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Masturbation IS Constant Creation!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

We stand at a remarkable and sometimes terrifying moment in the history of our species and our world. Some men may not wish to admit these things, but here's the truth. The common insecurities of male egos are the greatest source of danger, the cause of irrational urges to compete, to dominate, to control, to punish and destroy. Men are the source of the worst threats to humanity and the planet: men can do something about this by learning to love ourselves better, and this includes physically. Male self-pleasure is the new frontier!

Of course, any man who loves animals and treats them well, should be commended. But let's face it, there are basic differences between dog lovers and cat lovers. A dog will be your faithful friend if you treat him kindly, play with him vigorously, provide his needs, and fulfill the role of "leader of the pack" in his or her world. Cats are fundamentally different, not better or worse, just more subtle, definitely wild animals who have learned to domesticate people to feed and shelter them. Living with a cat requires a certain amount of surrender to its nature, while a dog may thrive on having its character molded by you.

Many younger men in today's world seem to feel less inclined to want to label themselves according to sexual behaviors such as straight, bisexual, or gay, and appreciate the option of loving someone for the person they are, regardless of their sex. Similarly, less younger men buy into the limiting beliefs that masturbation is a lesser form of erotic pleasure than partnered sex, and evidence suggests that more and more young guys are open to masturbating with other fellows, as well. Many young men are willing to participate in group efforts to improve the world so they can have a livable future.

Even in the realm of fictional characters, the value of self-pleasure as a primary form of erotic enjoyment has gained more appreciation. In the example below, you see the young robotics genius Tadashi Hamada from the animated film BIG HERO 6, a young man who has developed quite an elaborate imagined sex life apart from the actual film…

…as you can see, Tadashi is envisioned as having an active masturbatory life, just as he would if he was an actual young man. This extends the fictional character's lives into a fictional and yet more plausible set of scenarios in which, like any actual person, Tadashi has a penis and balls, and his youthful body demands attention and rewards him with intense pleasure.

In the case of actual men, as with their fictional counterparts in today's world of social media, Internet technology, AI and CGI, our biological realities and digital images overlap. This makes it crucial to reclaim the importance of our actual bodies, our actual sensations, while the variety of available imagery may enhance our experience in all directions. As an actual embodied man, it's crucial that you bring focus from the digital realities back to the DNA fabricated and mediated realties of your own human body. Male masturbation is a key means to reinforce direct awareness of your important role as co-creator of your reality--your embodied existence and the kind of world you inhabit. You co-create with Nature, which is your source, rather than in opposition to what you may consider "natural."

You have everything you need! It is literally in your hands, and in order to feel the confidence this can give you, it helps to regularly return full attention to your own body, your immediate sensations, in your actual surroundings. This may mean you need to switch off the porn for a while, even turn off all the devices for a break--just take an erotic vacation from the tech to fully explore your actual biology. Such practices as Yoga, meditation, exercise, and truly Mindful Masturbation may restore your awareness that you actually are a self-created being, in a world whose qualities your create with your awareness and your attitudes.

So when you've returned your focus--at least now and then--fully upon your own capabilities and gifts as a masturbatory creator of your own experience, the next stage of this journey may be to share your masturbation with fellow men in Phallic Brotherhood. You may simply wish to do this online, posting photos or videos of your body and your practice. Remember that to show your face during arousal and masturbation is a great nonverbal message: there is nothing illegal or shameful about this activity! In fact, it is beautiful and you should be proud of it! This encourages your fellow men. You may wish to actually masturbate with another man in person, or even with a group of men.

Remember this: though cultures and religions may seem to question the value of male masturbation as a primary source of pleasure, enjoyment, confidence, happiness… your own experience shows you otherwise! Ancient traditions actually indicate no distinction between the sacred and the secular. In your own experience of masturbation as a creative act, you can bring together those ancient traditions from the Far East and from the Western World that lost their way on the long and winding road to YOU! Reclaim the sacred power of your Living Phallus. For when it is deployed in loving kindness, generosity of spirit, and simply for the sheer fun of pure penis pleasure, no concept of the Divine or the Sacred can take you higher! 

This is precisely what humanity and the the world needs right now!

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May 31, 2020

I used to think the goal of masturbation was ejaculating. But now that I've learned semen retention and spend several hours a day edging, I realize the goal is to feel close to ejaculating all the time.


May 23, 2020

Self pleasure is so important to me now that I am unable to get with another man. But the last time I really truly self pleasured myself I was so into it I truly felt the presence of another man. So fucking awesome.


Feb 19, 2020

I love this

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