of life, and what enhances the quality of life. To love our Brothers, all of humanity and the planet we call H.O.M.E. (Humanity's One Mother Earth) is life-enhancing! Love always wins!

Consider how literal Phallic Brotherhood is when you recognize that you yourself are a Phallic Forester. This forest is not just a metaphor, any more than these penises are mere symbols. This is living, vibrant, ecstatic reality!

To hear a recent, lively and informative interview with handsome Young Russell and me, conducted by Rob Arnegard of The Rocket Review, click the image above for Part 1.

For Part 2 of this interview, click the image above this line of text!

Yes! And Erotic Alchemists is what are as Phallic Foresters! We protect the forest and take care of the trees. Nature and our human nature together are the ultimate Alchemy!

Click on the Golden Acorn above to join the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page. We offer you more and more Mindful Masturbation videos every week, LIVE events, detailed instruction and demonstrations of Male Solo Sex Magick, plus a place to communicate with your Brothers in the chat. You can also get there HERE.

(The latest video added to our OnlyFans 7.16.21)

I am very excited! Our erotic adventures together have only begun…

Much Love,


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9 komentářů

23. 10. 2021

such a continual delight Bruce and brothers - thank you - I was not able to masturbate with the group this week, but did so hours before the session and was able to dwell in the phallic/orgasmic glow throughout the day - so we were in the same space in essence - d

To se mi líbí
21. 5. 2022
Reakce na

I'm glad you followed up. I would love to exchange offline. You know so much and so I want to share pics of my extended masturbation sessions discuss them. My email is on yahoo. Same name as my account name here.

To se mi líbí

26. 7. 2021

Mmmm, so much in this post. Penis awareness, to me, is profoundly essential, from allowing the breath response to be felt in the genital area, to exercises such as Mindful Masturbation's Expressway-Y, to getting out and feeling the forest on our naked and aroused selves. I never tire of Bruce's Phallic Forest analogy. The engorged corpora held in our hands can be felt as a true extension of the liquid and energic trunk of the body. Be sure to listen to The Rocket Review interview with Bruce and Russel, links above.

To se mi líbí

26. 7. 2021

Just like the number and length of the erections around you, your movement has grown so much and so you deseve much thanks. Having helped instill and grow within so many an intense, cock-centered need and an insatiable ejaculatory lifestyle, you are seeing the fruits, the growing forest of your hard work. Must feel so good to know you have made such a difference. Long hours of sustained erections and masturbation punctuated by extremely intense, copious ejaculations is essential to my being and so many around me.

To se mi líbí
25. 10. 2021
Reakce na

Thank you. You sound like a very advanced edger with emense will power. I cant imagine hold my ejaculation back for two weeks, even one week. My erections start overflowing in mere days and becomes unmanagable and prostate hyper-engorged and aches unless I ejaculate my cum out then. I simply cant walk around ans get on with my day when its like that. Perhaps some guys generate more semen than others and so need to cum more often.

To se mi líbí

21. 7. 2021

As always, brother bruce and brotherly crew, thank you for the joyous pictures of men celebrating maleness. Many of the pictures approach art in their aesthetic. All of the pictures are masturbation affirming and invite me into my own masturbation spirit. Glad to be among you, d

To se mi líbí
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