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Self-Pleasure as Self-Love!

by Bruce P. Grether

I celebrate every one of the millions of acts of male masturbation going on this very moment on principle, though there are some cases that may reinforce guilt or shame. This is why self-love, acceptance, shameless enthusiasm and surrender to pure penis pleasure are crucial. As such, male self-pleasure is beneficial and life-enhancing.

To truly adore your penis is not automatically an indication that you love yourself. However, it is an important a step in that direction! Most men in today's world still grow up conditioned by some degree of acquired shame, or at least inhibition surrounding their penis and masturbation.

The most effective "cure" or "therapy" for such inhibitions is to give yourself as much pure penis pleasure as possible, of the longest duration and highest quality you are capable of generating from between your legs!

(Thanks to spectacular photographer

Jim Wilkinson for this image!)

Clearly the reason that cuttures worldwide remain somewhat phobic about the penis, especially erect penises, and male masturbation, is because these are such powerful and empowering aspects of human embodiment!

When you fully embrace the glorious beauty and pleasurable intensity of this organ, you move to the authentic Center of Your Being. You touch the heart of incarnation from which rings of blessing expand like concentric Circles of Life across the still waters of deep inner awareness.

Your penis is your direct connection with the landscape you inhabit, with Nature itself, and with the fact that you are privileged to have an animal body whose lineage goes back to the beginning of biological Life on Earth.

Your actual Family Tree is global in scope. Your humanity is merely one branch of biological Animalia, which is merely part of the actual Tree of Life. From its trunk emerge all of the so-called Kingdoms of Life: Fungi, Plantae, Chromista, Protozoa, Archaea, Bacteria, and so on. This "trunk" rising from the roots of origin, is also the World Tree or Axis Mundi that connects Earth with Sky. Waterfalls are places you may feel directly aware of this axis!

This Axis is echoed in perfect fleshly parallel by your penis, especially during its engorged, thickened, lengthened and heated erection! But in all states it has this quality!

To be able to enjoy your penis solo or in collaboration with a Phallic Brother or a group of such Brothers, is one of the glories of being a human male.

You cannot truly love yourself, not unconditionally, without a shameless, guilt-free celebratory adoration of your own penis. This allows you to experience its most important purpose, which is to generate indescribable ecstasy in limitless amounts for you!

Perhaps in your teens (18+ of course, for our purposes!) you learned from a friend about masturbation. Regardless, many men continue to masturbate in more or less the same manner for the rest of their lives! If you wish to increase your pleasure many times over, you need to apply mindfulness to your self-pleasure an practice it as self-love. Break habits; explore new territory.

Many guys continue to believe that masturbation is all about ejaculation. Every man adores the spectacular sensations and the visuals of shooting your semen from your penis with an orgasm. However, if you wish to explore the potentials for limitless bliss beyond that dazzling experience, you must consciously re-train yourself.

Every time I masturbate, I seek to return to Square One and begin learning how, all over again! In truth, apart from cultural conditioning and control, the only spiritual path most men naturally grasp is worship of your own Living Phallus and those of your fellow men.

asturbate naked in Nature and directly connect with your animal self, your authentic embodiment. Do this near a waterfall, where water drops vertically from above, so the Axis Mundi or world axis can be experienced. Do this kind of ceremony of self-pleasure as an act of self-love to enhance your personal growth and expand your conscious awareness!

(Images of Jonah by his permission,

and MenJustMen images by permission of Jim Wilkinson)

Jonah Wheeler is a handsome young fellow who has been making it big in the world of gay porn. He is not only attractive. Something I like about Jonah is that I can see on his face while his penis is being stimulated, that he profoundly FEELS the bliss!

Of course, he is a hard-working young man these days, though Jonah has figured out how to combine pleasure with business.

Jonah loves the attention! Yes, he does love to show off! Jonah gave me his permission to share his images here and those from Jim Wilkinson are marked MenJust Men.

(Find more images of Jonah Wheeler and other beautiful man here: Photography by Wilkinson: or at his Twitter )

See what I mean? Jonah loves the fact that YOU are looking at him, perhaps with avid appreciation. You can also see he is not acting, but truly enjoying his naked body!

He is not the only one who appreciates his naked body! For those of us who are a bit older than Jonah, it's great that some young men appreciate that older guys with more experience may employ extra skillful touch and enthusiasm for younger guys…

Anyway, this handsome and flexible young fellow clearly enjoys himself totally solo too!

To be quite honest, Jonah Wheeler is not the only lovely thing in the above photo! Consider: flowers are genitals in Kingdom Plantae! Or at least they are the reproductive organs…

The above images are stills from the three DVDs of the MINDFUL MASTURBATION FOR MEN TRILOGY. These productions were created from 2004 to 2009 to provide state-of-the-art instruction. They are also HOT bate fuel if you appreciate naked men, penises and male masturbation, including mutual masturbation and cock2cock frottage.

In these days of Internet streaming you may consider DVDs to be antiquated tech. I still appreciate the visual quality of these DVD productions which look great even on a large-monitor TV! They are still available by clicking either of the images above or HERE.

Likewise, don't miss on the actual experience of Phallic Brotherhood with our upcoming Full Moon Group Session guided by our beloved Handsome Young Russell. He is a skilled mindful masturbator, also a wise, kind, sensitive sweetheart of a beautiful man!

After you sign up for this upcoming session on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 11am PST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST, you will receive a Z00M link. You are welcome to come 15 minutes early and linger a bit after to share the Brotherhood. Sign up by clicking the image above or click HERE. Places available only until one hour before the event.

Our Brotherhood has experienced Self-Pleasure as Self-Love long enough to know that this is a transformational process.

The process of Male Erotic Alchemy can change your life for the better!

Much Love,


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5 commentaires

21 mai 2022

Yes indeed. I'm always amazed and uplifted whenever I get on to my favorite masturbation sites to see how many others just like me are on and masturbating. I read in a trade rag that such sites have had to significantly increase capacity over the last several years. The number of sessions and the duration of each session skyrocketed. It's become common for members to get on and masturbate multiple times a day and enjoy it longer. I've been able to integrate my edging and masturbation into my work day, having to work from home full time. Al day sessions is a regular thing now

24 mai 2022
En réponse à

The way it should be. A modern enlightened man has the ability to manage the stress and complexities of 21st Century life with pleasure and peace through mindful masturbation. Only a privileged few had the knowledge and time to do so throughout the ages.


15 mai 2022

Full moon bate (flower moon) Bate ritual tonight. I am so pleased you have embraced the full measure of phallic worship...


14 mai 2022

Wonderful! And nice to see so much of young, beautiful Jonah! (Thanks for that!) I love my penis! And I love myself because of it. The connection is spectacular! is a wonderful reminder to cherish the magnificent organ between our legs! Cheers, gentleman! MASTURBATE! A LOT!!

16 mai 2022
En réponse à

Indeed, I do masturbate a lot - a whole lot!

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