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The Penis is a Portal!

Yes! In this sense the relaxed, loving, mindful attention to your penis, the skilled and artful stimulation of your erect male organ can actually transport you into a magickal world! Let's employ the magickal power of our penises to open a portal to a better world for when we can safely emerge from the pandemic…

As a young boy in Second and Third Grade I was read to aloud the complete CHRONICLES OF NARNIA by C.S. Lewis, which I still refuse to let religious people to claim as their own. You see, a "Portal Fantasy" is the term given to a kind of story in which someone from "this world" gets transported into an "imaginary world." Usually that "other" world is more magickal.

Even as a young boy, I appreciated how the woodland faun Mr. Tumnus in Narnia was naked, except for a scarf in winter-time: his human-like upper body was bare, and his shaggy goat-like legs required no covering! The more boyish fauns are much like Greek satyrs of the forest, only the latter are usually shown as hairier and sporting insatiable erections.

Now sometimes "fantasy" is criticized as escapism, and sometime it can be avoidance. Still, fantasy is closely allied with imagination and creativity + it's sometimes arousing, right? It seems that often a major feature of portal fantasies tend to be some kind of vast, unspoiled woodlands where the powers of Nature are uncompromised. These are forests I love, and each tree there stands like a huge, mighty phallus to connect Earth and Sky!

During male masturbation, sometimes the sensations you generate via nicely lubricated, prolonged, devoted, skillful masturbatory stimulation of your penis can actually transport you into a state where everything your awareness is glorious, exquisite, ecstatic, magickal and you enter "another world," that seems fantastic compared with ordinary daily life.

This is the sense in which I say "The Penis is a Portal," for your aroused and stimulated and adored male organ can take you into altered states in which everything in your existence seems to fall into place. Even the more mundane aspects, when they intrude on your awareness, may be viewed from what amounts to a higher perspective of erotic awareness.

The love for masturbation and penises is pretty much universal to human males the globe around, regardless of how a man identifies himself according to his sexuality or preference. If a man claims he does not like to see another man's penis or that he cannot become aroused by seeing penises and men masturbating, a man probably suffers some self-esteem issues.

Far healthier is to embrace your human embodiment as a male animal on this beautifulPlanet Earth. Even in this time when you are wise to stay home as much as possible and to practice social distancing and hygiene precautions, it is possible to find solitude in the midst of Nature where you can enjoy nakedness…

Your arousal is a direct connection with Nature itself. Your human body has evolved within Nature, from the vast possibilities of Nature and according to natural selection. Human males have clearly evolved the remarkable penis you have now, via thousands of male ancestors who enjoyed their arousal and pure penis pleasure whenever possible.

As a man living in the 21st Century, you have the opportunity and capacity to experience and enjoy pure penis pleasure for its own sake as was seldom possible for your male Ancestors. They were often distracted by the struggle for simple survival. Not that survival is always easy even now--however many millions of today's men around the world have the opportunity as never before to explore their erotic potential via masturbation.

Above, you can see this handsome young man in Japan engaged in the refinement of his edging skills, which clearly transport him into "another world" within himself while he brings himself very close to ejaculation, pauses to release hold of his erection and appears to experience a dry orgasm instead.

The social distancing of the current pandemic, is a great opportunity to maintain increased focus on your penis and masturbation. This is not so much to escape your confinement, as to enhance the kind of world you live in! If you do not spend some quality time with your penis every day in delicious, attitude adjustment, what are you doing with your time?

In today's world, even cartoon characters like Archie and Reggie have the opportunity to experience Phallic Brotherhood. In this case the guys swim naked in the practice pool as was so often the case a few decades past. On the edge at the start, Archie pops a boner and worries: "Oh no! I got an erection! Reggie is going to think I'm Gay!" Of course, Reggie got an erection too, as is only natural and normal!

Of course, I do encourage all men (and everyone) to stay home if possible and to practice social distancing. This image of two Phallic Brothers touching each other's erect penises is either a fond memory, or the hope of better things to come. In your actual life, please be careful and stay safe--though if you're in lockdown with someone who might like to share this, you're very fortunate.

Likewise these handsome, naked men sharing a steamy bath while enjoying their erections and one another's erect penises. This is shared not only in the spirit of Phallic Brotherhood during times when it's safe to get closer to other men, but also because the radiant smiles show that these men's penises have acted as portals to a happy and magickal place.

Even more, as these three Phallic Brothers not only share their erections, but get closer than that, it's for the emotional warmth that also radiates from the photo above. Just as every man's face and body are individual and different, so are our holy penises!

When it is safe to get closer, among the most profound ways for men to bond as Phallic Brothers is the slow and deliberate mindful friction of erection-upon-erection while the two men gaze into one another's eyes to search the depths of their beings. This exquisite practice can seemingly connect men soul-to-soul as the full range of "chakra" centers from the base of the spine to the crown of the head become activated. Magickal indeed!

Though looking at too much porn online can have drawbacks, in this unusual time in human history, the Internet has become a powerful portal more than ever. To share your penis and masturbation with other men via video conference is actually an intimate and deeply rewarding practice, not a substitute for something else, but a joy in itself.

Take full advantage of increased solitude to practice and develop your Mindful Masturbation skills. Most men do masturbate, but I've also observed that--so far at least--not all that many men masturbate with genuine skill and finesse. It can be a Fine Art! Take the time to slow down, pay full attention to every delicious centimeter of that engorged and tingling flesh anchored between your legs!

Keep in mind that every moment is precious and unrepeatable! If masturbation has become routine, predictable, and not all that rewarding, it's time to reboot your biocomputer. Practice with some of the FREE videos on this Erotic Engineering site. Or consider arranging some personal coaching with me: Bate Master Bruce. About 1/2 of the way down the "About" page here, you'll see how that can be arranged.

A perfect example of how "The Penis is a Portal" comes from an actual ancient Egyptian papyrus. Anubis or Anpu, sometimes called the god of Death and Embalming, is better described as the Opener of the Way, Friend of the Soul. Here you see him making a gesture to connect your heart and your penis, to send you through the portal into the Western Lands, the Blessed Abode, the Beautiful Amenta, the Mountains of Eternity.

Handsome young King Caspian of Narnia glimpses his own destiny in his world. The portal is just about to open in that constant wave that rises behind him in Aslan's Country, in the Uttermost East. Each day that you wake up alive, enjoy the afterglow of the peak of your natural testosterone cycle. Savor some early morning masturbation to start your day. Your penis is a portal to a world of wonder, awe, magick and celebration of your own existence!



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May 13, 2022

I appreciate your encouragement to enjoy masturbation in the early morning. I began this practice with regularity in the early weeks of the lockdown and have now made it a permanent addition to my daily routine. There is something very special about centering your spirit and experiencing such pleasure early and preparing myself for the balance of the day.

May 16, 2022
Replying to

So true. During lock down I decided to try edging and masturbating during my workday and found I enjoyed it. Extended, frequent edgerbating throughout become a lifestyle for me.


May 23, 2020

You guys fucking rock. Thanks.


May 19, 2020

Doesn't it feel good to jack-off? Does it feel better with your body tense or relaxed? Do you prefer to jack-off mindfully or with an image in your head?

When you jack-off, who's making love to whom? Do these two parts of you ever merge into one being?


May 19, 2020

Well said Trevor100a


May 18, 2020

So creative. Cock pleasure is such a create force within you.

What I most love about the lifestyle centered around cock worship and pleasure is that it has brought me together with so many others of diverse backgrounds and age I would have never gotten to know before. It transcends age, race, and sexual identity.

I have masturbated with much younger and much older, gay and str8, black white Asian.

We all must cum together in these times.

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