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The Purpose of Penis Pleasure!

You benefit tremendously from those glorious sensations your penis provides for you when you masturbate! The fact that self-pleasure feels so good is a virtue in itself. This kind of enjoyment is one of life's great treasures! It is actually good for you in many important ways.

Pure penis pleasure, which you can generate in solitude or in good company, acts as a beacon to guide you through the challenges and opportunities of these strange times, to help you reach the safe harbor of your heart's desire. It is a particular treasure during social distancing. It also reconnects you with Nature itself: the Source of All Things.

Erotic ecstasy keeps you mindful of the great privilege of being alive as an embodied male human. Your body's Endocrine System (above) actually resembles and relates to the "chakras" of yogic science. The pituitary gland in your brain, your adrenals, and your testicles directly "sponsor" your sexual activity. They are major players in the process.

To simply regard your own erect penis with wonder and awe is a legitimate and honorable source of joy. If you pay close attention to the mysteries of your embodiment as a human male, this inspires gratitude. Most human males find the penises of fellow men, and the subject of masturbation fascinating, and quite arousing, whether they admit it or not.

How well can you actually know a man if you have not seen his penis? One of the best ways for men to bond with fellow men--even if it is just virtually online via cam--is to engage in mutual displays, view one another's arousal, and masturbate together. (See meme above shared by a friend whose Bateworld ID = MyB8Buddy. Look him up and say Hi from Bruce!)

When it is safe enough and feels right, masturbating together in-person can also be powerful, intensely pleasurable, and a fantastic way for men to bond.

The human penis is an organ capable of providing a direct experience of non-duality or Oneness--that is the essence of the Bengali Tantra, as well as the "inner" truth of Taoism, which is that nothing is actually separate from anything else.

However, for most human males, this perception or awareness is almost always extremely fleeting, momentary, which is also why the penis must be trained in order to sustain the awareness long enough to grasp.

The fleeting, ephemeral, and yet very real glimpses of Oneness the most men experience during arousal are the reason men are so obsessed with sexuality, and also why so many men are basically deeply insecure. There is a deep hunger for this Oneness.

That gift is known to men on some level, but without training and plentiful practice, the awareness can seldom be sustained long enough to savor properly, to embrace it fully, to truly verify its existence and allow that awareness to expand into and permeate the rest of living experience. The good news is that such training is available!

And this expanded awareness is not only possible, it is necessary at this time in human history. In truth, if you are a man who discovers that his penis can provide a powerful, ongoing, and life-enhancing source of happiness through Mindful Masturbation you have the potential to become an Erotic Wizard. You may wish to explore how the merge of the four traditional elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) may give rise to the Fifth Element.

The Fifth Element of Matter is sometimes called Aether, or Spirit, or Love, or even Mind. As the essence of your existence that emanates from the core of your being, you might even call this element "happiness." And just as the Magick Wand of the Magus is a conduit or conductor of phallic energy, so is the Wizard's Staff.

Most definitely when the Erotic Wizard grasps his erect penis, he holds the power to direct the flow of energy from and back into that hidden inner Kingdom called Shambhala, or Heaven on Earth, or Penis Paradise, in continual circulation of bliss.

The purpose of penis pleasure is to provide you with happiness, which is no trivial thing. Life does inevitably involve some suffering and pain, and the ability to summon joy through he enjoyment of pure penis pleasure is a crucial mediation of such challenges as stress, anxiety, sadness, and grief. This power is literally in your hands!

Penis pleasure also enhances your confidence, improves your self-esteem, as it reinforces awareness that you have the ability to create the kind of experience of living in a human body that aligns with your heart's desire.

The poet James Broughton said, "The penis is the exposed tip of the heart." This also highlights a major purpose of penis pleasure, which, when prolonged and cultivated to higher and higher plateaus through Mindful Masturbation can dissolve acquired shielding that surrounds the hearts of many human males. Thus precious feelings emerges like a seed sprouting through its shell to reach upward into nourishing light.

All men can benefit from accepting and embracing the priceless value of pure penis pleasure. Appreciation for the penises of your fellow men, as Phallic Brothers, grows from shameless and guilt-free enjoyment of the important and powerful pleasure that touching your own penis provides you with. Original Innocence begins with you!

Penis pleasure is genuinely good for your health on all levels--physical, mental, emotional, spiritual--as it generates optimal "happy" brain chemistry and hormones, keeps your genitalia exercised and in good working order, enhances confidence and self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and the erotic ecstasy is a valuable psychological nourishment whether or not you also engage in partnered sex.

You might as well employ your penis consciously as a Magician's Wand or a Wizard's staff, though in order to do so requires retraining yourself to practice something a lot more conscious, aware, and artful than simply jacking-off to ejaculation every time.

When you train yourself to engage in "edging" or even long periods of retaining your semen, you can also learn to give yourself "dry orgasms" which feel indescribably good, without losing your erection, or interrupting your ongoing enjoyment of your penis. This kind of pleasure, in my experience, makes you a more cheerful and resilient man.

Real Magick is altering consciousness at will, for as you deliberately and purposefully change your mind, the realities you experience change. Mindful Masturbation and the Male Erotic Alchemy it makes possible is precisely that: Real Magick!

I am so grateful for the fact that the Universe has connected me with the handsome young man (above) who has become my Erotic Wizard's Apprentice. Young Russell is a man of many talents, high intelligence, good heart, a sweet nature, and he has taken to my training him in Mindful Masturbation and Male Erotic Alchemy as naturally as a fish swims. He also brings to our Mission many gifts of his own. We both view living as an exciting adventure!

Russell facilitates Male Self-Pleasuring Circles, does MM Coaching, and had just launched an OnlyFans page where you can masturbate with full-length videos of his sessions, do Naked Yoga with him and enjoy his self-care. For the OnlyFans page of my Erotic Wizard's Apprentice, please click on the graphic above or click HERE.

The New Sexual Revolution is happening now--it's about Male Masturbation as a Spiritual Practice, my Brothers! This can help us to create a better human civilization!

Peace & Namaste,

Your Erotic Wizard,


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Aug 22, 2021

Any grown up man has had to cope with the guilt, shame and ignorance beaten ito his consciousness from almost the day he was born. (Afew days after he is born, the top of his dick is sliced off.

It's downhill all the way after that. By the time we become men, it is a wonder we know what to do to produce a baby.

Fortunately, our sexual instincts are so powerful that most boys have worked out that to jack off is a good thing.

I say - work your dick whenever you can and hard and roughly so your dick becomes really strong and you will be addicted to working it constant;ly. .Attend also to you…


Sep 21, 2020

I'm no longer conflicted about beating my meat. I absolutely love it! It feels so good! It's what I live for. It takes me into a trance. I'm a sexual junkie. I can't get enough. Every time I do it, it gets better. Thanks to each man in the above photos. In my imagination, I've lovingly stroked your erection. It's paradise.

Mar 04, 2021
Replying to

Good mindful masturbation is trancelike for sure! I, too, can't get enough, love it and can't imagine it not being a major priority in my life. If I am completely honest, I don't find time to masturbate - rather, I work to find time to masturbate more.


Sep 20, 2020

I decided for myself several years ago that in masturbation the journey is far better than the destination. The journey being masturbation and the destination being ejaculation and once the destination has been reached the desire to continue is gone which means tht al of those wonderful feelings of pleasure are indeed also gone as well. Once embraced edging, thanks to great people like Brother Bruce and other great guys from Bate World, that train of thought has strengthened even more. I do not apply lube for most of the time of my session because usually once it is applied it, though not as definite now as before. that the destination is near. However a couple of times lately I…

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