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Pure Penis Pleasure is Regenerative!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

During these strange times it is easy to slip into stress and fear; it is crucial to take good care of yourself in terms of personal safety as well as respect for the safety of others. However, men who are devoted to self-pleasure anyway begin this shift to new paradigms at an advantage. Of course, for now, it is wise now to practice social distancing and self-isolation from the general public at large, and the silver lining may be easier to recognize for men already dedicated to masturbation as a primary spiritual practice. The best approach…

This is a great opportunity to pay full attention to the remarkable equipment that you

possess simply by virtue of being a human male with a penis. How much attention do you give to full awareness of the fact that your penis is the living embodiment of your own origins as a human being? The seed that was planted and then grew to become your male human body emerged from an erect phallus, and its crucial component of sperm formed in a pair of human testicles, those ovoid object pouched in a soft sac of scrotal skin.

Though I often suggest too much focus on porn for stimulus may take you "out of body" when it's also a good idea to fully explore being "in your body," consider how the young man above might be able to video conference with the more mature gent below. They may be able to safely and effectively share their arousal to their mutual benefit during self-isolation! This is a great use for the Internet unforeseen by its pioneers. Now men all over the planet can effectively "break the fourth wall" of their isolation by actually masturbating while observing one another for bate fuel and to inspire new tweaks of practice!

Consider the magnificence of your male human body that is so easy to overlook in these times of distracting media: texting, surfing the Net, seeking out the latest news and updates on what is truly happening. You know what is most true? What is undeniably happening? You have a magnificent, mysteriously powerful organ rooted deep between your legs! It can not only help you to boost your immune system with proper attention, but benefits your health in many ways. It provides you with well-being, the sense of feeling totally alive, and a natural spiritual path for personal growth and self-realization.

This is genuine manhood: the kind of deeply happy smile on the face of the man above, a man who regularly experiences the regenerative power of masturbating his beautiful penis. Such dedication and focus on pure penis pleasure for its own sake actually makes him a happier, more fulfilled man, more satisfied with his existence regardless of other external circumstances.

To fully embrace the glorious and magnificent power of Mindful Masturbation, and because it simply feels so good you don't want it to ever stop, "Ride the Edge" or practice semen retention, the place where masturbation become particularly regenerative. This way you retain the marvelous mixture of pleasure-reward brain chemicals and hormones that you generate "endogenously," meaning "within your body," rather than riding the roller-coaster of frequent ejaculation. When you ejaculate often, stress chemical such as adrenaline and cortisol easily return and bring you down. Instead, why not stay high on penis?

When you give yourself permission to constantly explore the deeper and higher potentials of self-pleasure as a practice of loving yourself better and better all the time, you discover that there truly are numberless strategies for generating mind-melting states of pure penis pleasure unlike anything you may have experienced before. Surrender to this process is the best way to eliminate any lingering traces of shame or inhibition you learned growing up.

This is truly what your male human body is designed for: its development and refinement over millions of years of evolution includes numberless male Ancestors whose attention to their own penises--when they had that luxury--contributed to the remarkable design and function of the organ that comes alive in your hands. At the same time, seldom before the 21st Century Man you are now, have you and your Phallic Brothers all over the planet enjoyed this luxury, to push all boundaries, to explore beyond previous frontiers of erotic potential. This, NOW, is the genuine Sexual Revolution the world needs!

You and your Phallic Brothers of Planet Earth now have this opportunity… to make use of the unexpected mandate to self-isolate and practice social distancing in order to develop and refine your regular practice of masturbation to extraordinary new levels. This is why I offer the contents of the Erotic Engineering site, with ten FREE coaching videos, plus the Twitter feed with many FREE videos, plus the option of personal coaching with me. When you pay for my coaching, it supports this Mission to inspire and encourage global Phallic Brotherhood, and it may also help you to explore and inhabit regions of bliss you've never before experienced!

Take pride in how much you adore your penis, your love for masturbation, and being a human male! The trendy denouncement of the "patriarchy" is justified, for the male dominant culture does NOT represent genuine maleness or manliness. To truly be an authentic man is a fantastic mixture of qualities of strength, toughness, sensitivity, generosity, kindness, sweetness, caring, and self-nurture, as well as taking care of others the best you can.

Though you may feel confined indoors a great deal during these strange times, when possible, go outside into natural places where you can still maintain safe social distance. Like this beautiful young man in my homeland of Thailand, where I spent my first 15 years… if possible, enjoy your nakedness and arousal outdoors. I do encourage you to try out semen retention. The ongoing benefits of keeping semen in your body while you may enjoy dry orgasms, multiple dry orgasms, and prolonged orgasmic states without losing your erection… this provides you with increase stability, energy, serenity and alertness.

Obviously every man also enjoys ejaculatory orgasm; there's nothing wrong with that, either. Now and then, just let go of all control and allow that seed to fly, or ooze, or pour. It's all good. I often say all male masturbation is good, so long as it doesn't reinforce guilt or shame. The most common reason is simply that it feels so indescribably delicious, and now remember that in truth it's regenerative. Not only good for you: pure penis pleasure is a process that allows you to constantly re-create yourself.

Look into this man's eyes and you can actually SEE the benefits of being a happy masturbator--he's healthy, and at home in his body. The regenerative benefits of pure penis pleasure are visible here!

All my love and blessing to you! ~ Bruce

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Mar 04, 2021

Once again - a perfect message! Shout it from the rooftops!


Jun 02, 2020

Thanks, Trevor for inviting me to talk on yahoo. It's true I'm an avid cock-worshiper, but there's nothing I can say that Bruce doesn't say better. I appreciate your comments on these pages and am looking forward to reading them often while I worship at the temple between my legs.


Jun 01, 2020

I really like comments from Bill Bliss. Though we may be far apart in age, we are alike in our thinking and appreciation of what truely matters at the center of our spirits, cock worship and pleasure. I'm on yahoo Bill if you want to talk more.


Apr 08, 2020

Thanks Bruce. Your wisdom and masturbation message is needed now more than ever.

Masturbation has become more important than ever r Though he always supported my hobby, he was never an avid masturbator like me, but he has had to embrace masturbation now. After a few weeks of masturbating, he has learned to enjoy it. Loves is actually and is ejaculating a lot more com because of it. I think this whole quarentene thing has helped his sexual growth and health. You too can put this time to use nurturing your cock pleasure and ejaculatory capacity. This is a time when even the most ardent deniers of self-pleasure must make exception. It's just not possible to hang out and pick up sex partners…


Apr 05, 2020

I feel so alive! I've just spent two hours edging and using kegels to pull the orgasm energy into my body. Every cell is tingling. I can't sit still. The boundary between my body and the rest of the planet feels so thin that I could easily expand into the whole Earth.

Abracadabra. The erect male organ is the real magic wand!

Thank you Bruce and all our jack-off brothers, Together, we are raising awareness with our cock worship.

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