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Penis Worship = Phallic Brotherhood!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

My position in today's world of male masturbators both online in digital space, and in the biological reality of DNA-mediated bodies we all inhabit, makes me fascinated to see the global scope of the trend towards increased valuation of the Living Phallus--by which I mean our actual penises, and total attention to the pure penis pleasure we can thereby derive.

One example of a lovely young man who has impressed me recently with his enthusiasm for his penis and the ecstasy it provides him is this handsome young man from my homeland of Thailand--that South Asian country where I spent my first fifteen years.

Here you see this handsome fellow clothed in nothing but a loose pair of shorts in the kind of rural Thai countryside setting that reminds me of my boyhood. I love the affectionate look on his face as he holds this juvenile black kitty. Am I projecting when I seem to see in the young man's happy expression something of the confidence his unalloyed, shameless love for his own penis may provide him with?

Here you see a close-up of the same young man's Living Phallus as it lies becoming erect and engorged, extending from between his legs, resting its elegant hooded head upon his forearm…

…and here the same basic situation has developed to the next stage, the big shiny glans penis of the young man's male organ, which has grown a few degrees more erect here, emerges from the delicate membrane that covers it in the previous picture.

This Thai fellow's devotion to his penis and the pleasure it provides him, I would say amounts to worship, though I don't know what he would think of my statement. He is certainly devoted to sharing himself in all of his glory with his brethren, those men around the globe who would be inclined to appreciate his magnificent penis, its arousal and stimulation. That handsome young face and his little cries of bliss when you observe him on video registers the extreme intensity of his erotic enjoyment!

In the Western World where the Abrahamic religions often dominate, the anti-sexual attitudes of many religious authorities, in particular denouncements of masturbation, homosexual behavior, and the penis itself tend to backfire, as so many of us men discover for ourselves how foolish and erroneous such anti-pleasure attitudes truly are! When fully, shamelessly embraced, pure penis pleasure is among the greatest gifts we have from God, Source, Nature, whatever you want to call it…

This beautiful young man, poised with his legs wide and penis fully erect on the edge of a swimming pool calls himself "Arabian," and he exemplifies the kind of exquisite male creatures found in abundance in the Middle East, where sexuality and homosexuality are so tabooed in public contexts, that this certainly inspires man men to explore such enjoyments thoroughly in private contexts. In such cultures, double standards between public can private behavior tend to mean a great many men secretly enjoy masturbation and homosexuality.

Speaking of Abrahamic religious traditions, this highly homoerotic image depicts the story of the Patriarch Jacob "wrestling an Angel," or however you might choose to interpret the highly suggestive story… this depiction quite clearly illustrates the contest as a struggle of frottage between male bodies most likely highly aroused. Jacob also reportedly slept quite often with his head on a rock, which he then stood upright and anointed like a Shivalingam of today!

Returning to today's global context, technology now encourages men to worship their own penises and the penises of fellow men with such processes as "sexting" and video conference which is so often now used for men to share masturbatory pleasure. This kind of bonding can definitely achieve an uncanny degree of emotional intimacy, along with pure penis pleasure of a physical and mental nature.

Phallic Brotherhood becomes a very real experience as men share this common ground of male humanity, and also explore the immense potentials for high erotic states generated solo, in which without any distraction, the masturbator can totally focus upon his own body and his own immediate sensations! Such practice allows many men to experience high states of bliss beyond anything they know with a partner.

Indeed, pure penis pleasure by its very nature becomes so intense that it is naturally a form of worship… whether you consider it worship of the penis itself, a sort of biological idolatry that appeals to many men, apart from conditioned inhibitions, or whether you consider high states of masturbatory bliss to be the most natural and legitimate means by which Phallic Brothers can worship the Source of All Things.

Whatever that mysterious Source of All Things may truly be, in the lives and bodies of men, it can be experienced as the Living Phallus--that one, right there, between your own legs. Nothing could be more natural, and when you enter the Forest Primeval, which is also Paradise, naked and unafraid, you see it there before you in every tree, in each Living Phallus: the Tree of Life!

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Michael Garrison
Michael Garrison
Mar 06, 2023

i wish i had a huge rock hard cock shooting hot cum in my mouth right now! mkgarrison33@gmail.


Feb 15, 2023

I am an oral cockworshiper and love meeting new god cocks and oral top feeders who love being worshiped.


Jun 02, 2020


love to worship your "God" sexy guy


May 23, 2020

My Cock is my God and dearly love to worship him. Love you guys.


Apr 06, 2020

I like to edge for a long time so when I do climax its beautiful and makes my body feel so energized

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