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The Longest Night of the Penis

Have you ever noticed that if you stay up all night and really pay attention to everything going on, when you allow the sleeplessness to alter your consciousness, sometime after midnight it begins to seem as if the daybreak will never arrive? Yet in your cells abides this awareness that dawn will come. Again the world will be transformed by the arrival of sunlight!

It's almost like being a creature that knows the darker depths of the ocean, and also the brighter upper waters. Of course, all those cycles that we experience as embodied creatures bring us back and forth between extremes. This year, December 21st is the Winter Solstice, meaning the shortest day. The nights before and after this daytime are the longest nights--in the Northern Hemisphere. The Earth's axis tilts farthest away from the Sun.

With apologies to those of you Phallic Brothers in far-flung parts of the planet, the affect of this time of the year may be far less or far more dramatic. Still, it is part of living on a rotating planet with a tilted axis and a solar orbit that is not quite perfectly circular, but is slightly elliptical. Right?

Now is the most crucial reset opportunity ever, as this moment will never happen again. As you read this, please consider the importance of here and the present moment. Turn your full attention to the connection between the heart beating in your chest and the throb of blood pressure you feel between your legs as you read the phrase "between your legs!"

This means more than just this particular Winter Solstice, this means everything now happening on Earth is a reset for humanity and the planet!

The most important thing you can do at this point in your personal history, in the far longer story of humanity, and the many, many times longer story of the planet, + 3.8 billion years of Universe is to reconnect your human nature with Nature itself--the Source of Everything.

You may feel you already connect with Nature quite well, which is great! Only, no matter how well you connect with Nature, your connection can go even deeper and higher--it must go deeper and higher. Among the most effective ways to accomplish this reset is to focus better than ever upon the quality of your relationship with your penis.

Among those important cycles you experience as a human male, is the nightly peak of your testosterone cycle, usually while you sleep, sometime between 2 or 3 AM and dawn. When you wake up, this often produces what men fondly call "morning wood." The delightful morning erection that most young men awaken with--or that awakens you--each morning, and many older men are blessed to continue to experience.

Regardless of how dramatic or not the morning wood experience may be for you as you grow older, this "window of opportunity" early in the day still tends to be a time when your erection cooperates with special ease and may be enjoyed with special intensity as you masturbate. Don't let it go to waste!

I've often written in recent times of how, despite many religious taboos concerning masturbation, doubtless many monks and priests have always enjoyed this experience of morning wood as a means of phallic devotion, by which to connect with what feels like the Divine. Religions deny this, because pure penis pleasure does directly connect you with Prime Source. So you don't really need a religious institution.

Most definitely male masturbation connects human nature and Nature itself. It is a direct experiential way to honor the fact that you are an animal. You have the privilege and honor of this authentic experience as an embodied being with this most magnificent and dramatic sexual organ: your penis!

Among the features of the penis worthy of attention is the little fold of skin that many men have at the underside of the glans, or the penis head, a tiny bridge of tissue called the "frenulum." This is a term that means a "a small fold or ridge of tissue that supports or checks the motion of the part to which it is attached."

Tongue Frenulum

While the frenulum of the penis varies from man to man and among circumcised men it depends a lot upon exactly how the circumcision was done. (You also have a frenulum that connects the underside of your tongue to your lower jaw.) The frenulum of your penis, if you have significant tissue there, connects the cleft underside of your glans penis with the inside of your foreskin--or it does if you are intact.

Penis Frenulums of Intact Men

The amount of frenulum tissue ends up somewhat arbitrary and somewhat genetic too. For men fortunate to have a highly sensitive frenulum, it becomes apparent why some have called this the male clitoris. Even if you don't, your entire glans is richly endowed with pleasure nerves.

Penis Frenulums of Circumcised Men

Regardless of whether or not this fold or ridge appears obvious (you might employ a little hand mirror to inspect it, or use photos and videos of your penis) the underside of the glans penis is generally a locus of special sensitivity. It profoundly rewards devoted attention!

So there are a number of remarkable things about this Winter Solstice, the shortest daytime and the longest night-times of the year 2020. One is that this corresponds with the First Quarter of the Moon in its cycling from the darkness and seed fertility of the New Moon in the direction of the brilliant fullest expression and maximum erection of the Full Moon.

Notice, please, how your glans penis resembles the Moon itself in various phases from various angles, as well as the shape of your human brain, and the form of the Nautilus that swims at the top of this blog in the title image.

Perhaps these things seem slightly crazy to you as you absorb them, and yet the very thing you have in hand when you hold the head of your magnificent, highly-evolved human penis, embodies in its puffy, resilient, ultra-sensitive form of flesh, so many, many connections and wonders!

Your human penis is not only the splendid, glorious inheritance from all of your Male Ancestors, it is literally the Source of your life. Your penis is directly inherited from the penis of your biological father, whose penis ejaculated the Holy Seed that you sprouted from, regardless of your relationship with him otherwise.

And this origin story of YOU, the literal truth that your human penis is the Source and Origin of your body and you and your penis itself, is also echoed by that Ancient Egyptian Creation Story: Atum, the Complete One, Lord of the Primordial Mound, preserves his own existence by masturbating and eventually ejaculates into his own mouth to conceive his first children, the earliest gods.

Thus does every man become that miraculous manifestation of Male Erotic Alchemy, the Son and the Father of All Things. In this manner, your human maleness, your biological equipment, your sexual organs, your erotic potential, are woven into the fact that you emerged from this Living World as a complete microcosm of the macrocosm of the whole!

Every detail of who and what you are is a perfect melding of the gifts of your genetics and the choices you make, the will you exert in the face of circumstances, hopefully to thoroughly enjoy masturbation as much as possible, free of all guilt and shame and inhibition.

A truly healthy, sane, open attitude concerning your body, your genitals, your full enjoyment of self-pleasure as a practice of loving yourself better and better all the time leads you to the regular, frequent experience of pure penis pleasure and thus you become a happier man!

One more astounding thing coordinating from the Celestial Spheres to that Central Core of your Being that lights up and radiates joy from within you as you fully embrace Mindful Masturbation: this rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn! It last happened in 1226!

Whether you decide that you are primarily solosexual or not, a strong tendency that way offers you enhanced self-esteem, self-reliance, spiritual self-actualization. This tendency may actually enhance partnered sex by giving you confidence and skills far more valuable than sexual neediness, which can confuse the issue.

Plus, of course, as safety allows in these strange times, why not actually share Phallic Brotherhood with other men? Original Innocence arises when the agreed-upon parameter is exclusively shared masturbation. Far more men can relax into the "container" of this practice and enjoy without the common agendas of the sexual hunt, domination, or submission. Just share stimulating the penis!

This is true, so long as your masturbation is creative, varied, not obsessively focused on porn or fantasy, without dependence on unhealthy drugs, and does not reinforce guilt or shame. In and of itself, shameless, guilt-free, enthusiastic and frequent self-pleasuring helps you be happier, more stable, balanced, and sane.

The best philosophy I know of is also be that of the lamasery of Shangri-La, in James Hilton's novel LOST HORIZON (a variation of the Sino-Tibetan Shambhala Legend). That philosophy is "Moderation in all things, including moderation!"

Sometimes you need to obsess and let go of all limits… right?

Happy Holy Days

& Much Love,


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5 comentarios

22 dic 2020

Bill--I totally agree!!I just finished two hours of self pleasure with semen retention, no ejaculation, and the level of cock bliss I reached was sensational! I also have experienced that semen oozing out a bit without orgasm--it makes great lube and then I continue on in bliss, still hard and aroused...wish we could form an on line group of tantra practioners!

Me gusta

22 dic 2020

For me, an important aspect of phallic worship is semen retention, making it possible to spend hours a day in erotic pleasure. Once in a while some cum oozes out, telling me to slow down. It's such fine lube; it brings on the highest levels of ecstasy. The essence of life.

Me gusta

21 dic 2020

As always, thank you, Bruce!! You always attach so much more meaning to our penis love and pleasure. It may be time to book another session to share the self pleasure experience with you!! I still love the idea of creating penis worship rituals and doing them together!

Me gusta

21 dic 2020

Thank you, Bruce, for a stimulating, amazing meditation for this moment. I am constantly searching for ways to connect with the earth, with nature. You say, “Voilà. And go deeper." The fiery photos give your words even more power.

Me gusta

21 dic 2020

Brother Bruce,

Thank you for the knowledge you share regarding the winter solstice, our penis, and masturbation. The information is spiritually strengthening and a joy to share.

Me gusta
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