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The Magickal Phallus

by Bruce P. Grether

The primary purpose of your penis is as a Magickal Instrument that allows you in full mindfulness to manifest your deepest heart's desires, and also the highest aspirations of your spirit. As such, Real Magick is nothing supernatural or paranormal. Rather, Real Magick is how you can alter your consciousness at will, in order to align yourself with Nature and the creative force of the Universe.

Real Magick is not so much about the re-enchantment of the world you live in, as it is realizing that the world has always been enchanted, filled with profound mysteries and possibilities. Your human body is a direct connection with the Animal Kingdom, with everything in the natural world to which you are directly related through your ancestry, your DNA, your stardust.

Your penis is literally what is sometimes called the Tree of Life, meaning the One Tree, the Only Tree in the Garden of Paradise that is your human body inhabits without guilt or shame. Your penis in full erection connects the totality of who and what you are from your deepest roots in the material realm, to the loftiest conceptions of Divine Source.

Claim the manual stimulation of your penis as the Sacred and Magickal activity it has always been in its true essence. Like anything in human experience, it can be dismissed as ordinary, trivialized, even demonized. Actually, self-pleasure as an activity of loving yourself is the Great Work of Alchemical Arts! It can transform the world from mundane to magnificent!

Male masturbation aligns your body with the greatest potentials of human existence as a species that has evolved over about 5-to-7 million years of bipedal human evolution, 55 million of years of primate evolution, at least 3.5 billion years of Life on Earth, and probably about 13.8 billion years since the Big Bang--or however it all started.

Men naturally share Phallic Brotherhood simply due to our parallel biological design. When we fully embrace our embodied qualities, despite specific individual distinctions, we are far more similar to all other males of our species than we are different.

There is no need to search for a real-life Hogwarts Academy in order to become an actual Wizard or Mage. Simply refine your skills with the Magick Wand that emerges from your body between your legs. Become a student of Mindful Masturbation in order to lay the groundwork for the Male Erotic Alchemy of the 21st Century Man.

Get naked and employ the Wizard's Staff that is your inheritance from those numberless male ancestors that precede you from back in the mists before history.

Beneath the clothing of the modern era, your body is the Living Temple of the Male Mysteries. The glorious fleshly idolatry of ecstatic worship of the Source.

Take the quality of your life in your hands, as you exert the choice to accept 100% responsibility for how intensely you enjoy the sheer fact of your existence in a human body. This is precisely how you empower and enact the Magickal Dimension of your life: practice Mindful Masturbation as the precursor to Male Erotic Alchemy.

A great example of the transformative and power of Mindful Masturbation comes from Blue Tyger, my first major protege in the field and co-creartor of the Erotic Engineering site and video teachings with me. Please click on his photo (above) or click for his video testimonial: "My Spiritual; Journey to Masturbation" HERE.

In the imaginary worlds of Tolkien and Hogwarts, a Magick Wand or Wizard's Staff may only be a focus on conduct for the Magickal Power to flow through. Your Magickal Phallus is a different matter, in that it is the actual Source of the Magick that you may wield.

Similarly, male masturbation practiced as a Magickal Activity fills your body with creative energy that you may employ in many different ways as you proceed with the diverse pursuits of your existence. Your Magickal Phallus is designed for your hands to hold!

Keep mind that what you actually hold is this Real Magickal Power; literally and figuratively, it is part and parcel of who and what you are. It completes the circuit. Nothing is missing here! This Power is not Power over anyone else, rather, it is empowerment of yourself to "Follow Your Bliss," as the great mythologist Joseph Campbell recommends for a fulfilled and happy life.

This suggestion to "Follow Your Bliss" does not only mean feeling good, or pursuing ecstatic sensations; it means to unfold the purpose of your existence, whatever that may be, and it may include any number of things.

To travel, explore different parts of the world, paint pictures, dance and sing and play music, guide tours, make films, be a scientist, write, engage in athletics, theater, social work. Whatever. When you are doing it, you will know. You will not question your purpose--you will know. Listen deeply to your penis--it knows your purpose.

This formulation, "Follow Your Bliss," does not mean you need to struggle to find out your purpose in life, then enact it. Yes, to know what you are here for and what you want to do, and then do it, is great! Still, as a human male with a penis, you are naturally, inevitably, a potential Mage, a Wizard, a Sorcerer, or Alchemist.

Such a Magickal Path does require study and dedicated practice. A major part of this is dedication to masturbation as a consciousness-altering process, and the ongoing refinement of your self--pleasuring skills. This requires both humility and confidence.

The deft and skillful employment of your male genitalia for ever-increasing levels of pleasure is in itself High Magick.

Phallic Magick requires no elaborate rituals, no paraphernalia or instruments beyond your own body consciously deployed for the enhancement of your daily living. As your enjoyment of living and your happiness increases, you enhance the lives of others simply by your presence, by your attitude, by your example. Your joy overflows on others. This is the Real Magick!

Introducing Henry Meadows!

Meet my most recent Mindful Masturbation protege, a beautiful young man named Henry Meadows! He now assists my primary Erotic Wizard's Apprentice, Young Russell, in a new rite of Sex Magick to encourage Phallic Brotherhood to flourish globally.

Henry is fully equipped, Magickal Phallus and all. He comes to the Mission of Phallic Brotherhood with his own Magickal background to add to our rich mix of talents.

Henry practices Yoga, likes to walk in the woods for exercise, is a spectacular cook, his own kind of Magickal Adept. In recent times I've coached him and he's become a spectacular Mindful Masturbator.

We plan to offer a series of videos starring Henry called "The Garden of Henry Meadows." His body is his Garden of Paradise, where he awakens the Original Innocence of the Holy Child within him. All this may sound a bit flowery and archetypal, perhaps because in truth the experience of the Magickal Phallus is inherently Beyond Words.

We plan to offer you access to a wealth of videos to inspire and encourage your experience of Phallic Brotherhood, including full-length videos of Yours Truly, of Young Russell, and of Henry Meadows practicing Mindful Masturbation.

Henry Meadows in All His Glory…

Russell and Henry collaborate on Sex Magick by masturbating mindfully and eventually ejaculating together in order to encourage Phallic Brotherhood on a global scale. Their collaboration will be among our offerings. In order to link to Henry's Twitter page, please click the image above, or click HERE.

Our adventures are only beginning, my Brothers, as we 21st Century Men continue to discover new possibilities of the Magickal Phallus and explore erotic horizons our ancestors never imagined!

May you now reach for your own Magickal Phallus and with its Power discover Peace Beyond Understanding…

Your Brother,


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12 comentarios

19 may 2021

So true Bruce. Such a complex, highly vasculated, sensitive organ that elongates is not requred for mere urination but meant for much much more. Nature engineered and intended it for stimulation and demanding our focus upon it. You have helped so many grab on and put their phallus at the center. Its at my spiritual and pleasure center.

Me gusta
01 jun 2021
Contestando a

The "center" of my all, indeed!

Me gusta

12 may 2021

It should be noted that the word "magick," magic with an extra k, was coined by Aleistar Crowley, meaning sex magic. The first step of magic is to raise energy, and what better way to raise energy than stroke the true magic wand between your legs.

Me gusta
13 may 2021
Contestando a

There seems to be a prevailing human trait to demand perfection from truth tellers, rather than let the truth stand on it’s own. The deification of Jesus is a prime example. He was a man of personality extremes. An ascetic embracing solitude and fasting and a party boy, wining and dining with the privileged. Rabbi Jesus, by Bruce Chilton gives a fascinating account of the personality of Jesus. Though Crowley has many attributes of a huckster, the use of masturbation to align oneself with one’s true will speaks fundamental truth to me.

Me gusta

11 may 2021

The work you do to advance acceptance of the beauty of the bate is admirable, You do more good than you know.

Me gusta

11 may 2021

Thanks Bruce! This is an excellent reminder that male masturbation goes much further than getting one's rocks off - it's a beautiful, existential, affirming act that allows a guy to explore and experience masculinity at its deepest level. It's a form of meditation, with an awesome sensuous component and the option of an incredible final climax.

Me gusta
01 jun 2021
Contestando a

Amen, brother! It's celebration among us is overdue, it's benefits to our mental state as well as our souls is still being fully recognized

Me gusta

11 may 2021

Brilliant. Thanks so much. The mindful caress of the Penis does induce a state of oneness with the creative vibration of the universe.

Me gusta
11 may 2021
Contestando a

Thank you Robert and Bruce. Good to connect with you this morning, Brothers

Me gusta
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