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The Phallic Forest

by Bruce P. Grether

On a lush green hillside near the village of Cerne Abbas in Dorset, England, a figure is carved through the vegetation into the native bedrock of chalk. The image measures 180 feet "tall" and is often described as a Giant carrying a club. You can see seven gentlemen in the photo (below) in 2008 helping to restore the central portion of this great chalk carving, to maintain his enormous erection.

Yes, this famous infamous Giant bears an enormous erection at the middle of his body. For the latter reason, I'm specially fond of the figure. Perhaps because I don't like the weaponization of the penis, I have a theory that it's not actually a war club--it's a palm frond. See the rippled edges of the "club" in the first image (top of page)? I interpret that as foliage! The frond has ancient meanings from the Mediterranean and Middle East, of peace, triumph, or victory. Also, a palm tree, like every tree has a phallic energy. It's an Axis Mundi.

Recent scientific studies of the Cerne Abbas Giant have closed in on the actual date, not prehistoric or Roman period as often assumed before, more like 10th Century, which is late Anglo-Saxon. Some folks might argue that the people of that forested isle at that time did not know what a palm branch was? Only Christianity had invaded well before this, and possibly brought both accounts and images of the palm branch. The Scottish "paisley" is one such image.

Above, a new video on OnlyFans: THE PHALLIC FOREST

The England of a thousand years ago was still quite heavily forested. Only during the last few millennia has a the great green woods that once covered most of the British Isles yielded to the axe and the plough. Our far more ancient ancestral forest, where humans evidently evolved from tiny arboreal ancestors, also survives deep in our collective psyche as the archetype of the Phallic Forest.

In this Phallic Forest, every tree trunk that grows upward parallels the erect penises of men, which rise to the occasion when men become aroused. Certainly the World Tree is the most basic archetype of human traditions, and it is a mighty Phallic Image, and Axis Mundi that connects Earth and Sky. It is the vertical urge of all plant growth.

Most men share a fascination with the human penis, the erection, and male masturbation, a reality that can still make some men uncomfortable. Regardless of how a man may identify his sexuality with labels, more and more 21st Century men are interested in sharing masturbation with their fellow men.

The human penis and erection are one of Nature's greatest wonders, and a marvel of evolutionary engingeering, immensely complex, and by far the most changeable portion of human anatomy. Male nipples, whose central nubbin or cone has similar erectile tissue, are connected with sensations the erect penis generates.

Each man can appreciate his own erect penis as the World Tree, and also, to stimulate a soft penis can be incredibly pleasurable! Erection is not required for pleasure. In truth, the psychological pressure to remain fully erect during arousal is counterproductive.

Far more useful and enjoyable is to enjoy your penis, and the penises of your Phallic Brothers, in every state from the softest dangle, or even withdrawn from cold, to swelling, flopping about, or standing rigidly hard. Phallic Brotherhood is nothing new. It belongs to no particular group or organization. It is a reality that simply exists, and always has existed.

However, now in the 21st Century, as some observers point out, male masturbation has been kidnapped by the porn industry. Many men coming of age in the last two decades simply equate masturbation with constant online porn obsession. A healthier alternative is to return your full awareness to your own body, and your own sensations through Mindful Masturbation. Become fully present, and you discover far greater pure penis pleasure!

This is something that men have shared with fellow men from the earliest times when we may have begun to consider ourselves human. Though erotic imagery has existed for just about as long, and may provide arousal, far more intense, profound, and nourishing to body, heart, mind and soul is actual Phallic Brotherhood with fellow men.

This has long operated in pretty much the same basic way, though now, communications technology (always a two-edged sword at the very least) produces both the drawbacks of too much fixation on Internet porn, and the marvelous, healthier alternatives of connecting with actual men, both virtually, and in person.

Only a fellow man can truly comprehend and provide and share the kind of pleasure the male human body and genitals can generate! Men have the innate, natural capacity too understand the possibilities of the penis from within, from their own experience. This knowledge is a treasure to be shared.

The Phallic Forest is also that Garden of Paradise in so many mythologies, in which the Tree of Life is actually the erect penis of the man who retains his Original Innocence by the shameless, guilt-free enjoyment of pure penis pleasure.

We encourage men to share this natural, somatic capacity for arousal and ecstatic stimulation of our penises as a means of helping to plant Golden Acorns and spread the Phallic Forest far and wide across the planet. Learn Male Solosex Magick and help do this! This is something the world sorely needs!

When you embrace your ability to generate as much physical ecstasy as you can possibly want, and accept and celebrate your capacity to share this in Phallic Brotherhood with fellow men, this also benefits women, whose desires and wishes can be protected and honored by men who are not needy, in competition, or inclined to aggression. Everyone benefits!

Brotherly Love in the Phallic Forest grows from erect penises in parallel, both in the intention to enjoy physical sensations of bliss and ecstasy for their own sake, and literally as men may choose to engage in actual mutual masturbation, stroking one another's erections or rubbing them together.

The Phallic Forest is a place of restoring the sense of wonder and awe you may feel when you regard your own erect penis with new eyes, in that Original Innocence that comes from beginning all over again in the learning process every time you masturbate! Every erection is a resurrection!

So consider that when you wave your erection back and forth before the eyes of your Phallic Brothers: you wave the palm branch of victory, triumph and peace, which benefits all of humanity, and the Earth itself, our irreplaceable home!

I like to imagine that the Garden of Paradise is the healthy natural bush of pubic hair that a young man develops with physical maturity as he blooms into an adult. Consider your penis as the One Central Tree of that Garden. That other supposed Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, is really just your mind, which begins to believe all sort of dualistic thinking.

One great and innate virtue of your penis as a Tree of the Phallic Forest, and as the One and Only Tree of Life in Paradise, is the ability of pure penis pleasure to give you an actual taste of Oneness with All Things, of genuine non-duality, the fact that nothing is actually separate from anything else. All Trees are One! This may seem mystical, but your Phallic Brothers grasp this!!! They get it…

So please, Brother, we urge you to join our actual Phallic Brotherhood, where Russell and Henry and I work hard providing a lot of new, inspiring, instructive, and arousing video content. Your membership benefits you and supports our shared Mission.

Russell offers Guided Groups Sessions there every Monday. He's become a remarkable teacher of Mindful Masturbation. He is not only attractive, but a genuine Erotic Wizard, a fine teacher and coach! Plus he's already announced two Interactive LIVE Sessions for June 27th and July 25th.

For more details, more information, to read the new "Phallic Brotherhood Manifesto" and for links to the OnlyFans page and other LIVE events, please visit the new page on Erotic Engineering by clicking the graphic above or click HERE.

If you are ready to simply take a leap of faith in us, and join the OnlyFans page, this Golden Acorn (above) takes you directly there, where you can sign up!

Much Love,


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2 comentários

13 de jun. de 2021

Bruce, I am loving the archetype, of the Phallic Forest. Brothers, each day as we wake, we experience this deeply rooted and up-surging energy of the Phallus, as morning wood. And on those mornings when we may not be as resurgent, with gentle waggles we can reach deep and stimulate the root.


12 de jun. de 2021

Man I love your images and notes! Would love to connect with you on other platforms, exchange pics, etc. you can teach me at or WhatsApp +1 (619)701-3158

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