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Veil Lifted: Phallus Revealed!

The Apocalypse does not look quite like so many seemed to expect! Perhaps they forgot that the term "apocalypse" means literally "lifting the veil." We share a great opportunity in these strange times of social distancing and self-isolation to reclaim the true potency, the actual significance of the human male penis as the Sacred Phallus that is its authentic nature. In a major world religion, within the Temple the Holy of Holies was veiled from ordinary view at all times. Just once a year the High Priest passed through the veil and entered the Holy of Holies. It's interesting that he was required to enter that holiest of places naked…

To me, the Holiest of Holies is always Nature itself! So now, we may wonder: What on Earth did the High Priest do after he entered the Holy of Holies naked? That particular major religion actually derived many of its beliefs from Ancient Egypt, a highly phallocentric culture. That means, to the Egyptians of several thousand years ago the erect penis was holy, and in truth the Sacred Phallus was among the holiest of things to them.

The erect penis and the pleasure it provides through masturbation was every bit as important and central to their existence as it probably is to you, if you are reading this and are aroused and stimulating your penis this very moment. The Egyptians were not inclined to view anything as only symbolic. Rather, everything they depicted in their language, their art, their worship, was literally about direct experiences of their daily lives. And they definitely adored their erect penises! The did not distinguish the sacred from the secular.

Many details of the environment of ancient Egypt don't directly translate to our contemporary lives now. However, the Ancient Egyptian veneration for the penis and its intense regenerative pleasures when deliberately stimulated via masturbation, are more relevant than ever today. In fact, as the current global pandemic "lifts the veil" of our illusions of separation, the erect penis and masturbation now enjoy a New Renaissance of increasing importance to modern men. With all our Phallic Brothers, we're in this together.

There is no reason to give in to feelings of isolation or boredom, and certainly not fear! The safety measure we take must be properly understood: they are not responses of fear, but of Love for ourselves, for our fellow men, indeed for everyone on Earth, and for the Earth itself. Take full advantage to spend a lot more time at home indoors to develop your masturbation practice to new levels. With the gift of today's audio-visual communication technology this Phallic Brotherhood can also safely be shared with fellow men the world over!

Working from from home is becoming the new normal for many men. This allows more men increased opportunities not only to refine and hone your masturbation skills, but to share your self-pleasure with fellow men via video conference platforms such as Skype and Zoom. This is a form of lifting of the veil that may have concealed the penises of many men from their friends and co-workers in real-time. The benefits and joy of sharing yourself more openly with fellow men become increasingly clear.

Consider that perhaps the actual "apocalypse," as the veil of concealment between intimate arousal and acts of self-pleasuring by men increasingly lifts, proves beneficial both ways--to see and be seen. Both are cathartic revelations, when the focus becomes actual pure penis pleasure shared among men.

In truth, nothing can be be more pure and innocent than the penis of a man, aroused, engorged, standing out from his body asking to be admired by fellow men, asking to be touched and stimulated. It signals both the man himself and anyone privileged to witness him, that not only abundant pleasure, potentially limitless amounts of erotic ecstasy are available: always within reach!

This is how we "get back to the Garden," as the chorus of the great anthem of the Woodstock Nation tells us we must do. It's how we return to our Original Innocence, naked and unafraid as creatures of the natural world. Within every adult male, lives the Holy Child of his innermost self, the creation of Nature itself. Once stripped of acquired guilt or shame, this Holy Child becomes the heir to limitless joy and enjoyment of his human body.

Stripped of the illusions of separation that have obscured his authentic human maleness from his own view and the sight of others, this Holy Child, (YOU!) may experience the current post-apocalyptic realities not as traumatic and terrible, but as ecstatic and rich with the promises of renewal. Even the suffering and tragedy that does occur falls into better perspective when you have gifted yourself with this kind of Original Innocence, this pure penis pleasure, as you explore the limitless possibilities of bliss!

So, take this opportunity to slow down your stroking, let go of the goal of ejaculating as soon as possible, dive into the limitless ocean of bliss that overcomes you with hours and hours of edging. Retain your semen for longer and longer periods to allow the erotic ecstasy to actually permeate all of your trillions of cells, to change you for the better, to make you a happier, more balanced, more serene, creative and energetic man!

You may enter a state for measureless intervals, when you masturbate mindfully, totally focused upon your own body and your actual sensations here and now (this works best without porn or fantasy). Your awareness expands into a place where nothing else exists in the HERE and NOW except for that pure penis pleasure that nourishes you so deeply.

Discover yourself gazing out from this Penis Paradise at the world you thought you knew, eyes dazed by wonder and profound awareness of the fathomless mystery of your own existence. No need or desire for anything but to cherish the priceless gift that appears to your eyes when the Veil of Illusion is lifted. The Sacred Phallus appears, and you know it is yours, anchored between your legs!

Make the sanctuary of your social isolation the Holy of Holies where you are the High Priest who enacts those Male Mysteries with their deep roots in Ancient Egypt. Employ the Living Phallus anchored between your one legs by its fleshy root. In line with today's technology and the freedom from superstition and fear that we joyfully embrace, lift that veil yourself. Share your aroused penis and your masturbation with fellow men who are eager to share the same holy mysteries with you.

As you spread wide your legs, open your heart to your Phallic Brothers in their endless variety, each and every one different in so many details, and so similar in essential design. Do consider the Lilies of the Field, for they are dressed in nothing but their own natural splendor which arises from their roots. Remember that the marvels of your genitalia are like the blossoming of a plant, the finest flower of humanity.

For something different from the easily available onslaught of mechanical Internet porn, consider a different approach to fuel your arousal. If you are reading this, you know how to read, so consider some fine erotic fiction, the best of which can provide you not only with a great story and engaging characters, but hours and hours of stimulus for masturbation. Check out some that I wrote HERE.

Did you know that in Elizabethan times, some believed the immanent Apocalypse would bring not destruction, but a return to the Earthy Paradise of the Garden of Eden? Remember what William Shakespeare, probably a great masturbator himself, wrote: "What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals!"

Who are we, as Phallic Brothers, to argue with this?

Peace & Namaste,


PS: If you're interested in those Phallic Mysteries of Egypt and other cultures around the world, Mindful Masturbation, Sex Magick, and how they relate to your own penis, look HERE.

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10 comentários

Membro desconhecido
24 de jan. de 2022

Nice philosophy


02 de jun. de 2020

Excellent prose and pictures. Not enough people recognise just how wonderful our penises are.


26 de mai. de 2020

I love this site and of course I love stroking my beautifull penis .. play with it and my balls .. stimulate my prostat .. and go at it for hours .. and it's so nice to find likeminde guy's here and the beautifull pictures of all sorts of men around the world showing themselves in all their natural beauty .. it's just a pity there is no link here to connect by video and share the pleasures of masturbation .. the ones I have tried so far where not at all what THIS is about .. and to pornographic in nature .. they are all about jerking off and shooting a load .. not about getting HARD and stimulation…

24 de jan. de 2022
Respondendo a

Sitges Spain .. and you ?


11 de abr. de 2020

The ancient Egyptians believed the Nile was created by the semen of the gods, a life giving force. The phallic rituals they practiced paid homage to Min....


11 de abr. de 2020

The ancient Egyptians believed that the gods created the Nile with their semen, that the river was the force of life...they had phallic rituals and offering to Min. Through the phallus they believed you can touch the divine.

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