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The Tree Between Your Legs

by Bruce P. Grether

Your phallic connection with your environment is reflected in many traditions of the archetypal World Tree. Your pure penis pleasure is truly indescribable, beyond words. These words will make more sense, however, if you masturbate as you read.

An archetype by definition is a symbol that contains truth not dependent upon any specific culture or region. This archetype relates to the tubular organ of flesh rooted between your legs and crowned with a canopy often compared in shape with a mushroom.

Many of us grow up climbing trees. Our earliest primate ancestors evidently evolved binocular vision and opposable thumbs in the branches of a Primordial Forest. Those assets allow you to admire your penis and to touch it with skill and devotion.

Your body can be viewed as a Tree, while your penis juts out as a branch…

…or your penis itself IS the entire Tree!!! It IS the World!!!

The Tree of Life need not be associated with any particular religion or mythology. As embodied by that spectacular organ between your legs, it is truly significant. In fact, neither male nor female humans are superior to the other sex.

In many ways, perhaps women are the stronger and wiser sex because they often become mothers. A man easily becomes a father biologically with no real effort, or even sort of "by mistake." Still, the human penis has far greater potentials than reproductive potency.

To become a genuine father to children, a man must move beyond the selfish aspects of his boyish nature. He must embrace responsible, caring aspects of being a boy that learns from others, including perhaps his mother and other women.

In a certain sense, a man (XY) chromosomes, is an incomplete woman (XX) in that his Y is something like a broken X missing one leg. Imagine that "missing leg" is actually your third leg: your penis! Thus it can act, rooted in the world, as an Axis Mundi to climb!

Your penis has the capacity to take you into that state of feeling of "Heaven on Earth." Your body is a sovereign entity capable of providing you, and potentially others, with limitless amounts of erotic ecstasy.

In this sense, you may feel like the King of Your World! Your body is the Holiest Temple of your Kingdom, and your erection is the Living Image of the Creator in the Holy of Holies.

As if to compensate for the fact that a man cannot conceive, gestate, and give birth to a child in his body, human males of our species are provided with this magnificent, Magickal Tree of Life, this World Tree between our legs.

In order to take the fullest advantage of being endowed with such an incredible, profound, mysterious organ, you must humbly realize that you need to constantly re-train yourself against conditioning.

Social, cultural, and religious conditioning tend to seriously distort almost every man's perceptions of manhood itself, of your own male body, of your penis, and of the exquisite activity of self-pleasure.

Share this process with your Phallic Brothers, if you feel moved to. You can learn from each other, and learn from every man with whom you masturbate, or even speak freely and honestly about masturbation!

An actual Tree gets nourished in two primary ways:

1.) By H2O and nutrients through its roots and CO2 through its vacuoles;

2.) It also eats sunlight and performs photosynthesis to create carbs and glucose from the H2O and the CO2 absorbed as in #1.

Similarly, your penis is rooted between your legs, nourished and expanded by blood which carries Oxygen and it is enervated by nerve fibers.

Your penis responds to arousing stimulus--tactile, mental or visual--an entire sensory-erotic panoply and palette may contribute to the growth and expanded state of your erect penis.

Many traditions around the world include the symbol of the World Tree in various forms: the Pillar of the Sky, the Stairway to Heaven, the Green Man's Sacred Oak.

All of these variations of the World Tree, such as the Norse Yggdrasil, which connects the Nine Worlds, even the Sushumna of Yoga that conveys energy between below and above through Chakras, the Caduceus of Hermes in Greek myth--all these are Phallic in nature.

Your penis connects Earth and Sky as you stand with your feet on the ground and your head below the zenith, or as you recline on a sofa…

…and when you lie on your back in Sponge Position or Savasana, your erect penis itself connects the Earth of you Body with the Celestial realm above you,

Savasana is often used as a position to fully relax at the end of a Yoga routine or session, and yet it is also sometimes considered a great challenge.

Relax and allow yourself to regenerate: this require letting go of your busy "Monkey Mind."

In Ancient Egypt, the Sacred Obelisk represented the Holy Phallus of Gab, Lord of Earth, as He reclined fully erect beneath Lady Nut, the Sky and Her form as Mother Night, Nuit, Lady of the Stars.

For me, and for many men who practice truly Mindful Masturbation, the intensity of our pure penis pleasure is a powerful means to remain embodied, present, in a state of non-separation from everything.

Savasana is also sometimes called Corpse Pose. Notice that when pronounced aloud it often sounds a bit like "Shiva Asana." Like Lord Shiva, as you lie under Kali or Durga, you embody the Phallic God!

As I describe towards the end of my most popular book, THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS: MALE EROTIC ALCHEMY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY, Nature tends to repeat successful shapes. Possibly there are good reasons why a penis and a mushroom are often compared with one another?

Like the deeper threads of Phallic Brotherhood that connect every human Tree of the Phallic Forest, the mycelium fibers in the soil connect all men, all penises, and all forest trees!

With Immense Brotherly Love,


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Dec 06, 2023

My former partner referred to me as an "ORAL COCK WORSHIPER" due to my obsession with his cock and my oral attentiveness which he always found endearing. He was what I refer to as a total cock-centric oral top feeder who loved nothing more than having his cock serve as the center of attention for a session of worship. He never masturbated as he said he preferred getting it "taken care of" by guys like me. Honestly, I really, REALLY want to meet another like him one of these days.

Mar 08
Replying to

you describe me perfectly,


Oct 14, 2023

Always entertaining and inspiring! ;)

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Oct 14, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for saying that, Brother! Hope you are doing well… Much Brotherly Love 😍

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