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Penis Renaissance!

If you are not already holding that part of yourself, please reach between your legs and take hold of those incredible organs of your male sexual equipment: your penis and testicles. You live in a time of rebirth for the primary honor those organs and their capacity for remarkable sensations are designed for and capable of generating. This is your heritage!

Feel their bulk, their weight, their remarkable mixture of strength, power, and sensitivity, of tenderness and toughness. Their design, responsiveness, and purposes are spectacular! Keep in mind that just as the godlike young man shown above displays multiple arms and hands, a Renaissance Man employs many diverse skills! Employ variety to take your masturbation practice to new, previously unknown levels of blissfulness…

…and similarly, with the current Penis Renaissance, we return to a certain "classical" style of masturbatory enjoyment. Similarly, the European Renaissance saw a rebirth of esthetics, knowledge, and attitudes from Greek antiquity. However, we are now free to take inspiration from any source: for example, though Tolkien's Elfkind are never depicted in explicit terms in his stories, we know they experience sexuality, for they have generations of family trees.

There is even a certain romanticism to the current Phallic Brotherhood, not so much romantic bonds, as the bond of Brotherly Love that emerges when we recognize that our erect penises place us in erotic parallel with all other human males who similarly adore their erections! Men of all ages share this delicious and healthy preoccupation.

Something else worth knowing is that male masturbation was never considered something so significant, a major taboo or "sin" through most of history. For millennia it was assumed and generally accepted as inevitable and benign, apart from small pocket cults of anti-sex fanatics. Not until the early 1700s when a pamphlet called ONANIA appeared on the streets of London, did the last few centuries of masturbation-negativity begin. Now that's ending!

Thus, by declaring and enacting a Penis Renaissance, we reclaim the previously honorable, cherished position of the penis and male masturbatory pleasure that prevailed before the last few centuries of the Masturbation Dark Age. At its darkest, it was believed that self-pleasure could actually harmful, was sinful and shameful--absurdities we now see for what they are!

With the 21st Century Penis Renaissance, we restore the male organ of erotic enjoyment and its deliberate, purposeful stimulation to its rightful place at the center of our awareness and of our lives as men. We know how beneficial this is! The penis and its pleasures are something to celebrate, to take pride in, and to share with fellow men.

Through most of human history, and still in much of the world today, despite the sexual narratives you hear on the surface, the actual human practice has been different. Grown men consort with women to create families and offspring, but for the recreational pleasure of raw erotic intensity that human males crave, men more often consort with their fellow men.

Many human males share similarly intense sex-drives. Most men discover that in order to enjoy as much pure penis pleasure as they genuinely want, fellow males who understand and appreciate the power of the penis because they have a penis of their own are the most rewarding erotic playmates. We now see a rebirth of appreciation for how innocent and pure-hearted these pleasures can be!

Human males discover that their fellow males are usually the best bet for the pursuit of pure penis pleasure. Also, cock2cock frottage, the rubbing of erect penises together provides a nonverbal communication and communion between Phallic Brothers that takes them truly beyond words. This may even feel like soul-connecting-with-soul.

With today's sex toys, such penis-upon-penis intensity of sensation can be catapulted to new levels of indescribable, ineffable interface that our male ancestors in previous centuries and millennia may never have experienced. IN the erotic trance, identities may blend and merge in a sense of Oneness.

We cannot know for certain just how these spectacular Male Mysteries may have been experience by our male ancestors. However, by exploration, as 21st Century Penis Pioneers we can enter this Undiscovered Country for ourselves. The affectionate kissing of your fellow man while you mutually masturbate with him also activates those "upper penises" of your tongues at the same time!

Now is a time when the Veil has been lifted. Even a man whose handsome grin and standard good looks may exert some strange feeling inside of you, may be revealed in his naked humanity like any other man. Like you, he may simply grow aroused and employ the available sex-toy tech to make his own explorations of how good his penis can possibly feel…

Likewise in the fictional media of graphic novels and films and television, the Penis Renaissance has been happening. For example, the blue-skinned character Dr. Manhattan in WATCHMEN is a once-human male given godlike qualities by a radioactive accident. He often appears unabashedly naked, sporting his infamous blue penis along with all else!

And back to square one: every time I masturbate I seek to begin learning the wonders and the awe of the experience all over again. Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, as the saying goes. Plus there's always something so hot about a fellow who appears slightly nerdy or geeky when dressed, then seen aroused, with his stairway to heaven exposed, its violet crown lifted high.

That unspeakably elegant form, the glans penis, to the devoted Phallus Worshipper offers the most mysteriously elegant, profound and powerful form found in Nature and humanity.

Any young man whose winsome smile is decorated with some scruff of facial hair signals that he is no immature boy, but a physically mature male with pubic hair, body hair, and of course a male organ that may inspire the racing heart and aroused self-stimulation of any man of the current Penis Renaissance!

Here is the perfect example of how an image of a human male touching his own erect penis has a mysterious quality of completeness--nothing is missing, as in "I Have Everything I Need!" Plus that little mustache connects with the wisps of fluff at the base of the shaft…

This lovely man shows no shame in his revelation, fore and aft, and he has every reason to be proud of the exquisite human body and genitalia the he has inherited from so many thousand of male ancestors that led to his particular beauty! He is a Penis Renaissance Man!

Here we see how potent is the variety of humanity, mysteriously merging with the similarities. Endless variations of precise physique and coloring, face, genitalia, and attitudes towards display enrich us all. Full erection is never necessary for full enjoyment of pure penis pleasure, in fact to release that expectation adds immeasurably to enjoyment of the organ in all of its states.

Note how similar the facial expressions of this man of the current Penis Renaissance are, clothed and fully revealed, and yet not identical. Clothed, he is clearly pleased to be seen, aware he is admired; full revealed and aroused, the awareness becomes genuine knowing!

In the current global environment, this young man reveals himself during rainfall along the Amazon River as men of all ethnicities and origins contribute their magnificence to the Penis Renaissance, which is artistic and social and cultural, as well as blatantly erotic.

Here we witness a young River God whose somewhat swollen phallus acts as a dowsing rod that responds to natural abundance with the abundant magnificence of his human form.

This young fellow's joy in his embodied existence perfectly exemplifies the esthetic and revolutionary qualities of this new Penis Renaissance! His jubilant self-affirmation appears with the angle of light and the angle of his erection to be late in the day, or perhaps this is just after sunrise: a New Dawn!

Peace, my Phallic Brothers!


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Jul 26, 2020

HI Bill, I enjoy doing exactly what you are doing with my penis erect and enjoying all those lovely pre ejaculation feelings. My email is if you want to write and or send pictures.


Jul 26, 2020

The finest moments of my life are the times I spend in Paradise - when I'm slow-stroking my erection close to the edge - like I am right now. Please join me in this heavenly place. Having you here would set my heart on fire.


Jul 26, 2020

Thank you again, Another Excellent Post of exquisite men and great captures of the delights of The Penis Renaissance.

Hail to Priapus, Hail to PENIS REVOLUTION!!!


Jun 30, 2020

HI Monte. On my user name is lavoeg and my email address is I look forward to you finding me.


Jun 30, 2020

@2geoval that is my user name. If you want to give me yours I will find you on there.

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