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The Power of Deep Listening!

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

by Bruce P. Grether

"Listen deeply to what your penis tells you via pure penis pleasure, about yourself, about Life and about the World." I always tell a man this when I coach him in Mindful Masturbation: "Simply listen deeply to your own penis; listen to what your penis tells you!"

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Deep listening is more crucial than any particular aspects or components of the process, such as breathing, relaxing, varying strokes, alternating hands, changing positions, and breaking old masturbatioin habits that you catch yourself returning to. Rewire your nervous system and brain for ever-increasing masturbatory ecstasy!

By listening to my own penis, I discovered the power of guiding men who might want to finish a session without ejaculation, but to conclude the session--at least temporarily--I sometimes guide a man to simply relax. Then, I suggest a visualization…

Imagine all the pleasure you've been generating by stimulating your genitals, imagine all that bliss sinking into the marrow of your bones, where it helps to create blood cells for your entire body's sake!

Chinese Taoists call this process of retaining semen, "Xi Sui Jing," or washing the marrow. Stimulate your aroused genitals without resort to fantasy. (To self-suck is not necessary for this process--merely to masturbate mindfully and practice retaining your semen longer!)

Keep your primary focus upon the journey of ecstatic pure penis pleasure as a tonic, without a focus on the goal of ejaculation.

This eventually becomes an effective way to cleanse your brain. Generate optimal neurochemistry and hormones for your body and mind. Become more resilient, balanced, sane!

Having become a choice, ejaculation becomes deliberately delayed indefinitely, perhaps until some special time such as a Full Moon, to a Dark Moon for planting Sacred Seed as Sex Magick! My book THE SECRET OF THE GOLDN PHALLUS: MALE EROTIC ALCHEMY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY continues to bring men to me daily.

Practice Mindful Masturbation as the Pathless Path of Paradisiac Pleasure for its own sake, and as a blessed tonic in balance of the pain and sadness that life inevitably brings along with a multitude of magnificent wonders and natural paragons.

Your natural human embodiment is a male of the species that says of itself that is is "Wise and Wishing to be Wiser." Ecstatic manual-genital stimulation via your own touch becomes a form of enlightenment when practiced alchemically.

Masturbation as such, practiced with multiple dry orgasms, rolling serial orgasms and prolonged continuous orgasmic states enhances balance and resilience of the mind housed within the anatomical continuum of the self that is generated by presence of the Self.

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio painted only one ceiling mural, and this is it. You may recognize this as an image of the Triple God: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Essentially this is the same as Lord Dattatreya in the Hindu myth, son of virtuous parents, Atri and Anasuya.


(Possible author of THE AVADHUTA GITA)

He grows to become a Yogi warrior with the three heads of Lords Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, or Lord Shiva, because he is a full incarnation of the Hindu Trinity of Male Gods.

The spiritual embryo generated through Male Erotic Alchemy in the Taoist Qigong practice of Xi Sui Jing is identical with the Homunculus or Bottle Dwarf of Western Alchemy.

Xi Sui Jing involves stimulating your genitals, while you maintain inner peace and balance between Inner and External Realities as One. The sealed vessel in which the Holy Child of Original Innocence forms, is the fact that for a period of time you choose not to ejaculate, though you masturbate plenty. Semen retained!

SEE the Golden Phallus in this Bulgarian archaeological find: the Varna Necropolis? This golden phallus dates from somewhere in the window of 4,600 Before Current Era to 4,200 BCE, and constitutes some of the world's oldest gold jewelry.

This suggests the same significance as my book, that the Golden Phallus is the power of any man's penis to transform his life from the mundane into something magnificent and celebratory!

This potential for sustained high erotic states to enhance your quality of life by helping you to generate an optimum brew of fine brain chemistry and hormones that your human biological expression is designed to facilitate. Your anatomical adaptation of both upright bipedal stance and easy manual access to your genitalia empowers this dynamic process.

Deep listening to what your penis tells you during prolonged, high quality sessions of self-pleasure practiced as self-love tells you many things of major importance that in truth lie beyond words and the ability of words to describe or talk about.

Pure penis pleasure expands the ecstatic sensations through your entire body to illuminate all of your trillions of cells. This process requires dedicated practice over time to achieve such abilities in the realm of male masturbation.

Most men continue to masturbate in much the same way they always have since boyhood or teens, until you try MindfulMasturbation. Then you begin to deliberately break old habits to explore new tactile tactics for stimulating your genitals consciously and deliberately.

Men often come to assume that masturbation is primarily about exposing yourself to erotic imagery from external sources, or about fantasizing stimulating scenarios while also manually stimulating your sexual organs.

Brotherhood of the Bush!

Men of all shapes, sizes and colors experience penis pleasure in essentially the same manner, and yet with numberless individual variations, no doubt of this!

Something most men have in commons whether you wish to admit it or not, is a fascination with the penises of men in general, and the power of your own penis to produce spectacular ecstasies for you! Right?

Right! Your penis has this primary purpose of generating indescribably delicious sensations of pleasure for your entire body and being. At the same time it is a visual and tactile signal to fellow men of precisely who and what you are!

Your manhood, male organ, your Holy Lingam, is that part of who and what you are that cultures may encourage quite insistently that you ought to hide, or to keep hidden apart from certain specific situations of intimate sharing…

…however, naked exposure of your body and genitalia is the only way to be truly, 100% honest and open and free!

This Tree of Life, this World Tree that stands upward from between your legs aligns you--Holy Phallus, Compete Man, in Original Innocence, the Holy Child within you--all in parallels of purpose and transformational ecstasy.

Listen deeply to what your penis tells you through its form and function, through the sensations it provides you with, ecstatic sensations that flow through your trillions of cells and ignite Paradise Chemistry in your brain and bloodstream, hormonal organs, pleasure-reward bio-chemicals, such as Oxytocin and Dopamine. Your desire is partly fueled by Testosterone. Because the delicious chemistry can dissolve after ejaculation, retain your semen for longer periods. End many sessions without ejaculation!

In your own hands, you have this power! Allow the tactile sensations of your fingers and hands to luxuriate in delicious, deliriously marvelous sensations of touching, caressing, tickling, tugging your silken and velvety genitals in all states from fully aroused and hot and engorged, to delicately soft and cooler and malleable.

Will Shakespeare relished shaking his fleshy spear of Elizabethan male manhood. His fingers played with gifted artistic skill upon his full, flushed, engorged Bard's manhood, his bollocks, his Cock-of-the-Walk, his John Thomas, his Devilish Dick, his Meat Puppet.

"Majestic Male Meat!" What else can this image be called?

Unionize All Male Masturbators! The Next Revolution, the Revolution of Love & Peace begins between your legs. It grows from there. It stands tall, firm, thickening, lifting, rearing, growing fully aroused, vertical, rampant, and upright. A signal for touch requested and answered.

Your penis speaks to you of what it means to be a Natural Man. What exactly does the term truly mean? There's is no clear or absolute line, in fact no line at all in truth between what is natural and what is unnatural. Those are merely words!

Nature is the Source of everything that exists… everything Human emerges from Nature and in truth everything humans do has origins in natural processes and Nature itself.

Listen to how your hands FEEL upon your own Living surface. Let your hands savor, relish, delight in the exquisite textures of little hairs, the skin of your genitals, your anus, your rectum itself, experienced by inserted fingers…

Your engorged penis tells you that Life is Good! Not only is there no shame in male nakedness, aroused penises, masturbation and a healthy obsession with pure penis pleasure: Mindful Masturbation has a special virtue. Mindful Masturbation can be fully enjoyed solo, or in company with a brother or with a group of brothers!

Deep Listening to Your Penis opens the door…

(This lovely image, and two following are courtesy of Jim Wilkinson:

Click HERE or on any of these three images for more gorgeous photos!)

…to greater pure penis pleasure than ever before…

…give yourself and give your brothers more & more & more…

Russell rides the Wave of Ecstatic Bliss that truly has no beginning or end, but continuously circles around the planet going on and on continuously to help us Preserve the Planet!

Handsome Young Russell creates Male Erotic Alchemy as he marries himself! THE CHYMICAL WEDDING OF DRAGON PUPPY III, an extraordinary epic 3-part video series, will soon be available in it's entirety on the OnlyFans page. So far, Part 1 is on HERE! Find over 50 hours of the finest male masturbation vids online at our Phallic Brotherhood OF!

Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III, is also a fine Mindful Masturbation coach! If you are interested in such personal one-on-one coaching with him, email him HERE, please!

Our next LIVE Group Masturbation on Z00M will be on Sat, April 16, 2022, 11 AM PST,

1:00 PM CENTRAL TIME, 2pm EST -- so SIGN UP! Or click the image above to sign up! If you wish, come 15 minutes early and stay a bit late.

"Feed Your Head!" Cleanse your Brain via prolonged Mindful Masturbation!

In Phallic Peace on Earth,


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May 16, 2022

My brain has been re-wired. I never thought of it in this manner, but that is exactly what has happened to me, and explains why the masturbatory experience continues to get more remarkable over time!


Apr 16, 2022

nei shi gongfu. 'Listen deeply to your own penis.' Your internal practice of Mindful Masturbation. I suggest "listening" in the stillness of a rigid erection, where internal pressure rises to a point that blood flow within the penis virtually stops. And yes, power resides here, in this Sage quality.


Apr 10, 2022

Proud, card-carrying member of the MMU!! Male Masturbator's Union! What a cool idea.

May 16, 2022
Replying to

I will never go on strike - too many benefits!

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