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Phallic Brotherhood Forever!

by Bruce P. Grether

My gratitude beyond words embraces these two sweet and beautiful young men! Both are worthy of the title of Erotic Wizard. They bless me as collaborators in the Phallic Brotherhood Mission. The Mission is not mine, or theirs, but OURS in an arms-wide-open invitation that includes every man reading this! This blog is even more erotic and non-verbal, but first…

Benefit from contacting Handsome Young Nico. He is a superb Mindful Masturbation Coach, a Sacred Intimate, and a fine Masseur trained in many modes. Direct Message Nico on Twitter by clicking the above image, or HERE. Or contact him via EMAIL. Nico is kind, beautiful, has a generous spirit, and great erotic skills.

Handsome Young Russell is totally amazing! A fine Mindful Masturbation Coach, after over three years of training by me. My collaborator on Erotic Engineering, the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page, and Monthly Full Moon Group Masturbation Session via Z00M. What a gift to contact and connect with him! You deserve no less and can DM him on Twitter with a click on the above photo, or HERE and/or via EMAIL.

So… this time we return to the first "historical" meeting of Nico and Russell, starting from Nico's viewpoint. Here he prepares to record the meeting on his own phone, and in the third image--is that just a moment of apprehension? Slightly star struck by the dazzle of Russell?

So Nico emerges on that rainy day, heading out for his first glimpse of Dragon Puppy III in the flesh. See that orange windbreaker is the color of the "Naranja Chakra," AKA the male genitals, as a beloved Mexican friend of mine calls it? Russell may feel a bit dazzled as well!

These young men of today are BOTH recording this lovely moment… and graciously share it now! Russell strides manfully toward Nico for their first (((HUG!)))

As host, Nico is clearly beyond perfection into the realm of superb sacred service!!! They shower after Russell samples his precum…

Mindfully savor every nuance of these exquisite male bodies and facial expressions!

Time to relax together naked on the bed and……………

To me, masturbating together and mutually seems more intimate in some ways than any form of insertion, perhaps because self-pleasure is often practiced in solitude!

For a time, Russell effectively turns his attention to Nico's pure penis pleasure!

Russell begins to caress Nico's big sensitive balls…

…and slips his hand down along Nico's perineum to finger his anus!

Russell's finger is up to something!!!

Enough said! Phallic Brotherhood is truly about making peace with your own human nature, making peace with the human nature of all your fellow human males, making peace with Nature itself, and with humanity and the planet!

We all have the power to exert such blessings upon ourself and upon the Earth…

How blessed can we stand to be?

Plenty more!

Much Brotherly Love,


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