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Secrets of Male Erotic Alchemy

by Bruce P. Grether

Mindful Masturbation prepares you for even more powerful ecstatic practices that unleash the creative potency of your erotic energy, both to transform you and to produce desired changes in the world you live in. Of course, it also feels incredibly good!

Combined with Solo Sex Magick and Golden Phallus Yoga, this skill set is called Male Erotic Alchemy. The two young men below are my current proteges, now becoming Erotic Wizards in their own right.

This handsome fellow, Russell, AKA DragonPuppy III (above), and I, along with our beloved cohort Henry Meadows (below), are totally dedicated to encouraging Phallic Brotherhood as a natural and profound spiritual path for men. This Brotherhood is no abstraction or symbolic worship. Rather, it is a literal practice of pleasuring our penises and sharing this pleasure with fellow men. As such, it is a spiritual and Magickal practice any man can engage.

Guided Masturbation Group with Henry Meadows

Handsome Henry will facilitate the Guided Group Session LIVE on Monday, Sept. 20th, 9 am PST, 10 Mountain Time, 11 am CST, noon EST, USA. He's amazing! Sweet and erotically intense! He's a joy to watch and interact with. You can participate by joining HERE.

Your sexuality, other than being a human male, is not important here! All kinds of men around the world, of various ages and lifestyles--so long as you love your penis and can appreciate and admire the penises of other men--are most welcome to participate in this blissful community.

The Son and Father of All Things

' "The Son and Father of All Things" describes your relationship of intimate and familial connection with everything in existence. You and the Universe are both co-creative and self-creating at once. This is the essence of alchemical teachings, and the most powerful secret is that by means of your phallus, you create the world and the world creates you.'


Life is not primarily about suffering--though some suffering is inevitable in human existence--life is a mysterious wonder to celebrate, to enjoy playfully, to honor reverently, and also folic with ecstatic exuberance.

Your male human body is your Temple. Your Living Phallus is not merely an image of the Divine Source, it actually IS the Source. It parallels the erections of your fellow men. Ecstatic sensations your penis is capable of generating for you and sharing in Phallic Brotherhood with fellow men, are sacramental.

Your penis has transformational power. "This is not about changing you into something you are not, rather it is the return to your essential self, the core of who you have always been, without false additions." -- Ibid.

Regardless of your appearance, you are perfect exactly as you are, as are all men and all penises in existence are perfect. Yes, you are perfect, though shameless, guilt-free enjoyment of yourself and/or your fellows can render you even more wonderful!

Regardless of how you may identify yourself sexually along the complex spectrum from gay through bisexual to straight and other permutations, Phallic Brotherhood arises from self-love. If you genuinely love your male body and penis, you can appreciate the same about your fellow men without hesitation or doubt.

"Do not seek to fix or change yourself. Allow the intense, sustained, high quality ecstasy itself to do the work." -- Ibid.

The practice of Male Erotic Alchemy has the ability to bring together men of all kinds in Phallic Brotherhood. As we explore the Phallic Forest, an archetypal reality in which every tree is a huge erect penis, all men who love to masturbate can be Phallic Foresters.

This is Shaun W (above) who generously shares his beautiful body and magnificent penis with his fellow men on Twitter, and you can find him there: Shaun W.

Surely your highly evolved human male penis is among the most exquisite, gorgeous and glorious creations of the 13.8 billion years of evolving stardust and over 3.5 billion years of DNA evolving on Earth! Now in the 21st Century, as Male Erotic Alchemists, we are discovering its remarkable potentials are far beyond anything previously known!

This man is known as IsraeliNudist on Twitter, where he shares his gorgeous human body and his love for masturbation. Plus this handsome fellow is Vegan--the way to be! You can find him here: IsraeliNudist.

Mindful Massturbation performs the alchemical transformation of changing the mundane relief of sexual tension with a predictable and repetitive habit of "jerking-off" into an elegant and artful dance of loving yourself on the physical level. It is also conscious evolution: awakening!

In truth, mind and body are profoundly One, an awareness which the high erotic states available through Male Erotic Alchemy makes available to you. Your aroused penis thus acts as a kind of non-local antenna to detect the wavelengths of non-separation which Buddhists sometimes call "interbeing."

Regardless of the words we may use in attempts to describe these high erotic states, they transform the mundane into the magnificent and render our experience of human embodiment a remarkable gift, a privilege to relish and savor, and a great mystery beyond all mental categories.

Your penis is as unique as you are. There is no other biological organ like it in this Universe of stardust in the process of waking up into full embodied consciousness. Just as your face, your fingerprints and your DNA are unique to you, so is your Living Phallus! It is your primary instrument as a Male Erotic Alchemist. Your body is the vessel that you may choose to seal hermetically with semen retention until you choose the conscious ejaculation of an act of Solo Sex Magick to manifest an intention!

Young Russell Demonstrates

Mindful Masturbation Strokes (below):

Actually, you can employ a limitless variety of ways to touch your aroused penis with your fingers and hands…

…so try each of these practices please, with Young Russell, who has become an extremely skilled and dedicated mindful masturbator!

Don't neglect those male nipples on your chest, which are directly wired through your spine and nervous system in connection with your penis. Of course, it is not such a mystery what male nipples are for!

Sometimes the most delicate tangential touch makes your erection sing the Songs of the Stars…

…and also with plenty of that 100% pure organic coconut for lubrication, there is no end to sensation as your strokes sweep along your shaft upwards and off your glans into celestial realms!

Stimulate your penis and massage your balls simultaneously to fully activate the potentials of Male Erotic Alchemy!

Don't miss this wonderful event on Sept. 29th:

Dragon Puppy III's Circle of Men!

Last time we had sixteen marvelous men, many of whom ejaculated for the Full Moon! Young Russel will guide and facilitate a LIVE, interactive Masturbation Group Session on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 11am PST/ 2pm EST. This is a "see and be seen" event!" Tickets are $10 each and you can get them by clicking the image above or click HERE.

This book has changed the lives of many men, including Blue Tyger, Young Russell, Henry Meadows and mine also! It can take you deeper into your authentic being as an embodied human male and higher than you have ever been before. So--what are you waiting for? You can get it by clicking above or HERE.

Recently, Men's Coach and Writer Gonzalo Salinas interviewed me on this subject on his podcast, "Conversations about Men." Watch the YouTube by clicking above or click HERE!

Our Phallic Brotherhood aligns us with our animal nature and with Nature itself, which is one reason I am so fond of the Great God Pan, the Woodland God, sometimes called the King of Satyrs:


by Kenneth Grahame

Lest the awe should dwell—

And turn your frolic to fret—

You shall look on my power at the helping hour—

But then you shall forget!

Lest limbs be reddened and rent—

I spring the trap that is set—

As I loose the snare you may glimpse me there—

For surely you shall forget!

Helper and healer, I cheer—

Small waifs in the woodland wet—

Strays I find in it, wounds I bind in it—

Bidding them all forget!


Much Love,


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Nov 08, 2021

rivers find the sea

because it’s lower than they

in humility


Sep 25, 2021

Such words of wisdom. I truely appreciate the knowledge and experience of older mentors. Has helped me become the avid masturbator I am today.

Oct 25, 2021
Replying to

I think it is wonderful and selfless of you to have turned something you so needed but missed while growing up into something positive, helping and mentoring others in their youth. By helping others improve and embrace masturbate, nurture their pleasure and grow their desire for it, in a way, you relive your dreams through them. Knowing others have become highly masturbatory and ejaculatory at your hands is its own reward.


Sep 20, 2021

Riding the wand is like climbing a hill to the top and staying there awhile, feeling waves of pleasure ebb and flow, and noticing that life can be paradise with the mind and ego on hold.

Sep 21, 2021
Replying to

So good!


Unknown member
Sep 20, 2021

Bought it agin for a second reading


Hugh Russell
Hugh Russell
Sep 19, 2021

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