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Shapeshifting Powers of Your Penis!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

by Bruce P. Grether

Your magnificent and highly-evolved human penis is literally the most variable, versatile, transformational part of your somatic equipment. It provides you limitless possibilities for bliss, adventure, and open-hearted joy! Mindful Masturbation constantly confirms the basic goodness of living, and preciousness of being alive!

According to Greek myth, a handsome young Trojan Prince (or oxherd, or both!) named Ganymede was out on a hillside when a gigantic Eagle flew down and carried him off. It turned out that the Eagle was Zeus, the Lord of Sky, an Olympian shapeshifter extraordinaire, attracted by this most beautiful of mortals.

The attraction of a handsome young man, is a powerful force! Just as Zeus carried Ganymede aloft to his Olympian home and made him his personal, intimate cup-bearer, attraction between male humans is a natural, transformational power. A handsome young man's smile and the gleam in his eyes can light up your heart, whatever your age!

All men are also likely to feel a natural curiosity about such a young man's penis…

…what does it look like? Would he allow you to see it? Might he actually like for you to see it? How can you have a chance to see it growing harder and expanding into erection?

Russell has resumed posting new material on the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page, and that is exclusively where you can watch Part 1 of this spectacular new video!

Join to support the Mission and to Inspire Yourself!

My new novel, just published, already has three five star (*****) reviews on Amazon! The world in which it takes place has different conditioning and beliefs around human sexuality, so the characters' experience is not like ours. They value self-pleasure as primary and same-sex relations are encouraged as a natural source of intense recreational pleasure!

These two diagrams, at the beginning of CLOUDWHALE show the cometary, sun-diving life-cycle of the cloud whales, and the second on the right show how this overall penis-shaped world appears inside. People inhabit colones in the head end. Near the middle of the atmospheric tunnel, is a forested region of diverse life-forms.

Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III, loves to share the "cloudwhale" anchored between his legs with me, with you and with our entire Phallic Brotherhood! This blog explores the shapeshifting power of his penis and hence, also yours!

Russell has become an extremely skilled Mindful Masturbator. He knows how to prepare himself and relax into a session with breathing, relaxing, caressing himself all over.

His practice of MM laid the groundwork for his skill at Male SoloSex Magick, which MM prepares you.

He has trained himself so extensively and so well over the last 3 + years, that what he now does can be called Golden Phallus Yoga.

Notice how Russell invites the shapeshifting power of his penis to transform him…

…he changes positions, and employs a variety of stroke, forehand and back!

Changing position again, from reclining to sitting upright…

…he admires his penis and again grasps is in a slow 7-Jeweled Phallus stroking pattern!

As a shapeshifter extraordinary, this most variable part of your anatomy provides you with transformational power.

The lunar qualities of the glans penis, the acorn head, moves through regular, predictable cycles, yet offers endless varieties to experience in the process.

Russell does a Big Draw to keep the erotic energy in his body, instead of ejaculating, which would expel it from the body.

Every man (including the Five Erotic Wizards of our Brotherhood) adore ejaculation, but there is important undiscovered country beyond ejaculation, to explore.

When you retain semen, glorious full body orgasm, dry orgasms, multiple male orgasms and continuous orgasmic states become available to you!

See how Russell glows here, not only due to the sunlight on his face?

The Triple God: Youth, Man, and Sage!

(Tree, Crown, Bird of Wisdom!)

Do not mistake the triskelion or triple imagery above for a religious iconography. Here, we employ this image to represent the Threefold Powers of the Triple God that Phallic Brotherhood unfolds within men during a lifetime: Youth, Man, and Sage, each with its own value and wisdom to offer! Son, Father, and Spirit.

Youthfulness: The stage of discovering how powerful and magnificent masturbation can be!

Manhood: Discovery that self-pleasure is no less valuable than any other form of sexual enjoyments and often far more powerful, because it does not require the cooperation of another person!

Sagacity: The Youth who has become a Man and learned from experience how to keep his heart open with pure penis pleasure.I n Phallic Brotherhood with his fellow men, he may serve them, and share his wisdom. Truly this is a stage of service: engage in mutual masturbation; cock2cock frottage; and group masturbation motivated by inspiring and encouraging your Brothers!

Though this lovely erection may look largely pink to you, it is in truth a Golden Phallus!

Handsome Young Russell has a marvelous sense of humor! This recent photo is a perfect example, and yet it also perfectly illustrates "Shapeshifting Powers of Your Penis!"

The image of Zeus and Ganymede is not a duality, but shows their Oneness. The Triple God image and this Yang and Yin symbol also relate to non-separation. Your Shapeshifting Penis helps you experience many as One. Diversity as Unity. Feel One with All things!


Two young men in this epic story have experienced masturbation mentors, who coach them explicitly in the art of Mindful Masturbation. This helps both young men become happier, more secure individuals. When their slow-burn romance finally reaches the boiling point it literally helps to save the world! (Available in both paperback and Kindle formats!)

The Horned One

Recycling to the original image of Lord Pan and the animals at the top of this blog, a final reminder of the Shapeshifting Powers of Your Penis! Whether you call him Lord Shiva, Pancika, Pan, Cernunnos or Herne, the Woodland God, Lord of Forest and Field, is a worthy male deity. This is one mythic deity I'm specially fond of as he represents all the best aspects of male humans as animals.

Your penis is forever changing. When you go with that, it transforms you into a healthier, happier, more joyful being!

Much Brotherly Love,


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Jul 29, 2023

When it's erect, this young man's favorite plaything is also a magic wand drawing power from nature, which is always fully mindful.

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Jul 29, 2023
Replying to

Indeed! He's become a true remarkable masturbator… - Bruce

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