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The Purpose of the Penis!

What does this idyllic countryside, even with the radiant scimitar of a rainbow splashing downward, have to do with the purpose of the penis? Well, the purpose of your penis and those of all your Phallic Brothers on Earth is the same! It connects "Earth and Heaven" so-to-speak. It provides you with pure and powerful erotic pleasure beyond imagining. It takes you "over the rainbow" and back home to truly living in your body, into your deepest nature, and to what your body is actually designed for!

Your penis is also "for" sharing with your fellow men. According to evolutionary science, it's a display mechanism, not intended to impress females, but to signal to your Phallic Brothers that you are ready for play. (Reproduction is just a byproduct.) Your penis actually acts something like a communication antenna between you and other men, to process, transmit and receive signals of erotic stimulation. The question above, "your favorite word" has no right or wrong answer… though you may have noticed that "penis" is my own preference.

Among the glorious purposes of your penis (and all penises) is also to keep you connected with your noble animal nature and with Nature itself, the source of everything that exists. Your penis has evolved as by far the largest among the primates, in relation to your overall body size. Those numberless male ancestors that stand behind you, aroused and erect, gave this spectacular organ a great deal of devoted attention over the last few million years!

Your human nature, when you explore the purpose of your penis in great depth and to its highest potential gifts you the realization that you are an incarnate of the Phallic God, a deity with many forms in various ancient religions. Primary among these forms, and surviving into ornamentation in Christian churches of the Middle Ages is the Green Man, a Vegetative Deity, God of the Oak Tree. His trunk is your shaft. His acorns are the heads of all men's penises, as the Latin term for acorn is "glans" as in your sacred glans penis.

One potent way to connect with the Phallic God you are is to spend time outdoors in wild places, naked and aroused. This allows you to discover that your erection is the actual fishing rod that can make you a "fisher of men" if you are willing to share your rod with fellow men in Phallic Brotherhood. Every bit as valid is to simply enjoy your nakedness and arousal and to masturbate in solitary communion with Nature itself.

A major purpose of your penis is to stimulate the arousal of other men who see it and may be inspired to masturbate as they enjoy the vision of your erect organ. In return, you may enjoy being witnessed in this excited, vulnerable, and blissful condition, and masturbate in this awareness. It's totally win-win!

Today's men often depend upon pornography for erotic stimulation, though that source may pale in comparison with actually observing the erect penises of fellow men, and their acts of self-pleasure. Consider this aside from any guilt or shame you may have learned growing up concerning the penis and masturbation. Aside from that conditioning, in actual experience, nothing is purer, more innocent, and life-enhancing than arousal and self-pleasure… and sharing this with your Phallic Brothers purely for mutual enjoyment.

The very reason that religions almost always forbid the display of male genitals, even describe masturbation as a mortal sin (believe it or not!) and especially proscribe worship of the penis and Phallic Gods is precisely because these realities in your human experience are so powerful and profound! You no longer need a mainstream religious experience once you "get it" about these actual, immediate experiences of your male human body.

Deliberate, artful stimulation of your penis with all the intensity and devotion you are capable to apply to the practice takes you into altered states, into higher states of conscious awareness, out of your mind into communion with the Source of Everything!

With the remarkable organ of bliss attached between your upper thighs, those balls that churn and throb generating sperm cells by the millions while you pleasure yourself, add to the mix your anus a bit lower down, which some consider an sort of "Entrance to the Underworld." Within that inner labyrinth the Horned God awaits you at your own center. You need no external ritual or image of the Divine, to encounter this Minotaur of Bliss.

The male dominant culture that pushes heterosexuality as the norm and the virtue, is in fact morally bankrupt. It offers no honest, useful support to help you develop authentic masculinity. Instead, within a disgruntled surface, you find male anger, sorrow, and hiding within these masking layers, a sad and lonely Inner Boy. He has been pushed into a corner. He really needs your help to assist him. Now help him to turn around and emerge…

That Inner Boy within you is actually the best-natured, happiest and most creative part of you. His authentic, natural masculine qualities are vulnerability, strength, tenderness, dynamic action, good nature, sensitivity, sensuality, nurture, resilience, and kindness. Look him in the eyes and smile upon him, and he smiles back at you. He needs all the affection, patience, and compassion you can muster to help him to blossom and become one with the adult male you are now. Teach him well, and even better, learn from him the best of who and what you can be.

That Inner Boy survives within every man. He is enthralled with the wonder of your adult body! When you retrieve his Original Innocence from inside of your, with his pure heart, his enthusiasm, his lively nature, his humor, sweetness and naughtiness, your adult manhood takes on a special luminosity. Your smile becomes the smile with which you invited him back into the world you inhabit, naked, unafraid, and unashamed!

You achieve this integration between your inner self and your external appearance not through struggle and effort. It comes through surrender to the limitless bliss you can generate for yourself when you surrender to the actual purpose of your penis: pure penis pleasure, something beneficial to you on all levels. You do not need to be fixed or changed, but simply to retrieve this aspect of you. Let the ecstasy do all the work on you that may need to be done. It's more effective than any other therapy or drug.

The purpose of your penis is to allow you to surrender to the ultimate goal of all spiritual and religious practices--to become One with All Things. This is something I first experienced at age 6 or 7 during a sleepover with a boy my age. We rubbed our young erections together for a timeless interval of indescribable bliss. In 1995, some thirty-five years later, I rediscovered this Penis Paradise: I began to train my penis through Mindful Masturbation to give me ever-increasing pleasure. I learned how to retain my semen.

Still, this is not primarily about me and my penis… it's about you and your penis, and the penises of all the human males on Earth!

We know their purpose.


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Jun 24, 2020

Bill, I didn't know about the gland rubbing tribe but there are many examples in human history, even current times, of interesting practices and rituals. Like the SAMBIA tribe in New Guinea who's young warriors consume semen like mothers milk to gain power until they are old enough and prove themselves. They then provide their semen, several times a day for some strong warriors.

Then the Agta tribe in RP where the ejaculatory pose of the young is trained and developed till they reach manhood.

Certain priests in early India and ancient Greece, where you can see big statues to the phallus, offered their ejaculations up nonstop to couples and men seeking virility. It was an exhausting ritual but paid…

Mar 04, 2021
Replying to

I never knew this, thank you so much for sharing. While my needs have reduced somewhat as I approach my 60s, life with an exceptional libido was a struggle for men like myself from my teens until mid-30s. Even without the internet adding fuel to my desires, I was in a near state of constant arousal and despite frequent masturbation each day, it was a challenge to keep my mind off sex for any length of time. I certainly could have provided a good amount of semen during those years!


Jun 20, 2020

Being mindful allows me to go beyond my sexual compulsions. And without my compulsions, masturbation becomes making love. And now that I practice semen retention, I can make love all the time.


May 03, 2020

So true Bruce. Only after we allow ourself to put our penis at our center and develop it, do we realize how powerful an energy source it can becum. One day, perhaps we will be free to keep our sacred member out and erect in all its glory and freely stroke and admire it and ejaculate as we should.

You have done so much to increase the number of men and boys who fully embrace ace this lifestyle and their pleasure for it.


Apr 27, 2020

Nice, Bruce! Mine continues to be quite a journey in knitting together the bliss of penis and the bliss of enlightenment (called by whatever name we give it). My daily practice now incorporates medibation, not the only form of masturbation I enjoy (is there any I don't?) but distinctly different as layer by layer of pretense comes off and from greater depth emerges pure Love. It is absolutely fantastic. I know I must speak for many others when I say that we men owe you a great debt of gratitude. You teach us so much. Thanks!


Apr 27, 2020

Favourite penis word? Definitely cock as in “cock consciousness” which I’m feeling right now. Cock is cock of the walk proud and natural. Phallic brotherhood (nice name, Bruce!) is made up of cocksters who like to see and show cock as in some of the v good pics here exploring our rich often wild maleness. I especially fancy the occasional pics with nerdy bespectacled guys, the normally shy types who instead are realizing some raw power beyond pretty. (This post my vote is between aroused fisherman and the legs up sportsman with pump and probing fingers. Just beaut).

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