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Phallic Brotherhood on Earth!

by Bruce P. Grether

These handsome young Erotic Wizards of the Far West actually met in the flesh for the first time recently, on a rainy day! I'd been suggesting for months they might want to get together. Witness their first meeting and the ecstatic initiation of their mutual masturbation. This new blog is mostly nonverbal! The story is carried mainly by photos…

Russell pulls up in his car. He spots Nico, who holds a selfie stick of his own, on the other side of the street.

Nico saunters forward with the grace of a dancer (which he is!) towards Russell, who is now on the same side of the street. They come together!

It's definitely historic, in terms of our Phallic Brotherhood Mission!

The guys embrace and the contact renders them radiant…

Indoors, they set up their tech for some recording…

They've stripped, though at first they lie together in briefs…

…which leads to some mutual fingering of one another's bulges…

…which increases the volume contained!

Those briefs are about to get lost!

Aroused, stroking, in that state we call Phallic Brotherhood!

Notice how Nico gazes at that magnificent pink penis that Russell manipulates and displays?

Russell's dazed gaze (above) diverts in the direction of Nico's erection!

For the first time that we see here, Russell reaches for Nico's soaring penis…

…and grips its lubricated thickness, as Nico is reaching across for Russell's.

A gleam of wonder and awe lights the eyes of these beautiful young men!

This kind of brotherly sharing is something all men deeply long for…

…regardless of how they label their sexuality in the eyes of others!

Men wish to be intimately witnessed and to share the kind of pure penis pleasure that only fellow men can literally grasp and grok!

[This is merely the beginning: much, much more of these guys sharing pure penis pleasure is on the way to you soon!!!]

Did you? Hopefully you are doing it now…

Originally I trained Russell in Mindful Masturbation. However, he has practiced now for almost three years. He brings a great deal of his own enthusiasm, artistry, sweetness, wisdom and kindness to his coaching! Contact him about setting up some coaching with via this EMAIL! Or click the above image for his Twitter page where you can DM him.

Nico is also a remarkable Mindful Masturbation coach, as well as a masseur and a sacred intimate! With a variety of trainings, he brings great passion and skill to this work. He can help you to take your self-love to new levels in a healthy manner. Email him about this HERE! Or click the above image for his Twitter page where you can DM him.

Sending You Limitless Brotherly Love,


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