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Sex & Spirit are One!

Updated: May 13

by Bruce P. Grether

The beloved Centaur named Chiron was a wise teacher of various Greek heroes such as Achilles. Great teachers can help us learn how to aim our arrows! We've all been taught to believe in so much separation, when actually nothing is truly separate from anything.

"Genius," of course, also means a kind of guardian spirit, even a "djinn" or spirit. While the joy and excitement of eroticism may feel like child-like enthusiasm, I've never forgotten my own pubescent astonishment at how incredible sensations become with matured genitalia. During the Summer of Love in 1967 I often masturbated in the bathtub in Berkeley, CA.

The indescribable intensity with which I feel erotic sensations of bliss is one reason I grow impatient with the common belief that matter and spirit are opposites, or even separate in any way! All "opposites" are parts of one whole!

It seems obvious to me that like matter and energy (E = mc squared) which tells us these two are aspects of a single whole, so what we call "spirit" and "matter" are also One.

Consider how "spirit" is a word closely related to "respiration" or breath. "Spiritus" in Latin, means also "breath." "Inspiration," and these associations all relate to embodiment, the body. What human experience can be considered more sacred and spiritual than intense erotic ecstasy?

The Greek "pneuma" it equivalent to Latin "spiritus." In fact, long ago many people thought the erect penis filled with air, rather than blood!

To insist that the human erection and blissful sensations it generates are necessarily spiritual or exalted may be a bit simplistic! On truth, it all depends upon the attitude of the man or men involved. When you became shameless, your ecstasy becomes limitless.

I myself, Bruce P. Grether, am especially fertile ground for such an assertion: "Sex & Spirit are One!" My first erotic experience that I recall, around age 7, was one of swiftly beginning to feel One with All Things.

Phallic Brotherhood is a quality of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual connections that I've discovered is distinctly different from romantic love or even ordinary friendships.

When men share their nakedness and erections, a true kind of fraternal bonding is possible. This happens often, if not always. Again, perhaps the fertile ground of willingness, open-minded curiosity, a warm heart and generosity of spirit makes such Brotherhood more likely.

I've discovered through my many years of erotic activism that genuine Phallic Brotherhood often arises almost immediately. Such bonding does not depend upon knowing each other a long time, or even learning a lot of details about someone. It is acceptance and appreciation.

Before I consider setting up actual Mindful Masturbation coaching with a client, I always conduct a FREE introductory interview. That consultation is done without masturbation. Still, to simply discuss these intimate matters honestly creates a bond.

Our Phallic Brotherhood is far more than a nice concept or possibility! It exists.

The pure penis pleasure possible through Mindful Masturbation becomes truly ineffable, which means Beyond Words!

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Phallic Brotherhood is far more than a nice concept or possibility! It exists. In fact, we consider the Global Phallic Brotherhood a reality because men adore penises!

Human males cannot pursue any nobler, saner, more balanced and constructive path than to share our erections with one another, admire each other's arousal, and masturbate together!

Erotic bliss, pure penis pleasure, grows from inner aliveness that becomes so powerful and total, that it become visible.

You experience the Alchemy of "As Within, So Without" literally!!!

See this in the bodies and faces of the men who experience it!!!

Men communicate the fact that Sex & Spirit are One by experiencing this!!!

There is nothing conceptual or theoretical about this return to Oneness of Sex/Spirit. Conscious breathing enhances your self-pleasure and takes it to realms of genuine, shameless, guilt-free self-love! True non-separation. Interbeing.

There are no such things as national boundaries when you look down upon the exquisite "Blue Marble" of our H.O.M.E.* planet. (*Humanity's One Mother Earth!)

Just as money is imaginary, but important because we believe in it, all sorts of illusory boundaries that can divide us, can also connect us. When we see them for what they are, they no longer have the power to limit us.

We are one race on Planet Earth: Homo sapiens sapiens! Meaning: "Like me, wise and wishing to be wiser."

Let's wise up! Appearances completely depend upon the eye of the beholder, right?

So! Have you ever wondered where everything in the world comes from? Have you wondered how you came into existence? What is the purpose of your life? What is the meaning of life? Is everything going to be okay? Check out my book on alll of these subjects by clicking above, or HERE! (A link to purchase the book on Amazon is on the YouTube description or you can just go to Amazon and buy it!)

When you employ your erotic energy to expand your consciousness into the realm of connection with everything, you have no doubt that Sex & Spirit are One! This is what Tantra and Taoism are about. If you practice Mindful Masturbation and/or share it with fellow men, you need not pay for a Tantra teacher or a workshop. Just do it!!!

Speaking of which… this handsome young fellow is a fantastic facilitator at the monthly Guided Group Sessions on Z00M. Be sure to sign up for the May 5th event, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th, 2023 ar 11am PST/12pm MST/1pm CST/2pm EST.

"Moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible. You desire meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at any other time even if it is not easy and you are forced to change many things. Shallow relationships do not satisfy you, because they are not purifying enough."

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Much Brotherly Love,


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