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The Penis King!

Power over other people inevitably corrupts the person that wields the power, while empowerment of yourself is a completely different matter. Self-empowerment leads to inner transformation, self-realization and the ability to inspire others by your example. Your royal status as the Penis King of your life is in your blood, inherited, ancestral. You only need to claim it. It's your natural nobility! This is a potent power to govern your quality of living as an embodied human male.

The time has passed in human history for political royalism. The problem with that is that you cannot control the quality of monarchs from succession-to-succession. Still, the time has come to reconsider the concept of the Sacred King, the Divine Right of every man to become not only a Phallic God, but the Penis King of Your Life! These two male archetypes are One, as the ancient Egyptians understood well. Let it work for you!

Not only is the Real Magick within you, the Real Magick is in your hands when you touch yourself lovingly, in full awareness of the mysterious and miraculous nature of your own embodied existence as a human male.

As your penis grows erect, expands, lifts upright and aims upward at the zenith of your existence, it is actually your Inner Realm manifesting externally. In similar fashion, the Full Moon energy directly relates to the basically-spherical head of your erection.

Your Royal Crown is the Coronal Ridge that defines the rim of your glans penis, the head of your erect male member, which flares outward and defines it in relation to the shaft it is mounted upon. As such, when you apply lube to your penis, your head is anointed.

As the ruler of your life and the Penis King you are, your erection is your Royal Staff and your balls are the Royal Orb, which represent your empowerment of yourself through self-pleasure as an activity of self-love. In this case, these are not mere symbols, but fleshly realities of natural nobility you employ for masturbating mindfully.

Reflect upon your place in the world of human beings and our context of Nature itself. This is not a hierarchy with you at the top, rather it is more like King Arthur's Round Table, where you are equal with all of your Phallic Brothers.

Sacred Kingship is actually about doing the Inner Work of transformation by loving yourself, including on the physical level. The urge to treat everyone with kindness and be of any possible service to others emerges from you naturally.

You become a healthier, happier, more balanced man to the extent that you love yourself. This Inner Work gives you the direct experience of feeling One with Everything. This is where the Microcosm within you can be recognized as identical with the Macrocosm of the Universe as a whole.

Regardless of anything that may appear to be a boundary or a limitation, your sensations of ecstasy as you generate pure penis pleasure dissolve any sense of separation, and reveal the genuine non-duality between your inner world and what seems external to your body. You are not actually separate from anyone or anything, except in mistaken beliefs.

This is precisely how your dedicated practice of Mindful Masturbation can literally help to make the world a better place: The Universe feels your pleasure as you lovingly touch your penis, caress your entire body and love yourself!

Be not only kind to yourself, but generous with yourself, then kindness and generosity towards others emerges naturally from within you. "As Within, So Without!"

The realm you govern as Penis King is first you own body, as the male animal you essentially are, but also on all the levels woven into this fleshly experience: mental, emotional, spiritual, and in human terms, social, cultural, communal realms.

Of course, adjacent Penis Kingdoms also have the power to inspire one another to enjoy the beneficial blessings of pure penis pleasure that Penis Kings may bestow upon one another when they govern themselves with self-acceptance, generosity of spirit, and the shameless sharing of the precious natural resources found between their legs!

Young men of the 21st Century who share living space have the opportunity to create such a habitation as an actual Penis Paradise, which each Phallic Brother may inhabit as it's Lord and Penis King. The priceless treasure of shameless sharing of masturbatory pleasure may be grasped as such.

Bruce, age 7 or 8

When I was a young boy living in Thailand, in either second or third grade, a friend and I had a sleepover at his family's home, with the full permission of both sets of parents, of course! We slept in light flannel sleeping-bags on the outside porch, where insect and amphibian voices congregated orchestrally beneath the thronging choreography of tropical stars. He seemed to know some thing I had not figured out. As boys do, we chattered excitedly, grew aroused in the underwear and t-shirts we wore as modest sleepwear. We exchanged dares, and ended up, shorts arounds our ankles, facing each other on our knees. His hands between our bared bodies rubbed our stiff penises together… the ecstasy soon became so intense that I felt One with Everything… which set me on this path of pure penis pleasure!

When you observe things in your surroundings that you wish could be improved, the most effective means to enact constructive changes for the better in your world is to change yourself first. Accept the mantle of Penis King to rule your own existence.

"Crown" yourself with the diadem of that elegant coronal ridge that flares out to encircle your glans penis. As you accept your natural, inherent sovereignty as the ruler of your own existence, you discover that you and your surroundings are not two separate things.

"No man is an island," as the poet John Donne said, and though you may appear to be isolated and may even feel isolated from others sometimes, in truth, beneath the surface all "islands" are parts of the same underlying land mass.

The expansion and erection of your penis expresses your inner state and makes it visible in your external realm. As our Phallic Brotherhood now celebrates the Full Moon of January 28th, 2021, remember that the lunar orb is directly related to the head of your penis.

The Full Moon is a time to reveal and express yourself, to manifest who and what you are!

Our genuine Phallic Brotherhood, in which every man is the Penis King, is not an exclusive fraternity, but an inclusive fraternity in which every man who truly loves his penis may be considered already a member of this nobility.

The Mysteries of your existence are a source of awe and wonder when you truly pay attention to how remarkable your existence is! Mindful Masturbation is importantly about that deep and profound enjoyment of the journey, not focused upon a goal, but worthy of slowing down into a powerful appreciation that approaches stillness. There, you may even be able to hear the Voice of Silence, and to listen deeply to what the Living Phallus tells you…

There is nothing mundane or trivial about any man! Everyone is made of stardust, like all of the many wonders on this remarkable Living Planet we are part of. The activated Living Phallus, extended, engorged, excited and erect is tuned to those blissful signals of existing in a condition of Heaven on Earth. Microcosm of the Macrocosm. Within and Without as One.

Masturbation Coaching with Young Russell!

My beloved and handsome young cohort, Russell (AKA Dragon Puppy) has been added to the Erotic Engineering site. We are in process of adding more of the exquisite, inspiring, and instructional videos he has created.

He is also offering a session of Mindful Masturbation coaching and fun on Sunday the 31st of January from 4:30-6 PM Pacific Standard Time. Don't miss this great opportunity to interact with Young Russell and to masturbate with him!

To connect with this genial, wise Penis Prince and Penis King, click on his image above or click HERE for the event in his Twitter feed.

All Blessings and Pure Penis Pleasure,


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Apr 01, 2021

What a beautiful gathering of Erections of beautiful Princes


Mar 04, 2021

Speaking of erections, brothers - don't you just love spending hours (if you are like me) erect every day? There is something very empowering in just being erect


Jan 31, 2021

I dedicate my erection, full of ecstasy beyond words, to the erection of you who is reading this, my phallic brother. May our combined pleasure bring us to an opening of the heart.


Jan 28, 2021


Jan 28, 2021

Brother Bruce,

Thank you for the uplifting and beautiful Penis King message.


Apr 11, 2021
Replying to

Well said bro

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