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Planetary Penis Pleasure!

Everything you are, including your extraordinary capacity for pure penis pleasure, is a direct product of this planet and the Universe it is part of. You are a Child of Earth, and you are Stardust. Your penis connects you with everything that exists. That is its purpose!

Your spectacularly attuned penis, your miraculous human body, your powerful beating heart, your incredible mind, that mysterious essence you call your spirit or soul--all are part of this Earth as much as its axis of spin, its spherical form, its swirled white clouds, its mountains, its rivers, forests, the blue oceans: everything terrestrial.

Your maleness itself--as an embodied human animal--specifically your penis and your balls, are a direct inheritance from numberless Male Ancestors that stretch back before you in time through primate evolution, mammalian evolution, vertebrate evolution, and before. Now as a 21st Century man, you are able to celebrate your genitals and their capabilities as men have seldom been able to in prior times. More and more men now realize this…

Attention to this male organ as you gaze upon it with a distinct wonder and amazement reinforces the selective pressures of evolutionary process as your male ancestors gazed upon their own penises and those of their fellow men. Giving attention--visual, mental, and tactile--to this organ has modified it over many millennia, even millions of years into the Planetary Penis you enjoy today! Its sensory capacities are totally unprecedented!

Not only the size and form of your penis, but its functional ability to generate life-enhancing, nourishing sensations for you, are all spectacular evolutionary achievements! As a man of today's world, your penis has evolved into a source of beneficial, even therapeutic altered states of awareness that you can produce endogenously. This word means "within your own body," meaning it does not rely upon ingesting or internalizing anything from beyond your surface.

Buddhism, the primary source of mindfulness teachings, indicates that suffering is an inevitable part of human existence, which is precisely why the mindful activation of pure penis pleasure serves such an important purpose, as a means to put suffering into perspective and allow you to be present and move forward in healthy happiness and joy.

To mindfully stimulate your engorged and aroused penis while involving your activated balls and possibly also stimulating your swollen prostate gland at the same time, sets up a tremendous intensity of beneficial feedback loops in your nervous system between pleasure-receptor nerves and your brain, hence your entire body/mind continuum. Such mindful practice actually wires in new neural pathways!

While you may have begun to discover these possibilities from an early age, most men fall into a fixed pattern of masturbatory habits during their teens, and their practice seldom changes much after that. For this reason, the adoption of a creative Mindful Masturbation practice can revolutionize both your erotic sensations, and your life itself.

A special nonverbal message (above) communicates from the eyes and face of a many who fully embraces his power of self-pleasure without shame or guilt, who cherishes his penis and its sensations as much as anything in his existence! Is this message of contentment and self-appreciation the one that you transmit to those who look into your eyes?

At this time on Planet Earth, your individual human awareness has expanded to a global scope. Your pure penis pleasure also becomes planetary in order to help you to maintain a balanced and sane perspective.

Thus the appreciative contemplation of your own aroused penis becomes equivalent to the appreciation of the Earth itself, of humanity, of your Phallic Brothers all over the world, and even of those Male Ancestors whose magnificent penises led to your penis.

Your Planetary Penis is not just an organ of selfish individual enjoyment, but a means of potent attitude adjustment. Its effects transform you, and also ripple outward to be felt by your Phallic Brothers, by all other humans, and ultimately by the entire planetary biosphere.

Your Planetary Penis is an organ of self-love that helps you to be happier and hence to love others in a healthier, more balanced manner. While you may choose to ejaculate often during your early adulthood, even young men can benefit from learning to generate longer and higher sessions of masturbatory pleasure between ejaculations. To ejaculate less frequently helps you enjoy increasing amounts and increasing quality of self-pleasure.

Your Planetary Penis connects you with the element of Earth itself, which is composed entirely of those other elemental qualities--Water, Fire, Air, and Mind or Aether, as well as Earth itself. Those veins on the shaft of your penis are like rivers that feed the surging, tidal ocean of blood within its firm and spongy chambers. Its fiery heat lifts it with erection into the airy firmament in shapes of curvature like the arc of the heavens!

Your Planetary Penis makes possible the ongoing process of loving yourself better and better, as actual sensations, glorious, and forever improving in quality, allow you to expand beyond your individuality to connect with Phallic Brothers..

Your remarkable sensations dissolve boundaries of concept that may seem to separate you from such categories as ethnic identity, nationality, race, sexuality, and even other species. In reality, the sensations connect you. All Brothers are One in these sensations that allow you to feel connected with All Things. Person/Planet = 1.

Male masturbation was historically attacked in the early 1700s when a pamphlet titled ONANIA (etc., with many lurid subtitles!) appeared on the streets of London, to proclaim that masturbation was a deadly disease, which could ruin your life or even kill you! Only around the middle of the last century did accurate medical and scientific data begin to reverse that damage. Now we know ONANIA promoted the opposite of the truth!

Male masturbation is not only healthy, but beneficial and regenerative on many levels. The shameless and guilt-free regular practice of masturbation enhances your well-being and encourages personal growth. Many men are now discovering that Mindful Masturbation is also a profound and powerful spiritual practice regardless of cultural superstitions or religious beliefs that may cloud the issue.

Today's men are in the process of reclaiming the authentic and effective power of deliberate and purposeful self-stimulation of the penis, which can actually replace belief systems that make no real sense when you follow the science and practice common sense.

For the very reasons that male masturbation provides such a powerful and effective tool for personal growth, empowerment and expanded awareness, the practice still attracts some lingering opposition. Male genitals remain tabooed from public display in most circumstances, globally, even more the penis in a state of erection, or being stimulated manually. In truth, joyful masturbation is the very medicine male humans need most!

To take pride in your penis and openly proclaim your special appreciation for masturbation remains frontier territory. If you do these things, you are a true Penis Pioneer and your attitude and activity benefits everyone in the direction of honesty and sanity.

Phallic Brotherhood, of men sharing your appreciation and enthusiasm for your own penis, for those of fellow men, for sharing the activity of male masturbation as a primary practice, allows you to serve the greater good.

Many men of all varieties of sexuality can enjoy masturbation shared with other men, especially in a context where the focus remains on the aroused penis and masturbation by agreement not to engage in more invasive activities. With such trustworthy Phallic Brotherhood, you can depend on yourself and on your fellows.

Alchemical traditions from the ancient past are actually about transforming your human experience from the mundane to the magnificent. The deepest and most profound alchemical mystery is that the realities that appear to be outside of your body and within your body are actually One and the same: "As Within, So Without; As Without, So Within."

Your maleness, as the owner and operator of a human body with a penis, testicles and an anus, your maleness as such is merely your launchpad as an explorer of the Male Mysteries of expanded, higher states of consciousness above and beyond your so-called ordinary existence.

In mythology, the Great God Pan was always horny and forcing himself upon anyone or anything he could copulate with, until handsome young Hermes, who invented the practice, taught him to masturbate. After that, Pan became a mellower, yet erotically intense protector of creatures and the Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Similarly, with the specific embrace and celebration of male masturbation as a primary practice for enjoyment and the creation of joy, you actually practice a kind of active non-interference in the lives of others.

A preference for male masturbation and to share it in Original Innocence is not in fact isolation, rather it serves as a form of connection with the authentic humanity of others through identification with honesty and truth.

Further mysteries of the Divine Phallus remain to be explored together, such as the lunar qualities of the penis, how the head of the intact penis fully exposed echoes the Full Moon, and when covered by the foreskin the glans echoes the New Moon.

To embrace your Planetary Penis as a path of transformation through these strange times, is a mark of genuine wisdom, and a Return to the Garden also called Paradise.



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Aug 09, 2020

Wonderful insight and reflection. I absolutely agree that mindful practice wires in new neural pathways. I feel this personally as my sensation grows in its dynamics and intensity as time passes and I continue my practice. It becomes all encompassing and overwhelming, beyond my ability to control and beyond my desire to control. To give in and embrace the ride is pure ecstasy and energizes my every cell.


Aug 04, 2020

What jumped out at me early into this installment was about Buddhist teaching that suffering is an inevitable part of human existence. This is what makes me think that in some ways I have been practicing some mindful masturbation for years now. I found that when things have me real stressed out that a good masturbation session was a good way to not only relieve the stress but to also help me to see things with a different perspective that eases the taxing on my brain. This works so much better than a night at the bar where troubles might go away for the time that one is consuming alcohol but comes back with the same or stronger vigor whe…


Aug 03, 2020

Your natural state is naked, erect, and out of your head with ecstasy. In these moments, you're radiantly alive and touched by the divine - a demi-god.

When the erotic energy reaches your heart, may it catch fire. May lead transmute into gold. May all men love their brothers. This fire is sacred.


Aug 03, 2020

Love worshiping the penis God

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