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The Penis Panacea!

Have you ever considered that the solution or remedy for all of your difficulties and challenges might be guilt-free, shameless, prolonged and intense enjoyment of your penis? If you have never considered this--it might be time to reconsider! Could it actually be that simple? Could it be the answer to almost everything? Your penis? That's what a "panacea" is: a universal remedy or solution.

Your penis is a biological instrument that may be more powerful and profound than you have ever imagined. As Joseph Kramer writes in the introduction to my book THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS, "Bruce teaches that the sustained sexual arousal produced by Mindful Masturbation gives us access to the magic deep within our hearts." Yes, I do.

My lifetime study of esoteric subjects has led me to feel that the alchemical arts of transformation are actually about "creating a vessel" of your human body by the practice of self-pleasure as self-love, and learning to retain your semen for longer and longer periods in order to transform your conscious awareness from the mundane to the magnificent.

This process of what I call "Male Erotic Alchemy" is incredibly simple in its essence. But it is not necessarily easy for you to make the choices required and to dedicate yourself to the ongoing practice of Mindful Masturbation. This means not settling for the standard repetitive "piston-pumping" style of male masturbation, in which many men focus on the goal of ejaculation. Often men race to the finish line before they can even begin to truly feel the remarkable glow of the deeper and higher, whole body rewards that are available.

Many guys who practice "edging" at least begin to taste what is possible when you literally make love with yourself, when you shift to self-pleasure as a loving, intentional, deliberately practiced fine art. The first thing I always suggest when I coach men in Mindful Masturbation is: "Breathe deeply! Then, keep relaxed, pay full attention to yourself, what you feel." Once we begin masturbating together it's often, "Now slow down! Please slow down…"

The world looks different to you when you are clothed, even if you are already aroused, and then when you get naked and allow your arousal to visibly emerge into the world, you feel different as well as looking different! You have no secrets--nothing is hidden!

In the process of becoming naked, more aroused and revealing your arousal to view, you can see by their faces how the two young men in the four above photos shift from a slightly more closed, uncertain frame of mind to feeling more open and confident. The true self emerges just as the lovely glans penis of the fellow in the lower picture emerges like the waxing Gibbous Moon.

It is definitely easy for any human male to get lost in his head, living in a realm of thoughts, narratives, ideas, and beliefs. However, once you establish a practice of Mindful Masturbation, of pleasuring yourself with a focus upon your own body, your own sensations, or at least what is actually present, then awareness can shift back from the head atop your shoulders to your beautiful penis head, which connects directly with your heart.

Really among the greatest gifts of masturbating mindfully is how it brings you back into your body from the mental realm, helps you focus in the only actual time and place--the here and the now! And while you pleasure yourself, the insertion of a finger into your anus can amplify your pleasure tremendously and literally deepen your inner awareness.

While looking at erotic images on the Internet may fuel your arousal, in order to shift away from that vicarious stimulation to your own full-body sensations and bliss helps you to reclaim the erotic inheritance that is yours when you live in the Kingdom of Penis.

Choose to cultivate as much pure penis pleasure as possible. Make the conscious choice not to ejaculate so often, but to retain your semen instead for longer and longer periods. This way you "seal" the alchemical vessel of your body and you become a different kind of man. This can make you happier, more balanced, more energetic, yet serene! It may require that you break an "addiction" to ejaculating every time your masturbate!

Indeed, when you transform your masturbation practice into lovemaking with yourself, you also render it a process of transforming yourself--not turning yourself into something different than you are, but becoming increasingly your truest, most authentic, most vibrantly alive you!

Though your rational mind may resist the idea that your penis could actually be a panacea--meaning a sort of universal solution or remedy, also recall the words of the brilliant young guitar god John Mayer, who stated in the Rolling Stone Magazine for February of 2010: "I have masturbated myself out of serious problems in my life." And John is far from alone in this!

Regardless of the "public" face you present to the world, the inner you as a male human is also very much the "face" of your penis. Consider men you have known in your life, and consider whether or not you can really know a man if you have not seen his penis; how well can you know a man if you have not seen his penis aroused? If you have not witnessed him pleasuring himself?

And while the public, clothed :"self" you present to many people may appear happy and confident, there are more mysterious, perhaps universal aspects of who and what you are that are not only reflected in your public face. As a man, you penis may serve as a solution or remedy for your feelings of isolation, as your penis provides you that common ground you share with all men: your appetite for simple physical pleasure for its own sake.

How many of you, even in today's Internet World, know how to provide yourself with the deeper, richer, higher, more intense rewards of pure penis pleasure enjoyed for indefinite intervals that actually allows your awareness to luxuriate in, to keenly observe, and relish, and affirm the indescribably delicious sensations of pure penis pleasure?

There are numberless ways to encourage the sensations of ecstasy to radiate beyond your genitals themselves through the remainder of your body during cycles of arousal, and cycles when you allow your penis to relax into relative flaccidity.

Whether relatively stiff and erect, or relatively soft though hanging full, your penis is equally a remedy for any challenge you encounter, a cure for every difficulty, if you truly listen to what your penis tells you in its ancient biological wisdom: you have the source of everything you truly need between your legs. It is your source, and the origin you share with all humans.

Your penis and the fact that you share its basic nature with all men who have penises connects you with the Phallic Brotherhood of Men: all those human males who celebrate their own penis and those of their fellows. Rather than competition, to share your penis with a fellow man can bring you into parallel with him and the source of your own happiness aligns with the source of his happiness.

If you are not sure the importance of the penis has such grand scope as to legitimately be called a "cure all" for male problems, you may want to reconsider the questionable PR the mainstream gives to the penis… the suggestion that it is something to joke about, to laugh at, a superficial obsession, something misleading, shallow or even bad. Actually, you know better!

What kind of cultural conditioning is such disparagement of this precious part of your anatomy? Like all other forms of baseless prejudice, the strange opinions many men acquire concerning the penis must be learned.

A young boy will naturally enjoy and have great fun discovering the pleasure of his penis, unless someone interferes and teaches him other attitudes, which sadly happens very often. Still, as grown men, it is possible to rediscover that Original Innocence, to reach out and return to Penis Paradise together.

The Penis Panacea can cure is the belief that experience is superior to innocence! Stop listening to mental conditioning. Allow the head of that magnificent organ between your legs to speak to your heart, and your wisdom grows, just as your erection grows and you bliss increases, seemingly without any end in sight!

To rub your erect penis against the erection of a Phallic Brother provides one of the most profound forms of nonverbal communication between men, and to gaze into each other's eyes as you enjoy this connects your hearts and your souls.

Though I definitely advocate semen retention as the key practice of Male Erotic Alchemy, I am by no means opposed to ejaculation. Particularly when men are younger, the shared experience provides bonding with fellow men and a temporary experience of the Void from which Creation emerges.

Still, my basic advice is to let go of any goal except how incredibly good your journey feels all along the way: "Go slow, slow down. Slow down. Pay full attention to yourself, to your own body, to your penis… listen deeply to what your penis tells you… listen to what your penis tells you about being alive… about being fully, truly, totally alive!"

Yes! Penis IS the answer!

Your penis is the ultimate organ of tenderness and love, also it's the ultimate organ of dynamic action, generosity, protection, your refuge in the storm. Your penis perfectly combines physical strength and emotional sensitivity.

In these strange and swiftly changing times, the Penis Panacea becomes increasingly apparent to more and more men of Planet Earth. While it can be delicious to share your penis in-person with Phallic Brothers, one great gift of truly MindfulMasturbation is that you need no one else to stimulate, affirm, or reflect you. All you need is you.

In these sometimes challenging times it is wise to make your penis your best friend, for you know already that you can count on it as your central source of happiness.

That title meme at the top of this blog depicts my own personal Shangri-La, my Shambhala: Estes Park, Colorado. I lived there for 12 years from the age of 23 to the age of 35, a period in which I masturbated to ejaculation at least 2 or 3X every day, sometimes more. Finally, in 1995 at age 42, I discovered the basis for Mindful Masturbation, when I learned how to make ejaculation a choice.

For 6 weeks I masturbated for hours every day without a single ejaculation, and I emerged from that process a changed man. I was not an Ascended Master, but I had let go of many of my old habits of poor self-esteem and insecurity. I accepted my Mission to share my discovery.

That Mission led me to the Penis Panacea, which means: Your penis IS the answer!

Now I'm thrilled to have an Erotic Wizard's Apprentice I call Young Russell, a man who has embraced and practices what I seek to teach men, as I've never seen any man do before. Russell is creating an OnlyFans page to offer his longer content, and he also now facilitates online Self-Pleasure Circles for men. So check out his Twitter page for more info HERE!

Peace & Namaste,


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Feb 01, 2023

Surely guilt-free, shameless, prolonged and intense enjoyment of my penis is THE ANSWER for me!


Mar 04, 2021

Bruce, the permission to make our penis our best friend is the type of validation I have searched for decades. It is a powerful statement that men need to hear and take to heart. I wish every young man would recognize and accept that premise. I do, but hearing it from a guru like yourself is so affirming!


Aug 30, 2020

I just ordered your book "The Secrets of the Golden Phallus " from Amazon! I guess that's a good place to start!

Gary M.


Aug 30, 2020

Masturbation has been my primary form of sex for the last 10 years or so. I have reached a plateau here recently and could use some help. I'm not real sure where or who to turn to for advice. I would very much appreciate any help one of you could give me!

Gary M.


Aug 30, 2020

Thanks, Bruce. I needed that. Namaste.

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