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The Phallic Universe!

Stimulate your penis with all the creativity, artfulness, and dedication you can possibly muster in order to explore the expanding Universe. This is precisely what your remarkable human male organ is designed for! This is actually true, for reasons that may seem somewhat mysterious to you at first, because your body and its design emerge directly from the fact that you are literally made of stardust. Explore this Phallic Universe!

First of all, look yourself in the eyes in a mirror and engage in a staring contest. Do you love yourself as well as you could? You can see your own face, your eyes, and your body in the mirror precisely because you are made of stardust, like your surroundings on Planet Earth. (Actually, you are about 90% stardust, but that's another story.) For now, look beneath the surface… get naked and explore!

Your spectacular human penis is the most variable part of your body, endlessly transformed from its softest, most flaccid condition, and all states of engorgement between that and total erection. It's always changing! Your erect penis is a probe that extends into the Universe to sense the conditions of your environment, at the same time that your stimulation of its ultra-sensitive nerve receptors alters your internal experience of living in the Universe.

See how the young man above displays his magnificent erection with a somewhat uncertain expression of offering this bio-physical display of his genital equipment, while in his gaze there also seems a certain triangulation of wonderment about what he sees standing up between his legs…

…and here the same young man in a seriously altered state, his face dazzled with the delicious sensations produced by grasping and stroking his erection. He appears quite oblivious to how this may affect you, though part of this may also be that overflow into the universal aspects of the male human design. This is what stardust designs and fabricates your body for.

Again, you can see two different stages of self-awareness vividly portrayed on the handsome face of the man above: first, he concentrates in the process of his stroking, then a surge of sensation changes his expression to something closer to amazement.

Notice how this young man's open expression, his smile that invites you to admire his personal attraction expands a kind of warmth, gently, not insisting, and yet at the moment the photograph was taken his engorged, expanded penis had already started reaching out toward your own penis! Is yours reaching toward his?

And here's the smile of confidence that rewards the shameless masturbator and renders him 10X more attractive than he would be otherwise. His erection perfectly exemplifies the fact that the human male penis, the largest in the Primate Kingdom relative to body mass, is an organ of signal, a display that communicates to fellow males.

Beyond its primary purpose of pure penis pleasure, this organ's secondary purpose is such display. When you claim your natural, innate, inherent phallic power as an embodied male, there is a kind of nobility to this inheritance, and it can render you somewhat princely, even allow you to become the "King of your Life" in the sense of ruling the domain of your own body.

This kind of natural nobility, even royalty, becomes your crown and your Family Jewels when you reach physical maturity and enter the state we call manhood, though the maturity to actually become majestic and kingly (not in any political sense, of course!) is also a kind of emotional growth of accepting responsibility for your own happiness and your intense enjoyment of being alive.

Indeed, deliberate stimulation of your penis becomes mysteriously profound as your ordinary consciousness melts into a blissful sensation of expansion beyond your boundaries into connection with everything. The young man above reaches under his shirt to pinch a nipple with one hand while his other firmly grasps his erection--the intense sweetness of sensations forces him to close his eyes.

To spread your legs as wide as possible actually "opens you up" in more ways than just physically, and though men vary in how much they really like to include anal play during masturbation, you may discover it can multiply your pure penis pleasure many times over.

Perhaps the notion of your delicious masturbatory sensations serving to help you actually explore the Universe gets pushed a bit far when you imagine your anus as the black hole where space and time as we know it disappears. But perhaps this is precisely what it means to touch your own anus during arousal, and perhaps insert your finger or something into that event-horizon…

The reality of Universal Phallic Brotherhood functions on every level. For one thing, your erection is in a real sense parallel with the erections of all other men, and the potential for profound and intense penis pleasure, you share with all your fellow men of the Earth.

This Phallic Brotherhood arises naturally because of how stardust, and the DNA of your genes that is composed of wise and ancient stardust, has designed you. Your human body is the perfect example of what William Blake, the mystical English poet meant by "fearful symmetry." The emphasis is on the mysterious symmetry shared, penis-to-penis-to penis.

Since the legalization of same-sex relations in Mother India, though the Subcontinent is still dealing with the aftermath of repressive Victorian attitudes concerning sexuality, those beautiful men who live there can now explore Phallic Brotherhood with less fear. Acceptance is growing in East India for the natural attraction between human males.

Perhaps the most powerful way to explore the Cosmos with your Phallic Brothers is when you share cock2cock frottage, rubbing your erect penis against the erect penis of a fellow man… an experience many men find indescribably delicious and deeply spiritual.

Of course, to fully explore the potential of the Phallic Universe, it helps to also touch upon a special variety of men: the true ginger! In his great novel STILL-LIFE WITH WOODPECKER, Tom Robbins somewhat whimsically proposes that red-heads are a species unto themselves! Certainly they hold a special allure to anyone who appreciates male beauty!

Still, we know better than ever that there is really just one human race. We are what Shakespeare called, "The Paragon of Animals." This does not put at at the apex of the hierarchy of Life on Earth by any means, for it is no hierarchy--it is a family--all of us directly related and far more intimately than we may sometimes imagine.

Regardless of your age, your appearance, where you live on this planet, how you may survive, your name, culture, religious background, the truly universal thing you share with your fellow human males is your penis, its forever-changing conditions, it's glorious sensitivity and the wealth of sensation it can produce for you. This is common ground. Universally human.

So please pause here, to take some deep breaths. Admire the slightly-engorged penis of the recumbent young man above, that semi-flaccid organ drapes at rest across his hip as he rests upon one elbow and allows you to admire him.

As you have explored these men of Planet Earth, consider that like them, you are Penis Pioneer simply because you have been reading this, and if you have been aroused and masturbating while you enjoy this photo-illustrated blog, all the better!

Our adventure of exploring the Universe beyond through the Phallic Brotherhood of Men on Earth is only beginning, men!

Bon Voyage!


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Jul 20, 2020

I'm excited to discover more about myself and the enjoyment of my penis and the penis brotherhood! And I'm 66 yrs old! I've masturbated since age 12 and masturbated with a friend 3 or 4 times a week at age 14. That lasted about a year and then I didn't play with a guy again until age 25 ( he was 54 ). That was a one time thing. Now, as an older man, I hope to find a close friend or 2 or 3 or more to enjoy our penises together, as often as possible!


Jul 19, 2020

I just read in The MultiOrgasmic Man, that semen retention - as well as well as generating multiple orgasms - strengthens the immune system.


Jun 25, 2020

What an awesome exploration. So life-changing and empowering. Thanks Bruce!!


Jun 20, 2020

I am very grateful for your writings on the mysteries and majesty of the PENIS AND THE PENIS BROTHERHOOD. THIS IS TRULY AND OASIS FOR ME. THANK YOU SO MUCH


Jun 08, 2020

I can't help but join the aroused men in these photos. My dear phallic lovers, my erection is lined up with yours. Stardust energy flows through us all. Lead the way into higher and higher states of ecstasy. We phallic worshipers are bringing paradise to earth.

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