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Penis Paradise = Heaven on Earth!

Yes! My Phallic Brothers, please consider: How can we possibly get so lost in our heads, in the machinations of our minds that we forget this truth? Every moment of feeling totally alive is an irreplaceable treasure! And that's precisely what the high erotic state of pure penis pleasure does for you--you feel totally ALIVE! Not in the next world, but this world!

There are all sorts of stories about the origins of the world, and the creation of human beings. One thing we are sometimes told is that the Lord God created Man in his own image. What if we take this literally? Then the Creator would not necessarily be invisible, or if you could see him, would he look like an old man in a robe with a flowing white beard?

What if we re-consider? Some parts of the old story might hold more grains of truth than we have thought at times: literal truth. If Man was created first, in a Divine Image, perhaps the Lord just wanted to be able to SEE how beautiful he himself was! Maybe that old story is actually about the very first selfie? Could it mean the Creator looks more like you than not?

Whatever may or may not have happened in that Paradise Garden on Earth, something we can be sure of is that we are Children of the Earth. We have imagine a place called "Heaven," that really, for the most part just means a place of endless, or seemingly endless bliss, right? And what if we never left the Garden except tin our minds?

Meanwhile, here on Earth in the year 2020, many of us have forgotten we still live in the Garden called Planet Earth. Many have forgotten that Nature is our real original and source, whatever else may be behind that story. In this time of mandates to stay at home as much as possible, the biggest heroes of today are in the food services, delivery, waste disposal and medical personnel. The man above certainly is a big hero!

Meanwhile, take the opportunity to enjoy your solitude naked and unafraid, like that first man in the Garden who walked with his Creator, who may have looked so much like him. Your daily life now can literally be a Penis Paradise, a Heaven on Earth! It's entirely up to you.

We 21st Century Brothers know that our penises are not there simply as a fleshy tube for convenient urination; they are not irresistible playthings designed to trick us into reproducing. In fact, there are plenty of people in the world, 7 billion+ and counting, and maybe Nature is telling us there are enough people! So we'd best take matters into our own hands…

All around this beautiful blue marble of a world, Phallic Brothers of various ages and shapes and sizes and colors are paying more attention than ever to the actual Purpose of the Penis, as I've written about in another blog not far from this one!

And let me say, there is something special for me about seeing a man who wears his spectacles while he masturbates. It's certainly an asset to be able to see that magnificent pillar of manhood that stands up between your legs. I love the direct almost challenging stare fo the handsome young fellow above--love his slim frame, his gingery little beard. Well, his Golden Phallus is simply majestic and worthy of worship!

Indeed, every man on Earth who admires, wholeheartedly appreciates and frequently stimulates his penis simply because the sensations are like nothing else in his living experience, can be considered a Phallic God.

"God" in this sense simply means an incarnate, embodied human male whose Body Temple and Living Phallus comprise a place of worship and a Divine Image in the sense of connection and ultimate Oneness with the Source of Everything. See how the young man above confidently displays his lovely, intact erection? As he continues to undress and reveals a nipple, his smile lights up the world.

This young man of East Indian blood grasps his engorged and enlarged male organ with a calm and confident, slight smile. In the Subcontinent where his noble blood has been breeding handsome men for thousands of years, gay rights has brought male nudity and masturbation out of hiding, at least online. All Phallic Brothers can rejoice in this revelation!

Witness an exquisite young man whose expression reveals much the same calm and confidence, no grin, just the slightest twist of a smile at both ends of his shapely lips, and a similar direct gaze meets you in the facial image, as meets you from below, with the large and handsome mushroom head of his erect penis on display. "As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above." Earth and Heaven united!

This very young Phallic Brother appears pleased by his own exquisite Living Phallus, plus he seems every bit as pleased that you are looking at it and admiring his youthful nakedness. This kind of unashamed display and simple, intense enjoyment of arousal seem boyish. However, at any age a man capable of such joy and enjoyment reclaims his Original Innocence in Penis Paradise.

Of course, at present (coming up on summer of 2020) it is responsible to encourage continued social distancing. This does not mean Phallic Brothers will forever be afraid to masturbate together, or to touch one another's penises, surely among our most sacred experiences as human males. One might wish to imagine these young men share lockdown in the same household.

As warmer weather renders garments just too much bother, too hot and unwieldy, household nakedness and nudity in natural surroundings become appealing and practical. How many men could sit next to a male friend, sharing arousal, without wanting to take hold of the other man's Living Phallus in its thick, upright tumescent glory? Mutual masturbation is truly one of the glories of human manhood.

Plus in circumstances when this proves verifiably safer than it's likely to now, among the greatest joys men can share is masturbating together while kissing each other. Contrary to some common assumptions, there is nothing particularly "gay" or "bisexual" about this, rather it's simply human and indescribably delicious.

So, whether in solo self-pleasure as a form of self-love, or in shared arousal with Phallic Brothers, we now comprehend as 21st Century men that the Penis is the Path to Planetary Peace, to a New Earth and a New Heaven on Earth. If that sounds too religious, it's really just intended to begin to suggest the wonder, awe, and power that words cannot describe.

In the case of this adorable young man (above), you see how the revelation of his admirable torso, his upper body naked from trousers upward, with top fly button undone lights his face with a grin of excitement to share himself, eyes crescents of glee. Then, fully naked and aroused, in actual Penis Paradise, look directly into his eyes and you see what Divine Image he is created in: it's the same Divine Image YOU are created in!

This world, this Penis Paradise which is actually Heaven on Earth, contains at least several billion beautiful men, each and every man gorgeous, radiant in his own way. Every man's penis is a miraculous organ of display, communication, communion, and it is inevitably the gift of a long and distinguished line of Male Ancestors.

Let this new equation, Penis Paradise = Heaven on Earth, be a reminder to enjoy your penis daily: admire it, caress it, stimulate it with all the devotion, skill and artfulness you are capable of applying. You are the New Adam of this Garden. There are so many other Adams in this Paradise as well, eager to share your heavenly bliss, in Original Innocence.

The very reason you are alive, the reason living can be such ecstasy, such wonder, such joy, is because you, me, everyone and everything on Earth is made of stardust! "We are stardust. We are golden… and we've got to get ourselves back to the Garden." Remember that song?

There are deeper and higher reasons why we exist at all, and why erotic pleasure is so crucial to our personal growth and spiritual evolution. While it is not primarily about masturbation, I wrote a book about how to be human in the Universe: THE 9 REALITIES OF STARDUST. If you are interested, you can find it HERE.

Much Love to You, my Phallic Brothers,


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May 27, 2020

Great article and deep insight. In these times of social isolation, masturbation is especially necessary and a great activity to share online. The inability to go out and hook up has given us all permission , almost a civic duty, to masturbate. Bruce's writings are introduction for such people to consider making it more than just an outlet but a central activity to be celebrated and shared. An opportunity to develop their pleasure and ejaculation to new, irreversible heights.

I appreciate the comment below how masturbation has helped people off drugs. It has helped me off tobacco by taking masturbation breaks throughout each day instead of smoking breaks. I've become highly ejaculatory and erections are strong and long lasting …


May 27, 2020

Let's celebrate our throbbing hard-ons! This conscious stroke brings such overwhelming ecstasy that the mind stops functioning. And without the separation caused by the mind, it's easy realize that each of us is part of the one being who resides in the heart of us all.

Bruce, your vision is truly inspired. Thanks for showing us the way.


May 25, 2020

Penis has been the greatest light in my life. It's only because of its power that I was able to overcome things like sex and drug dependencies. It's also been instrumental in seeing other men for the innocent boys they really are, if they only let themselves be. All I want is to live in celebration of manhood, and I hope I can find my brothers sooner rather than later, haha. In the meantime, the brotherhood online and through media like Erotic Engineering is really keeping me going. What an honor to have found such incredible truth and peace at my age (I just turned 22).


May 25, 2020

Brother Bruce,

I can honestly say at 68 years old I am more in tune with and achieve more blissful pleasure from my penis than ever before.


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