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The Spin of the Penis

When your penis is soft and flaccid it can dangle at any angle, and safely retreat or compress for its own protection. However, when it grows filled with increased blood-pressure, expands, stiffens and extends forth from your body its length defines a specific axis. Aroused, this vulnerable axis invites attention, indicates direction, and responds to stimulation by generating ecstatic sensations.

A geometrical axis is a central lengthwise "line" around which things turn, or are arranged in symmetry. Everything from quarks to galaxies are characterized by spin. Now, in the case of your erect penis, its "spin" is a function of extended vulnerability, sensitivity, and receptiveness to stimulation. Your attention turns upon that axis; your hands may rotate upon it. And sure: use both hands! This is not to suggest that your penis literally rotates…

…but the activation and purpose of your penis resembles the properties associated with both particle spin and personal spin. Particle spin, as in the case of a proton, is said to spin in a left-handed direction (above, left) or a right-handed direction (above, right). The middle photo illustrates "spin parity" of the penis! Confused?

To understand this more easily, hold out both fists before you with thumbs up. The fingers of your left hand are curled in what is called left-spin, and the fingers of the right in right-spin. Your thumbs point in the direction of the spin axis. Use both hands when you masturbate.

Apply the fact that you can grip the shaft of your erection with either your right fist, or your left fist. Alternate and use both hands to increase your sensations of pure penis pleasure, like the gentleman above as he plays with his pre-cum.

These three naked Phallic Brothers, their penises somewhat aroused and the spins of their penises aimed in somewhat different directions suggest the principle: "When particles interact, the outcome depends on which way they are spinning."

The definite spin axis of this man's erection engages his full attention as you can see by his eyes. His expression reveals that he has surrendered to the direction of the spin of his penis. At the moment he grasps it with a left-hand spin vector, though it also appears his mind itself may be similarly spinning!

This young man exerts right-handed spin upon the shrouded head of his erect penis, a spin vector that corresponds in terms of the male lunar cycle with the New Moon, for the glans is concealed by his foreskin. Those "lunar phases" of the penis may manifest far more swiftly than the actual phases of the Moon, or indeed, more slowly if a man chooses to retain his semen except at certain specific moments of the cycle.

These handsome fellow stand vertical in relation to the direction of gravitation which grounds them on the surface of the planet, as their semi-flaccid penises hang more or less parallel with their bipedal stance.

As the same men recline horizontally, together, their penises still quite flaccid and not committed to specific linear directions of spin, also lie in horizontal positions relative to the planet's surface.

This handsome young fellow clearly enjoys the spin axis of his aroused male organ, poised upon its own internal structures and increased blood pressure, available equally to either hand for a spin direction, or hopefully to both hands as he explores his potential for pure penis pleasure.

Here a definitely left-spin orientation takes this man to a place of intense enjoyment as he stimulates his aroused organ with focused attention and concerted direction.

The engorged male organ that juts upward and outward from between this kneeling man's legs appears to direct his attention beyond a limited sense of his own individual humanity into connection with his natural surroundings, a reminder that he is part of everything.

Reclined with a deep inner focus, this young fellow's right-handed spin takes him deeper within as the fingertips of his left hand brush against a nipple to enhance the sensations of arousal further, and to spread them beyond a genital focus upward along his torso.

This young man enacts one of the most ancient of Egyptian Creation Myths, in which the Lord of the Primordial Mound, the Complete One--Atum--masturbates in order to maintain his continued presence against the dissolving influence of the Void from which his form has emerged. As his arousal grows and the pure penis pleasure helps to sustain his existence, eventually he takes his erection into his own mouth. (Most of us as modern men, unfortunately lack the kind of flexibility required, though we may still admire this practice!)

Fir those men flexible enough to orally stimulate their own penis, they may also be able to enact the moment when Atum ejaculates into his own mouth, which engenders his first two offspring: Shu, the Lord of Air, and Tefnut, the Lady of Mist. Atmosphere and moisture…

Just as one form of spin is the literal spin of the Earth itself upon the axis defined by South and North poles, the spin of the penis, like humanity itself, is a global phenomenon, of which we are increasingly aware during these times when every crisis becomes global. So does the opportunity to become aware of and direct the spin of your penis toward the best and most delicious experiences you can offer yourself in life.

Whether you experience penis spin in noble solitude, or share it as safely as possible with a Phallic Brother or Brothers, pure penis pleasure does more than just provide you with exquisite sensations--it adds to the total of ecstasy experienced by humanity, by the planet, and also by the Universe as a whole.

This is precisely what that magnificent, mysterious, glorious organ rooted between your legs and reaching outward and upward as the true Crown of Creation is for--what it is all about!

Yes! How good the spin of your penis can feel may continue to surprise you often throughout your lifetime, if you continue to rediscover its power to astonish, uplift, and inspire you with the creative energy of your Original Innocence.

That Original Innocence remains intact within you, and is the holiest place that your heart can dwell, when you surrender your human nature to its place of origin, its birthplace, and its ultimate destination in Nature itself, AKA Paradise.

Yes! You have reason to be pleased with yourself, to the extent that you allow the spin of your penis to continue to open your heart against the tendency of many forms of suffering and self-doubt that may tell your heart to retreat, to close itself away from pain.

The ecstatic enjoyment of the spin of your penis does not eliminate all suffering, or pain or discomfort from your life, rather it has the power to compensate you with equally powerful, profound, and overwhelming enjoyment and joy, in the dynamic imbalance of truly living.

Pure penis pleasure is that spin beyond right and left spins, of feeling totally alive, in each breathing moment, in each beat of your heart, more alive in growing awareneess of this axis, this direction, than ever before in your existence.

No longer is there anything to cling to, anything to push away, when you align your awareness in parallel with the spin of your penis, which points as the parallels of left and right converge in the embodied home of your heart.

While we've explored the concept of particle spin and personal spin as applied to your penis, the images are here for your playful enjoyment, and to inspire you to apply both hands in alternation or together upon the axis of that spectacular organ between your legs.

In order to explore and discover more of the limitless possibilities of pure penis pleasure, consider a consultation with my Erotic Wizard's Apprentice, handsome Young Russell. His skills in Male Erotic Alchemy have developed faster than with any man I've ever witnessed.

Check him out on Twitter HERE and consider a free consultation to learn about the many services he offers: Mindful Masturbation coaching, Naked Yoga sessions, professional video editing, graphic design, or Adobe Photoshop layouts. You can email Young Russell directly at this LINK!

My personal love spins forth from my penis to every one of you, my Phallic Brothers!



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Sep 13, 2020

Among some wow pix it's great to see included an intergenerational shot. A chunky handsome "senior" not less attractive for being bearded, bespectacled and a bit balding like an authority figure, appreciates and pleasures the penis of a well endowed open and admiring "junior". This speaks (providing a junior is not too junior) to some natural and healthy same sex feelings often ignored or not admitted but that the ways of mindful can more safely and successfully handle.


Aug 22, 2020

WOW, all the brothers of the Penis Kingdom are breathe taking, beautiful and strong attractive...

I am truly blessed to meet you all.



Aug 21, 2020

It's so nice to get lost in pure penile pleasure and to merge into the field of erotic energy where the gods and we phallic brothers live.

This erection will eventually subside, but these pleasures will remain.


Aug 21, 2020

@johnoliver6 what a beautiful example of at peace with and within oneself.

@Brother Bruce another wonderful penis forum. I wasn’t in all out masturbation still but was doing my fondling throughout and as I type now soaking in every word and beautiful picture.


Aug 19, 2020

Love centering myself through the penis

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