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Phallic Brotherhood Exists!

by Bruce P. Grether

Phallic Brotherhood as a human male reality already exists! At the end of this blog you will find the latest draft of THE PHALLIC BROTHERHOOD MANIFESTO. However, Young Russell and I need technical help to create our new online community to foster and cultivate and grow this fabulous reality! If you have website creation skills that you can offer, or know someone who would volunteer to help us, please contact us HERE!

Because we men are endowed with this most remarkable and exquisite sensory organ of intense erotic pleasure, profound enjoyment, and personal exploration, we understandably tend to be somewhat obsessed with our extraordinary penises. And it is quite natural that regardless of sexual orientation, you probably appreciate the penises of your fellow human males, and share with most men your love for masturbatory pleasure!

While you and your Phallic Brothers admire each other's penises, share arousal and masturbation by witnessing one another and possibly even manually masturbate each other or rub your erections together, you generate unimaginable levels of erotic ecstasy and bond in blissful Brotherhood!

This kind of sharing and contact brings you directly into a Cosmic level of awareness, as your Living Phallus (like that of every man!) is legitimately the center of your Universe, the Source of Energy, creativity and Creation itself. It is your direct connection with Nature and what humans call Source, the Great Mystery, the Central Sun!

Your masturbation may or may not feel superior to other forms of erotic pleasure that you can enjoy, but regardless of opinions on this matter, male masturbation does have special virtues that partnered sex cannot match.

Phallic Brotherhood is nothing new. It is perennial and universal, and so is male masturbation. A most obvious virtue is that masturbation is entirely up to you as to when you enjoy pure penis pleasure, how much, and the quality of the sensations.

Your relationship with your penis is totally up to you! It is a private personal treasure and yet it can also connect your directly with all other men out there who also adore their own penis and enjoy sharing this kind of Brotherhood with our fellows.

Though partnered sex can be a fabulous human experience, it is often prone to some limitation by the specific details of each person's personal history, conditioning and genetic heritage. These drawbacks need not be allowed to hamper purely masturbatory bliss, or its sharing.

Everyone has specific preferences, for or against such activities as oral and anal sex, certain fetishes, beliefs, and a host of factors that may prove difficult to find good matches for in a partner.

When men choose to share masturbatory pleasure with the conscious understanding that this is not a prelude to other forms of sexual encounter, in a spirit of generosity, mutual acceptance and encouragement, it is possible to bypass common drawbacks of the typical seduction scenarios and sex-hunts we engage in.

Very often, after the first burst of passion draw lovers together, differences emerge and begin pushing two people apart. This need not happen when men consciously agree to share masturbatory pleasure only, and seek to kindly and generously empower one another to experience new heights of pure penis pleasure.

Rather than competition, sharing pure penis pleasure becomes a cooperative enterprise, and one of the ultimate forms of bonding you experience with other human beings!

The erect penis as well as the soft penis are not only organs with which you generate limitless possibilities for bliss in your own body. Your penis is also an organ of communication with fellow men. It even seems to act as a kind of antenna or aerial that picks up signals of the erotic energy that creates the Universe as a whole.

To fully embrace the fact that you are literally a Phallic God, the embodiment of something far beyond your human individuality, and yet also the Seed Source of YOU and all that you consider yourself to be, is a profound empowerment of your Body as the Temple.

This becomes the most legitimate place to worship the Divine, the Sacred, the Holiness of Life itself. Indeed, pure penis pleasure is basically the sensation of feeling 100% or more, totally ALIVE!!!

There is nothing more exquisite to see and nothing more glorious to feel than your own liberated, free, exalted and humbling embodiment, the Way of the Living Phallus, for your spiritual path as a male human of the 21st Century.

Never hesitate to explore the possibilities, to push beyond your habitual practice into new territory, for this is where you also wire in new neural pathways in your brain and nervous system, and your penis can be constantly trained to provide you with ever-increasing levels of erotic ecstasy.

Please be aware that I am asking you, whoever you are and wherever you live, and every other man reading this to become a missionary, and erotic activist as well as a committed enthusiast to promote and disseminate the Male Mysteries of Phallic Brotherhood.

May we collaborate, all of us who share this vision, to foster Mindful Masturbation as a life-enhancing, regenerative, holistic practice for the Men of Planet Earth? Will you please do all you can to inspire and coach your fellow men in the basics and nuances of these practices as you are learn them and constantly refine your skills?

This is what I am doing, and what I ask and encourage you to do: continue to develop, practice, practice, practice, enjoy and have indescribable fun with this. Share your joy and your enjoyment in the process!!!

Reach out to your Phallic Brothers in order to share this most precious, most treasured aspect of your human existence: your penis, and the wonders of its powers, its magnificence, it's mystery.

Your Phallic Brotherhood with fellow men exists. There is an extraordinary gift, something almost miraculous, you can give to yourself and your fellow men when you abandon fears and uncertainties, when you surrender to the deepest desire of your heart for this kind of connection with other human males.

You may astonish yourself, and surprise your Brothers with the intensity of what you feel! Awaken other men with your willingness to share, and at the same time, by the same willingness, reward yourself with new joy, with unexpected happiness.

The simply fact of your existence in association with your human body, when you really pay attention to this reality in full mindfulness, may be enough to banish doubts and fears and apprehensions about everything else. Allow yourself to be profoundly happy!

The Male Mysteries of Phallic Brotherhood have deep, deep roots from before the Dawn of Time, when what we call human history began. The most ancient deities are Phallic Gods that represent the Seed Source, which is the common ancestor of humanity and Nature itself.

There is no more natural, powerful, and effective spiritual practice for human males, than Mindful Masturbation, which combines the best aspects of Yoga, Meditation and Self-Pleasure in one extraordinary package for you!

There is nothing religious about this realization. Still, you find within you such direct experience, what seems to be the revelation of your own divinity as a Phallic God, as an aspect of the Universe in which your human body is the Flower of Life.

Here is the latest draft of a new document for your perusal, and do not hesitate to give us feedback on your reactions to this:


  • The Men of Planet Earth are related to one another in this way: We share the admiration, adoration and fascination for male genitalia, that with the power of mindfulness, provide us with limitless bliss.

  • We encourage our Fellow Men of all appearances, of all sexual identities, and all cultural backgrounds, to generate and cultivate pure penis pleasure for themselves, as a means of simple enjoyment of being alive, of personal growth and well-being, of embodied consciousness expansion.

  • We encourage our Fellow Men to deliberately share masturbatory play with one another as a means of bonding, forming community, exploring human nature in a spirit of curiosity, Original Innocence and pure hearts, that is the authentic quality of penis pleasure. By conscious agreement, we engage in such masturbatory play together without expecting other forms of sexual contact in the context of this Brotherhood.

  • We recognize the beneficial, health-giving, life-enhancing qualities of joyfully stimulating our penises and awakening our entire bodies, both in solitude and when shared in conjunction with our Fellow Men.

  • In order to maximize the ease and comfort of this sharing for All Men, we declare this Brotherhood to be a Sacred Space of mutual respect and encouragement, free from ego games and competition.

  • With this Brotherhood we bypass the ordinary sex-hunt, and we let go of exerting power over anyone else, in the spirit of sharing, for the greater freedom to simply be our true selves, and to empower ourselves and our Fellow Men.

  • We create this Sacred Space of Brotherhood as an autonomous zone free from the judgment of others and by others, free from comparisons of appearance or personal accomplishment—in the generous spirit of Brotherly Love.

  • We empower this Phallic Brotherhood for the benefit of all of humanity and of the entire planet we call home.

  • The reality of this Phallic Brotherhood manifests through the creative power of penis-heart-mind.

Again, please remember that Young Russell and I are eagerly looking for someone with website-building skills and knowledge, especially of how to use WordPress in this exciting process of reaching out to more men! If you, or someone you know shares our passion and is willing to give us some help, contact us HERE!



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Feb 24, 2022

I ìm surprise , finally I found a blog of speak about penis and the masturbation


May 17, 2021

Thank You, for this wonderful blog on the beautiful bond of Phallic Brotherhood. And thank each man for sharing with us their glorious Penis Pic. I also will look for someone who can help you with the skills for your Website. this is Jeremiah, from Philadelphia,


Apr 29, 2021

who makes love to whom

when there's only one person

God makes love to God

Apr 29, 2021
Replying to

Good question, and you've included the answer! More power to you, Bro!!! 😍


Apr 23, 2021

Brother Bruce,

Thanks so much for the up to date draft of The Phallic Brotherhood Manifesto. It's important to see these statements in print. I'm not sure if I had stated in a previous correspondence, but I have been facilitating/mentoring the Brotherhood of Priapic Worship in Toronto since 1994 which covers much of the same territory as yourself.

I was so excited when I discovered your site and have shared it with, at this point, hundreds of like minded men who understand the sacredness of the penis. I was moved to start a blog of my own which attempts to illustrate the sacred connection between the "sacred and the profane". It can be accessed at

It is entitled "Divine…

Apr 23, 2021
Replying to

Good morning, Brothers.

Interested in hearing more about your Brotherhood, Brother Leo. Have been practicing mindfulness during masturbation, using the instructional videos of Brother Bruce. I have felt an increase in the love of my Penis and a deeper connection with the manhood of other men. Be well. Brother Tim, Washington, DC


Apr 21, 2021

Always inspirational Brother Bruce. Where this has carried me thus far is beyond my wildest dreams of the pleasure that can be achieved in mind, body, and Phallic glory. Now to work on sharing this bliss.

Apr 22, 2021
Replying to

Got them, Brother Monte. Looking forward to chatting with you.

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