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Powers of Your Glans Penis!

Updated: Apr 16

by Bruce P. Grether

The Latin "glans" means "acorn." The anatomical term for the head of your penis is your "glans penis" because of the similar shape. The similarity does not stop there!!! Far from it…

…rather, the head of your penis can act as a kind of Cosmic Gateway. Grasp its power, both literally and figuratively! In Male Erotic Alchemy, we employ the mental and visual image of the Golden Acorn in order to create a container for our Sex Magick.

This principle is well understood by the handsome young man I call the Erotic Wizard of the Far East, Mr. Henry Meadows. Not only is he devastatingly good-looking, he is also brilliant and wise, and adept in various matters, such as languages, Mindful Masturbation, Sex Magick, and Skateboarding.

As you can see, though Henry is blessed with an intact foreskin, visible in the right hand image, the middle image shows the glorious form and radiant sensitivity of his glans penis!

Several years ago, I began to train Mr. Meadows in the practices that our Phallic Brotherhood encourages. To see far more of him, and to share the practices with him, click on the image above or HERE.

This delicious GIF reveals Henry engaged in what I call "Backhand Pebble-in-a-Stream." He stimulates the rim of his glans penis in such a manner that he gasps, his mouth dropping slightly open!

During pure penis pleasure the glorious joy of simply being alive, the indescribably delicious ecstasy that emanates all through your body, your mind, your being, your soul, is all that exists. It is everything you can possibly need!

This bliss can be playful, joyful, even solemn or humorous…

…and it can be shared between older men as mentors and younger proteges!

Masturbatory sharing can act as a Phallic Brotherhood Initiation, and can avoid the dominance/submission imbalances of the standard queer sex hunt! Empowerment to generate optimal penis pleasure and share it becomes something extremely pure and innocent!

This handsome young fellow is happy to show you around some old-growth Oak Forests in the UK and explain why they have survived there, where so much terrain is deforested. Click the title directly above or his hand to view the YouTube.

You have, literally in hand, everything required to heal the planet…

…as the Egyptian Creation myth of Ra-Atum, Lord of the Primordial Mound indicates, with your male body to connect your hand with your heart through stimulation of your erection, you create your world!

The Golden Acorn of your Glans Penis can be used as a simple image to contain the intention of your Sex Magick, an image to hold through your ejaculatory orgasm after you have cultivated prolonged, high levels of ecstasy.

Carry this awareness of the immense power between your legs, the natural power to plant a Phallic Forest of Brotherhood worldwide, in public clothed and in private naked and aroused…

…this Brotherhood helps to create peace within you and on Planet Earth!

Never underestimate or trivialize the Natural Magick, the Male Erotic Alchemy that become possible when you comprehend that ALL Real Magick is Sex Magick.

Quite often I say that masturbation is not better than other forms of erotic pleasure with partners, yet simultaneously it's important to also keep aware that self-pleasure is not lesser in any way. Self-pleasure has many special virtues, as without the distraction of performing for anyone else, or self-consciousness about anyone's judgment, your focus can stay on yourself, your own practice, your supreme bliss beyond understanding!

Anywhere you go, your body is autonomous like an automobile…

…you go with your body everywhere. It goes with you. Throughout the year! And during the (in truth pagan!) Festival of Yule, the decorated Tree also represents the Tree of Life, which in truth stands between your legs!

Though a modern tradition may employ evergreens, or artificial trees, your erect penis is in truth the archetypal image of a mighty Oak Tree, image of the Green Man, whose head is actually an acorn that propagates the entire Phallic Forest.

Don'r hesitate to reach out to your Phallic Brother…

…or to embrace the highest and deepest potentials you can explore solo.

(Click image above to see the actual novel…)

John Nathaniel Perch, the main POV character in my novel THE PURCHASING MOTHER'S SON, loves to masturbate. John's story is not primarily that of a "gay" man, though he begins as solosexual. Later in the narrative he does cultivate his erotic energy to high levels with the help of an eager young man, in order to accomplish powerful Sex Magick.

The Golden Acorn of your Glans Penis also corresponds with the Lunar Orb in many ways. The head of your male organ is roughly spherical, and for intact men, when the foreskin covers the head or gets fully withdrawn from it--a pleasurable process in itself-this likewise echoes the Dark Moon or New Moon, and then the Full phase of the Lunar Cycle.

Just as your male sex organ frequently waxes and wanes in terms of size and textures, the Moon is forever changing and moving through its cycles. My Apprentice Erotic Wizard Russell has been in training for over three years and now practices Golden Phallus Yoga as he listens deeply to his Glans Penis. His intelligence, many talents, personal sweetness and profound inner wisdom all contribute greatly to our shared Mission of Phallic Brotherhood.

New Moon Group Lesson on Z00M: December 12th, 2023!

Handsome Young Russell offers for the first time, a group lesson in Mindful Masturbation as the groundwork for Male Erotic Alchemy. This LIVE Session adds a great experiential bookend to the monthly FullMoon Guided Session. Coming Soon: Dec. 12th, 1-2:30 pm CST. Sign up by clicking the above image or HERE!

Erotic Wizards of the Brotherhood!

Help us to plant a Phallic Forest to spread over the surface of our endangered planet and bring lasting Peace on Earth for a Green and non-violent future for generations to come!

Much Brotherly Love,


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Dec 13, 2023

Mmmm, lovely name, Backhand Pebble-in-a-Stream! This stroke makes full use of the Tiger's Mouth, the web of skin between thumb and forefinger. I am currently working, following Bruce's suggestion, on a totemic - root to tip rather than quincunx - correspondence of The Five Elements. Following the Generative sequence of the Elements, the "neck" of the phallus becomes associated with the Element of Fire. And the dorsal region, the corona and coronal sulcus, the relative Yang aspect. Applying a Transporting Points schema, this dorsal - top of the penis - region becomes a Water point. All this simply says, I find that Backhand Pebble-in-a-Stream is a wonderfully generative stroke for Rigid erection.


Dec 09, 2023

Thank you so much, Bruce, for your newsletters. They are always inspirational. You have gathered all men together in this important endeavor of community building around masculine values.

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