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The Secret of Penis Paradise!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

by Bruce P. Grether

My fellow Erotic Wizards and I feel that the time for secrecy is over!

Much "secret" knowledge that was once considered too powerful and dangerous to reveal to the general public, has now become crucial to the survival and the thriving of our species! For example, the many forms of the Horned God from prehistory, through ancient times, have nothing do with "evil." Rather, He is a vibrant spirit of Nature, your human connection with the Animal Kindgom and the Phallic Power of Men! He IS your connection with Nature!

The so-called "Devil" was invented during the Inquisition by the Church. It was given a form something like the marvelous Woodland God of Ancient Greece: Lord Pan. At that time, the Church apparently felt terribly threatened by all things pagan, sex-positive or connected with older traditions, and with Nature.

Penis Paradise is that place in your life where you freely allow yourself to celebrate the true power and glory of that male organ rooted between your legs and the unalloyed ecstatic enjoyment it provides you! Mindful Masturbation is subversive against the mainstream attitude that male masturbation is just a poor substitute for "real sex."

Starting now, this blog will celebrate a greater diversity of men in terms of age, body types, all distinctions and divisions of preference or taste. While the images selected for use here will continue to encourage and celebrate shameless nudity and penis pleasure, I seek to expand the choices beyond just my own, at YOUR request! This is part of MY mindfulness!

Mindful Masturbation also challenges and contradicts the false beliefs that masturbation is in any way wrong, or in any way inferior to other forms of physical pleasure or enjoyment… on the contrary!

We mindful masturbators defy the conditioned opinion that masturbation is just a recourse of "losers." Shameless male masturbators always win the prize of enjoying as much pure penis pleasure as you can wish for, of the highest quality possible--at any time!

We defy the common attitude that masturbation is just an inevitable byproduct of the pornography industry, that porn is necessary for arousal. Ever greater horizons of masturbatory bliss open up beyond attachment to external images.

Mindful Masturbation takes you into Penis Paradise just as effectively when you are in meditative solitude, or when sharing your male arousal and penis pleasure with a Phallic Brother or indeed, the wider Brotherhood.

Mindful Masturbation is encouraged as the original, primary, natural form of healthy sexual expression for males, from which all other healthy, life-enhancing human erotic expressions originate and develop into natural, healthy, and beautiful activities.

Masturbation has many virtues as a primary spiritual practice for men, among these is how it connects your human Nature with the Animal Kingdom specifically and with the natural world in general. For this reason, nudity in Nature is a profound and beautiful experience.

To share Mindful Masturbation in Phallic Brotherhood with another specific man also connects you into the broader community of men who love penises and self-pleasure, and indeed, by extension, with all of humanity and the planet!

We proclaim Mindful Masturbation for Men every bit as valuable and important as any other form of physical pleasure. In fact, this practice has the over-arching virtue of always being available to you.

As a mindful masturbator you defy the mainstream surrender to the common and mundane practice of masturbation only as a by-product of consuming commercial pornography.You reclaim the supreme value of your own body, your own penis, and the actual bodies and penises of your Phallic Brothers, whether shared in-person or via video chat.

Male mindful masturbators are actually the winners in the Game of Life. Regardless of what other pleasures you may enjoy, this practice provides you with the healthy, natural, immediate enjoyment of your own body first and foremost.

In addition, Mindful Masturbation can be shared as a process of actively supporting each other's arousal and bliss as part of the community of male masturbators devoted to the fullest enjoyment of one of life's greatest gifts.

Thus we reclaim self-pleasure as one of life's greatest gifts, a profound treasure indeed, in an act of conscious rebellion against mainstream beliefs about sexuality and its purposes. Your erotic pleasure is not primarily about reproduction or to impress anyone else; it is for your self-realization, spiritual growth and supreme enjoyment, and may uplift your Phallic Brothers.

We embrace and celebrate self-pleasure. as a sacred practice, as a challenge to the mundane, to the non-Magickal, to commercial agendas of advertising and profit at the expense of others, which is a win/lose situation.

Genuine Phallic Brotherhood is by its very nature a win/win situation for all men who recognize what this connection, this common ground, this biological heritage actually means!!!

To cultivate your erotic energy in a healthy manner aligned with Nature itself actually taps you into this source of limitless abundance and generosity of spirit that you already have in your hands.

All that is required is to open your mind, open your heart, spread wide your legs, and reach for your destiny, for your future happiness with your own hands…

Join this adventure! Return to the Penis Paradise where your deepest inner self has always lived, from which it longs to emerge to again become one with you in full human embodiment as the Phallic God you're born to be!

Shatter all illusions of your own inadequacy with the actual power of self-love, which is unconditional, which is complete acceptance. Accept that you are perfect exactly as you are!

Allow the deepest desires of your heart to emerge into your existence. Celebrate this experience of Penis Paradise, of Heaven on Earth, in the form of self-pleasure practiced as self-love, and share that pleasure, extend that love to your Phallic Brothers.

You do not need look like a super-hero to be a Phallic God, though when you accept and love yourself and masturbate mindfully the pure penis pelasure can make you FEEL like a super-hero, regardless of your appearance or your age.

Share this joy, share this journey, share this pure penis pleasure, for each link between you and a Phallic Brother is part of the Great Masturbation Circle that includes All Men.

Every human male, regardless of appearance or age, is equally precious, valuable, equally beautiful and perfect. The miraculous penis of every man is a Divine Image of sacred creative power.

Your erect penis is the Tree of Life in the Garden Story, and your anus is the entrance to the Labyrinth, the Unseen Dimension of the Inner World, the Underworld, at whose center you may discover the Minotaur of your human and animal natures merged as One!

So let us celebrate both our Wise Elders and our vibrant Younger Men as equally cherished Brothers in the Great Masturbation Circle. We have heard ancient stories about a Garden of Paradise where the First Man lived, a story at least as old as Sumerian civilization, where its first forms were recorded.

Of course, this is only a story. But why did the Creator of the World create that First Man? Why did He create the first human in His own Divine Image, as a male person? Wisdom teachings suggest that within the absolute Unity of that Garden of Nature, of Life, the First Man appeared not as something separate, but as a reflection of the Creator.

Illustration for the Garden Story by artist Barrie Petterson

It seems this Creator was curious to experience His own Creation, to better understand its Nature and to appreciate what He had created. So the First Man appared in His Image as a companion, as the first Phallic Brother. Of course, this is only a story. It is not to be taken literally. Still, in archetypal stories you can discover some deep truths!

Discover your own creative power when you learn to focus your attention aligned with the erotic energy of your penis! Russell and Henry and I proudly present this beautiful and profound collaboration we produced with Himeros TV. Now you can find SEX MAGICK 101 (and many more masturbatory treasures!) on our OnlyFans Phallic Brotherhood page.

Part 2 (SEX MAGICK 102) will follow with the upcoming Full Moon on August 22nd.

The time for secrecy is over!

Much Love,


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8 comentarios

14 dic 2022

Such a beautiful affirmation for mindful masturbators everywhere! I need to re-read this regularly as it perfectly summarizes the importance of embracing our self pleasure without shame, guilt or limitation!

Me gusta

11 ago 2021

I would like to see images of men with smaller penises. Lets embrace all shapes and sizes.

Me gusta
Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
16 jun 2023
Contestando a

Amen, Brothers!!! - BPG

Me gusta

10 ago 2021

Thank you Bruce for the inclusive direction this blog is taking. Yes, we must celebrate our Wise Elders as much as our vibrant Younger Men. What greater attestment to this beneficial practice of ours than a Wise Elder with a full pulsing erection? And what better vision for our own individual maturities (our getting olders) than maintenance of phallic youthfulness!

Me gusta
19 ago 2022
Contestando a

Hello Dave! I am loving your reply, reading with interest your description of meditation masturbation. We are introducing something that I am sure is along the lines of "put my mind to work figuring out what to do to please my genitals." Sequenced practice. One of its purposes is to extend the phase of male sexual response know as Orgasmic. Another is to incorporate direction of movement into each phase. It begins in Bruce's post: Your Penis Connects You With Everything.

Me gusta

09 ago 2021

Brother Bruce,

At this point my dear brother you are now preaching to the choir. I met up with a guy yesterday that was mutually waiting and wanting to do so with each other. I won’t go into details but neither of us had enough time to spend together to edge. Any way I told him before we left how important mindful masturbation has become to me I told him to get involved with Bateworld, Erotic engineering, and the Phallic Brotherhood and find out how much better his masturbation experience and spirit can become. Now having said that he already has a mighty good spirit.

Oh and kudos and thanks to brother Russell for his contribution to BTS on Batewor…

Me gusta
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