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Male Masturbation IS Real Magick!

by Bruce P. Grether

If you do not strive to love yourself as well as possible, then there are limits to how far masturbation can take you. When you practice masturbation as a healthy part of the ongoing work of loving yourself, it opens the doors to limitless possibilities. Self-love is self-acceptance, decent self-esteem, self-respect and good self-care.

There is nothing occult, secret or hidden about what we offer you here on Erotic Engineering and with our Phallic Brotherhood. On the contrary, we share with you openly, the remarkable power of masturbating mindfully without guilt, shame, or any limit to the pure penis pleasure you can generate for yourself! Nothing could be more natural, once you learn this.

Any act of male masturbation employs deliberate stimulation of your penis to alter your consciousness, plus it does this through the innate capacities of your male human body. In this sense any such act IS Real Magick. By definition, Magick is altering consciousness according to your will, so that your reality as you experience it changes.

This Real Magic is accomplished not by supernatural means, but by a deeper alignment with Nature, with how the Universe is organized. Though just about any male masturbation qualifies in the broadest sense, in order to truly navigate your life in the direction of your deepest heart's desire requires some training.

Some men still believe they know all there is to know about male masturbation. In most cases, this is far from the truth. To simply use self-pleasure for a relatively quick, shallow release of sexual tension, to satisfy chronic desire, or help yourself sleep easily is fine. Only it misses the more remarkable, transformative potentials of this marvelous activity!

Phallic Brotherhood is a fantastic way for what we call Male Solo Sex Magick to be shared. The power increases manyfold as men align their Penis Power in parallel.

A particular virtue of the Solo form of such Real Magick is that you do not require the cooperation of a perfectly aligned partner. Still, you do need to align with yourself, within you, through self-love. This renders the practice of self-pleasure something many times more powerful. You can practice Mindful Masturbation just to feel greater pleasure than ever, but the possibilities open up far beyond that!

Austin Osman Spare

A rare historical case of a man that we know actually practiced masturbation as a form of Sex Magick is the Englishman Austin Osman Spare, who lived from 1886 to 1956. He also loved animals and championed their protection.

A talented artist from an early age, AOS (as Mr. Spare is sometimes called) developed an interest in esoteric movements such as Theosophy and the Golden Dawn. He met the notorious occultist Aleister Crowley, and the men may have briefly been lovers. Before long, Crowley alienated AOS as he did almost everyone he knew. AOS rejected complex ceremonial Magick in favor of a simple, spontaneous, personal approach, closer to Nature.

While AOS continued to pursue his artistic career with some success (he became known as a fore-runner of the surrealists with his exotic and often erotic imagery), he also pursued self-pleasure as a form of self-love. In fact, AOS developed a means of "charging up" his sigils, or Magickal symbols through prolonged acts of conscious masturbation before he ejaculated.

Here, AOS depicts his own body as a chimerical mix of animalistic qualities, his erect penis as a huge energetic emanation, whose anthropomorphic head emits a visionary lightning bolt! AOS wrote strange and dense texts on his form of Sex Magick, via "automatic" writing, which advocate the solitary practice. One these is "The Book of Pleasure (Self Love)."

Now, in the 21st Century, Phallic Brothers all over Planet Earth are waking up to a heritage we all share simply because we are men: we love our penises and we love to masturbate. As Solo Sexuality comes "out of the closet," we have discovered that true masturbatory excellence does not "come naturally."

In order to develop genuine masturbatory excellence, the awareness and the self-pleasuring skills required to make ordinary masturbation into Sex Magick, requires training yourself…

Fortunately, we now offer you both the inspiration to pursue l practice, this path as a spiritual practice with the release of more and more new videos to encourage you and teach you how to do these things!

Take the matter of your own body in hand! Touch yourself in full mindful awareness of the present moment that is the only actual time that exists. Take a break from the focus on ejaculation as a goal for every session; take a break from dependence on porn and poppers to drive yourself out of your mind; open you arms and your hands to a reunion with your own body and with its untouched potentials!

You've got everything you need in this astounding, Astonishing, mysterious and exquisite human body you've inherited from numberless male ancestors. It is beautiful, it is perfect, it is everything you need for this Great Work of Male Erotic Alchemy. This is true, regardless of your shape, size, age, color: you are beautiful, perfect, totally sufficient!

The mythology of the Phallic Mysteries lives in your blood and in your DNA and in the Real Magick you unleash with masturbation as a sacred act. For example: Zeus, Lord of the Sky, sent down his Eagle to snatch up the handsome Trojan youth, Ganymede, simply because the young man was so beautiful in his eyes.

Zeus's wife Hera grew so jealous of Ganymede's favor in his job as cupbearer to Zeus, that for safe-keeping, Zeus placed him in the sky as the constellation Aquarius, which is close to Aquila, the Eagle. Thus, we are now entering the age of Ganymede, along with Aquarius! We recognize myths not as literal truths, but essential truths.

The even older Phallic Mysteries of Egypt also continue to speak to Phallic Brothers today. We listen with ears attuned to mythology of the penis, and see with eyes attuned to the Golden Phallus of Osiris, the Divine Image of All Men's Souls.

In fact, every man who adores his own penis and admires and appreciates the penises of his fellow men is definitely a Phallic God. Our bodies are sacred. Our literal origin and Source, as well as the place we can experience Heaven on Earth is between our legs.

Activate your Living Phallus to generate pure pleasure for its own sake. This gradually awakens your heart. It open your mind open to greater possibilities of human experience and fellowship beyond previous limitations.

Just as your penis has a Lunar Nature like the Moon, forever waxing and waning, your navel remains like the Earth your central connection of birth and nourishment. Your heart beats steady as the Solar Power in your chest. With the Real Magick activated by your conscious, deliberate masturbatory practice, the 100 billion neurons of your brain glitter and sparkle like the stars of the galaxy, constantly weaving new connections with the Universe!

On the Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans page that Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy 3 and I have created, we will soon offer two remarkable and exquisitely recorded teachings we made in collaboration with Davey Wavy of Himeros TV.

For years now, many men have been asking me to create online community for our Phallic Brotherhood. We are not a specific organization, so much as an innate connectedness that already exists among men, simply because we are all human males.

This Brotherhood is as much a product of Nature as anything is. We simply bring our current 21st Century awareness to this blissful truth of existence. At the same time, we really really need you to actually join the OnlyFans page. Please! This helps to support our continuing Mission to contribute everything we can to the unfolding of a sustainable, humane, peaceful and responsible future for our species and Planet Earth. Help us grow this community!

Please do your part, and click on the image above to actually join the OF page where more and more inspirational, erotic, masturbation-oriented videos appear regularly. Or click HERE

Also, Young Russell is hosting two LIVE events where you will not only be able to watch and hear him, but you can interact live on video conference with the other men attending:

The links above allow you to sign up to join those special LIVE events with Russell! The cost is just $10. Don't miss this opportunity to be guided, inspired, aroused, and to see and be seen by your Phallic Brothers!

Brothers, it is ALL happening--and it's ALL good!

Peace & Namaste,


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3 commentaires

08 juil. 2021

Bruce, your comment below "Personally, I've found no limit to how far I can train my penis for increasing pleasure" is one that sums of my never ending intrigue of masturbation. That's a comment I could have made, but it is ever so much more exciting to hear it from a guru like yourself. It reminds me of the amazing journey I have experienced and gives me the desire to keep and further my lifestyle dedication that I have embarked on a decade ago.

While the majority of my friends know I am a "masturbation enthusiast" - my solo lifestyle eventually begs the question or provides the opportunity to share this information, I regret that the true depth of my…


26 juin 2021

Most definitely true, Brother! And this is one reason not to ejaculate so often when we masturbate--not to avoid ejaculation--rather the make use of how the body/heart/mind quickly remembers where we were in our arousal level, when it had not be brought back down habitually by ejaculation. Exploring NEW habits is how mindfulness rewires the nervous system and brain with new neural pathways. Personally, I've found no limit to how far I can train my penis for increasing pleasure!


26 juin 2021

A post in a fitness app says: Stop Exercising Start Training. Just as in a fitness club, training requires more than repetitive runs on the tread mill. A "magick" of a trained penis is a quality I think of as resurgence. It is experienced, not only as tumescence, but as influx of sexual energy. The magick is the ability to quite rapidly take oneself to higher states of erotic bliss.

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