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Practice Self-Pleasure as a Fine Art…

by Bruce P. Grether

Millions of men on Planet Earth are masturbating at this very moment! Only, consider: how many of these men practice Self-Pleasure as a Fine Art? Well, I know some! After Cam's session detailed below, see Brazilian soccer player Greg Gobatto in action, plus a look at "Autofellatio as Creation of the World," inspired by an Egyptian Creation myth!

I am extremely grateful for Cameron Gordon, whose practice develops swiftly because he does as ecosex guru Annie Sprinkle suggests: "Practice! Practice! Practice!" His latest session (Part 1) is detailed below in a series of images with my commentary. Only first, let me pay tribute to four remarkable Erotic Wizards on our team!

Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III, Henry Meadows, Alasdair and Nico all bring their various flavors of passion to this Phallic Brotherhood Mission! Check out the many hours of videos featuring my Phallic Brothers (and in some cases, me!) to inspire and encourage you in your own practice of Self-Pleasure as a Fine Art. Find such videos HERE or click the above images.

Cam Gordon's Session, Part 1…

Clearly this young man has everything it takes for this Fine Art! I not only refer to his glorious physical body, but also to his intelligence, his relaxed sanity, his passion for spiritual quest and for exploring the possibilities of consciousness.

Since I did a formal coaching for him at his request on his birthday, Cam continues to practice. He truly understands the scientific and medical potentials for neuroplasticity, for rewiring the nervous system and brain via Mindful Masturbation.

Aroused, he applies lubrication for the dual reasons of enhancing sensation and protecting that precious territory of delicate ultra-sensitive skin on his penis.

It's such a delight to see the enjoyment register on this young man's handsome face as he begins the lubricated stroking of that magnificent male organ.

While Cam generates pure penis pleasure in that magnificent male body with forever-increasing skill, every man in the world who opens his heart to the mysteries of non-separation feels his bliss as well.

For this latest session I told him I would not offer many instructions. He had been focused on stroking his penis with his left hand, so this time I suggested he bring in both hands.

There is certainly no right and wrong involved! It is all about self-awareness, paying close attention to what you are doing, to your ongoing ecstasy. Each time you consider a pleasure tactic and re-direct yourself, with that mindfulness, neuroplasticity kicks in.

Cam's huge manly balls are drawing up closer to the base of the shaft of his penis, a sign of increasing arousal. This encourages the production of sperm cells within those testes. Artful erotic stimulation is part of healthy-self-care.

However, just as healthy organic food, purified water, clean air, balanced forms of exercise, good periods of rest and adequate sleep are all better for you than there alternatives, so the quality of erotic pleasure you provide yourself is key!

However beautiful porn imagery may seem, when you retrain yourself to masturbate mindfully, nothing can prove more stimulating, exciting, deeply thrilling, enriching, transformational than your own body; become your own best lover!

Don't merely masturbate! Make love with yourself with creative abandon and variety! See how Cam explores the "Expressway Y" practice of frenulum stimulation combined with tweaking his nipples?

To help both brain hemispheres come into play and possibly double your pleasure, bring in the other hand on your penis as Cam does here.

I love to see your eyes roll up into your head with your blissful sensations! Now and then I suggest you take a deep breath again… the sensations build and swarm through your body like bees humming in a hive!

Is that a touch of helplessness, or surrender in your gaze? Grip that shaft firmly and just squeeze, rather than stroke it.

Al;low the fleshy obelisk of your engoprged shaft to connect Earth and Sky; the Holy Phallus of Get, the Lord of Earth, aims up at the starry zenith of the Company of Heaven!

What a marvel to see you gasp and cry out softly, a whimper of surrender to the possibilities of bliss!

Look deep within you, to where all you view as outside of your body is the same. (Part 2 of the great session concludes in the next blog with spectacular ejaculations!)

You can find Cam via his Bateworld ID "WILL2STRETCH" on BW, and tell him I said "Hi!"

(Photos used by permission)

This handsome fellow lives ion Brazil, loves soccer, and yet there's more to him, as you can see below. If you wish to contact him or see more photos, you can find him on Twitter. Click back there, or on the above photo.

Remember, the lingo in Brazil is Portuguese, not Spanish. I don't really know either language, so I use an online translator. "Você tem um pênis muito bonito, Irmão!" means, "You have a very nice penis, Brother!"

Fortunately for us, Greg is enough of an exhibitionist that he likes to be witnessed in his activities of self-pleasure, among other things he likes to do!

He switches to backhand for a few moments. Though I have not coached him in the mindful practice, you can mindfully observe the nuances of his eyes and face as he's feeling this…

Greg's lower lip pushes out slightly here, while his gaze remains steadily engaged with yours. Also note subtle shifts of his abdomen and ribcage with the intensity of his sensations.

While the head of his penis is clasped within his fist, the head on his shoulders remains cradled on his left hand behind it. His hairy balls climb up seek to enter his body.

Greg takes in a gasp of air. Not only his gaped mouth tells you this, but also the slight smoothing out of the crinkles above his navel, and a slight lift of his pectoral planes.

As those testicles gripped in his tight scrotum testify, Greg is close to ejaculation. He not only gasps; his eyes roll up in his head with the potency of pure penis pleasure.

Eyes flare open again in that handsome, bearded face. Though they still seek you out, now there is a touch of that sweet helplessness in his gaze, which overcomes a man's expression in his extremis!

The Golden Acorn!

Autofellatio as a Sacred Act of Creating the World!

Do not try to accomplish this, unless you can already do it, or come very close to it. Men often assume that penis-size is the key. That is not the case--though some length helps. The main requirement is extreme flexibility overall. It does help to be slender and do a lot of Yoga.

In the "Helopolitan Creation Story" of Ancient Egypt, the god Atum, the Complete One, Lord of the Primordial Mound appears as the spirit of the first distinct "thing" in nothingness of the chaotic void before Time. His mound is soil in the wake of the receding annual flood of the Nile. In order to avoid dissolving back into nothing, Atum masturbates to maintain his existence.

This is a myth I began to understand in the 1980s whenI had my own apartment for the first time. With some effort, I could accomplish this act, on my back with legs up on the wall. But I was not so flexible as this fellow appears, and it was never all that comfortable.

Still, admittedly it was very exciting to be able to do this at all! For most men, it's best to just observe that minority of men who can do this, and imagine how incredible it feels! I urge safety over adventure in this matter… take care of your back and neck!

This man is doing as Atum did when his arousal grew extreme enough that he felt he was about to explode. He bent over, realizing that it would feel truly incredible to take the head of his penis in his own mouth, so he did it!

The Complete One, Atum, nursed at the Prime Source of All Life. Nothing was missing, everything was present; all possibilities dwelt in the plenum within him. His sucking on his own engorged phallus stirred the deepest possible reaction from within him.

His seed erupted into his own mouth: milky, thick, sweet and slick. This was a profoundly fertile moment at the Beginning of Time, so from Atum's seed were born his first two children, the first gods. They gave rise to all the rest. See how the eyes of the man enacting this mystery gaze out in wonder, awe, incomprehension at the ultimate act?

This is what it feels like to create an entire world! Your indescribably sweet and powerful sensations create the world that you exist in--the world you are!

This creative, transformational bliss cannot be described in words. See how this man pushes himself beyond again, with employment of his semen as lubrication. He is not ready for the creative magnificence to end.

That urge to continue to stroke with the matchless lube of your semen is irresistible now!

See the somewhat baffled expression of wonderment and awe at the mysterious power you feel, which you have generated with your own hands and penis and mouth and brain!

The next Guided Full Moon Group Masturbation Session via Z00M is speeding your way like that train on its way to Howard's Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Sunday Feb 5th at 11am PST/ 12pm MST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST, USA. Come 15 minutes early and stay a bit late for fellowship. Here is where you can SIGN UP!

We can seriously use your support, when you join the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans Page. You can use the highest quality male masturbation encouragement available online on Planet Earth! Russell and I have worked hard for three years creating this content!

Many guys seem to assume we do this just for fun. We love it, but it is part of our livelihood! Please send us a DONATION. Look for "I want to help." We truly need your support to encourage us to continue.

Infinite Penis Blessings to YOU, our Phallic Brother!

Much Love,


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Jun 19, 2023

I keep re-reading the opening sentence, "Millions of men on Planet Earth are masturbating at this very moment!"

Such a beautiful and hot thought to ponder!


Feb 10, 2023

pull down your pants

spread your legs stroke your cock

enter paradise

Jun 13, 2023
Replying to

Sometimes the best advice is simple. I literally searched all over for fulfillment only discover the secret was right there between my legs.


Feb 01, 2023

The encouragement to practice this art from experts like you and Annie is very meaningful for me. I know the practice you both speak of is a commitment to a mindful disciplined process of learning about ourselves and our bodies in a way that continues to help us become better versions of ourselves as well as to experience more pleasure.

As I have stated before, it took me many years to finally be able to experience multiple dry orgasms at will. I always had viewed it as the end game. Never did I envision that by continuing to masturbate daily for extended periods of time, that the pleasure would continue to increase. The continued practice and dedication to mindful masturbat…

May 30, 2023
Replying to

Very well said


Jan 31, 2023

For me, mindful self-pleasure generates pure penile pleasure, or erotic energy. What we do with that energy is what makes it art.

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Jan 31, 2023
Replying to

Excellent!!! - BPG


Jan 30, 2023

It's wonderful to be your own lover! Making love with myself is the best sex I've had in my life. Pure penis pleasure! Nothing like it. Loved the autofellatio pics! That gift is a personal goal. Perhaps one day ... Practice, practice, practice! Enjoyable blog, as always.

May 30, 2023
Replying to

Chuck, my experience is the same - "making love with myself is the best sex I've had in my life". It simply is unbelievable.

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