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S.M.I.L.E. = Start My Internal Love Engine*

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

by Bruce P. Grether

(*This phrase is often used by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin.)

Your penis is not a sexual organ, but an organ of Love! You may be accustomed to associate your heart with the "emotions" of Love. Still, Love is far more than romantic feelings and attachments to who or whatever you adore. Your penis is truly an organ of Love, only that Love originates within you.

Love has something to do with connection! In the oldest Greek myth, Uranus is the Sky God, the Prince of Stars, and the Stars dance around him. As such, he is the male principle of the Universe, not in terms of male dominance such as we now suffer, but of virile male energy.

When you "Start My Inner Love Engine" a S.M.I.L.E. appears on your face. This is also the basis of Phallic Brotherhood, in which any man, regardless of how he identifies his sexuality, may enjoy not only his own erection, but the erect penises of his fellow men!

Uranus is eldest among the male Greek deities, and he became the progenitor of all of Gaia's Children for all generations. Men of today can benefit from the wisdom of our erotically-charged elders! And older men often enjoy the stimulation of the erotic energy of younger men

You are likely to S.M.I.L.E. when you truly feel your Internal Love Engine active, which is likely to stir your penis to arousal. Your erection flourishes, asking for attention.

A significant aspect of Male Erotic Alchemy, the ability to transform the realities you experience deliberately with your erotic energy, is "As Within, So Without."

The qualities of your internal awareness and experience are also expressed externally. When you love yourself in terms of acceptance, lack of shame and guilt, this manifests visibly in your body and when you S.M.I.L.E. to your surroundings!

See how the young man above has reached a sufficient level of erotic stimulation that his testes have climbed up against the base of his magnificent shaft as if seeking to shift inside his body? The fact he S.M.I.L.E.s reflects this…

The state of the human penis reflects and echoes the cycle of the Moon, which ceaselessly comes and goes and ebbs and flows. The penis can be enjoyed in every state, from soft to hugely rigid. Soft penis stimulation is powerful!

Your pure penis pleasure can be fully enjoyed solo, and no less in company. Another step is to share masturbating mindfully with a fellow man.

What is more delightful than the feel of a Phallic Brother's hot and engorged erection in your hand? What is more marvelous than the sound he makes?

To the extent that the men of Planet Earth engage in genuine, hands-on Phallic Brotherhood, male dominance may become male sharing. World Peace may be possible to forge!

Men of every shape and size and age and color may be engaged to share!

Indeed, not only manual stimulation of the aroused penis can communicate between your Internal Love Engines, but the actual contact of penis-to-penis is profound and a form of Brotherly Love Beyond Words.

What some call "sword fighting" becomes the delightful and peaceful bumping together of batons…

The shape and size of male organs varies endlessly. Still, the essential intention and purpose of the design reveals itself as increasingly universal, the more it is admired and shared among men!

This exquisite young man displays pretty much everything he has externally, but his S.M.I.L.E. reveals that he is loving himself internally, as well. Feels grrrreat, doesn't it???

Our coverboy from the web-friendly meme and the top of the page is revealed here as being extremely well-endowed. Is this an unmodified photo? We all know that placement of the camera low and directly in front enhances apparent penis size. Regardless, his Internal Love Engine appears to be activated full blast!

When you tell yourself "S.M.I.L.E.," your human nature becomes better aligned with Nature itself. See the image of this lovely man reclined upon a log in the forest? The log that hangs between his legs is pretty much at half-mast or less. To be enjoyed in all of its endlessly changing conditions, by your Internal Love Engine…

Russell and I really appreciate your support! We can use a lot more to help keep our Mission of Phallic Brotherhood going. Please join the OnlyFans Page, where we now have over 50 hours of spectacular content to inspire and encourage you! Or simply DONATE!

This is the latest video I've posted on the OF page, a classic video edited by multi-talented Russell!

The next Full Moon Guided Group Masturbation Session on Z00M will occur on May 5th at 11 am PST, 1 pm CST, 2 pm EST USA. Following the hiatus in April, the Mindful Masturbation and Sex Magick of our Phallic Brotherhood will be extremely intense! Click images above or below to SIGN UP!

Handsome Young Russell will host this event! Don't miss it!

Meanwhile, say to yourself, "Start My Internal Love Engine," or S.M.I.L.E. and go!!!

Much Brotherly Love,


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Jun 01, 2023

Start My Internal Love Engine," or S.M.I.L.E.



Apr 13, 2023

This made me wet. The whole thing, especially those photos of the object of my sexual focus and passion, the cock. Thank you for such a stimulating read!!

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Apr 13, 2023
Replying to

Brother! I am so pleased this made you moist! Apparently I succeeded in my intent! Peace & Much Brotherly Love, Bruce

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