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Train Your Penis: Rewire Your Brain!

by Bruce P. Grether

This title is no mere catchy hook, nor a metaphorical lure to entice you! I have practiced what I call Mindful Masturbation (a term I coined in 2001) since I discovered the basics in 1995. Then in 2002 a book called THE MIND AND THE BRAIN: NEUROPLASTICITY AND THE POWER OF MENTAL FORCE by Jeffrey M. Schwarz, M.D. and Sharon Begley appeared.

The book confirmed what I had already been experiencing. Above, see an image shared by my Phallic Brother Ben (AKA "Mancbator" on Twitter) who honors me with this image of me on his tablet with his magnificent intact penis in the foreground! Brother Ben "gets it" about Mindful Masturbation!

So with THE MIND AND THE BRAIN, for the first time I had the scientific and medical verification that when you retrain yourself using mindfulness, simply being fully present and paying total attention, you can actually wire new neural pathways into your brain.

The book told of a new, more humane treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive behaviors. Instead of forcing someone to relive the associated trauma, people are simply trained to pay total, mindful attention to what they do. What is more obsessive in a positive sense, than deliciously rewarding penis stimulation?

If you obsessively check the stove to be sure you turned it off, or your front door to be sure it's locked, try pausing. Bring yourself fully present and tell yourself (perhaps aloud!) "Yes, I did this!" Notice intensely. Then walk away and move on!

As a young men, you tend to get into a strong pattern of masturbation habits. As you grow older, say into your twenties and thirties, you may not realize that you are actually stuck in repeating endlessly the same basic style of "jerking off" that you trained yourself into when you first began to masturbate a lot in your teens.

By deliberately observing your own practice (or working with a coach who can watch you for habits) deliberately break habits to try new possibilities of self-pleasure. Bring genuine mindfulness, full presence, into your masturbation practice.

You literally train your penis to reward you with increasing amounts of pure penis pleasure hour-after-hour, day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year! Stimulate your penis solo, or with a buddy. Do this mindfully and it becomes not only a constant learning process, but what Dr. Timothy Leary called "Intelligence Increase!"

Not long ago two beliefs that turned out to be false were commonly believed true: 1.) After reaching adulthood you always lose brain cells and inevitably, your mental faculties decline; 2.) Brain damage and major nerve damage is irreversible. With the discovery of neuroplasticity, both of these beliefs were overturned! They are not true!

With mindful stimulation of the brain and nervous system, re-training yourself whenever you notice a fixed or limiting pattern of behavior, you do not generate new neurons or nerve cells, instead, you can weave new pathways between existing neurons!

Brother Rupert Gold!

This handsome fellow, Rupert, is our recent addition to the OnlyFans Phallic Brotherhood page. Not only is he good-looking; Rupert practices Mindful Masturbation that continues to train his spectacular penis! See more of him and his masturbation HERE!

As your penis continues to "learn" and gives you always-increasing qualities of pure penis pleasure, this also continues to deepen the bond between you and all of your Phallic Brothers who similarly adore their penises and yours and the sensations they generate!

Any old way to masturbate will not necessarily make you smarter. Some guys talk of "goofing" as getting stupid, only I'd rather increase my intelligence! Put together what you learn in THE MIND AND THE BRAIN and most definitely Mindful Masturbation has this power!

Since I began to speak of this, you will even see seriously "advanced" sex educators and activists sometimes use the term "neuroplasticity," especially since I steered several such friends towards the book.

When you catch yourself slipping back into an old habit, such as using one hand for a repetitive piston-stroke without variety, or holding your breath so it is difficult not to ejaculate, or tensing up muscles which may have the same result, simply catch yourself and shift your practice!

Never feel you failed, or that it's a bad thing if you slip back into those old habits. They are wired into your nervous system and brain at deep levels, usually during boyhood, adolescence and early adulthood. It's always a GOOD opportunity to apply mindfulness, and continue the constant training of your penis!

This is also an important reason to photograph and video-record yourself naked, aroused, and masturbating. Not only can it be healthy and self-affirming to actually get off on such images, it allows you that "outside view" in order to help improve your practice!

All the greatest masturbators I know of, such as Blue Tyger, Russell, Henry, Nico, Rupert, and Coach Nic, benefit in the quality of their practice from viewing themselves in the blissful activity of self-pleasure "from outside!"

To train your penis mindfully and generate neuroplastic rewiring in your brain and body will definitely enhance your ability to share male arousal and penis stimulation with fellow men in Phallic Brotherhood.

Actually, when you press and rub your erect, engorged penis against that of a fellow human male and masturbate the organs together, you communicate profound and exquisite mysteries of existence on levels literally Beyond Words!

Have you noticed how radiant a man becomes when his penis ir erect and he is also grinning?! Such a smile lights up the world of any other man who fully appreciates it!

These men in Mexico are attending a "Tantra Workshop." Though I'm aware that actual East Indian Tantra is mostly NOT about sexuality, I'm all for anything that helps men everywhere to appreciate their bodies and to exp[lore their erotic potentials!!!

Whenever you touch your penis, those mysterious elements of YOU that we call your body, your heart, your mind, your brain, even your Soul, are also touched by your fingers and your hands. The quality of touch you apply to your penis is an evolutionary process that helps awaken you beyond the daily mundane into the eternally magnificent!

This GIF of Eastern European porn models stroking each other's penises illustrates two different styles of stroking. The rapid-fire stroking (on the left) is a style that often seeks to hasten an ejaculation, or to avoid anything less than full erection. The other stroking (on the right) may allow a more mindful awareness of the sensations. Regardless, these guys are probably not mindful masturbators, which is perfectly okay.

Every man of every age and every appearance who can enjoy the sensations his penis generates, whether it is totally soft or a raging hard/hot boner, has the power to enjoy his self-pleasure mindfully, at least part of the time.

This is so extremely worth the effort, because it allows you to keep training your penis indefinitely! Mindful Masturbation can actually, literally continue to train your penis and increase your intelligence, your self-confidence, your psychological balance and happiness, and your capacity to fully enjoy the simple fact that you exist and you are alive!

Likewise, Mindful Masturbation can open the Doors of Perception to Male Ancestral presences, and even as the handsome sailor and merman above suggest, DNA-RNA-CNS time-travel from land-based forms back to our oceanic origins!

Lord Shiva is the most ancient Phallic God still revered as such in today's world. Despite the Victorian inhibitions that infected the sub-continent during the Raj and left East Indian culture sexually inhibited and homophobic, the truth survives there, in deeper human realities.

Your body is the World Tree, your Living Phallus is the World Tree, and the rising sensations of ecstatic bliss that you feel climbing your spine from your root to your crown, are also the World Tree. This is what "Upholds the Sky," as the ancient Egyptians said.


Please join for 60+ hours of masturbation content and to help support our Mission!

What are you waiting for? Join HERE!

Remember: you can employ Mindful Masturbation to train your penis for the rest of your life. We provide all the encouragement required to set yourself on this Path of Pure Penis Pleasure!

Why settle for anything less?

Much Love,


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Jul 06, 2022

The concept of the re-wiring of our brain is to me one of the most amazing and validating aspects of becoming a dedicated mindful masturbator. We have literally transformed ourselves in every way!


Jun 01, 2022

Studies of the brain using MRI do reveal how parts become highly innervated with nerves and light up during sexual pleasure-- even spilling over into other areas of the brain that typically remain dormant. Here is an example of one such study of hypersexual individuals...

Extreme sexual need nurtured from an early age can indeed change the brain in profound ways

Jun 11, 2022
Replying to

While it's great to see more studies, they just seem to be skewed toward the problematic and don't take into account a social understanding of sexuality. Would love to see development of a biofeedback system for erotic training.


Jun 01, 2022

Another powerful reminder that we're all capable of change, no matter how old we are! Our penis is truly the center of our being, and continuing to evolve and learn is everything. Thanks! 😘

Jun 01, 2022
Replying to

You are most welcome, Brother Charlie! Absolutely correct! I really appreciate your comments… - BPG 😍 ☮️

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