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Love Yourself With Touch!

by Bruce P. Grether

(Dedicated to the memory of Carol Leigh)

The purpose of your penis is evolutionary and transformational now in the 21st Century. Your aroused and stimulated penis acts as an antenna to detect non-separation. Oneness with All Things. Some people would call this connection and detection "touching the Divine." I'm comfy with calling it Heaven on Earth.

This beautiful man who lived from 1879-1950. He had a near-death experience at age sixteen when his awareness expanded into communion with totality. Soon, he traveled to a sacred hill called Arunachala, associated with Lord Shiva and the World Mountain or Cosmic Lingam. Ramana Maharshi attracted a large following and remained at Arunachala the rest of his life. His primary teaching was to encourage the path of self-enquiry.

This beautiful man is part of our "Medicine Wheel" or Sacred Circle of Erotic Wizards, which revolves upon the Hub of Mindful Masturbation itself! Alasdair brings to Phallic Brotherhood a life-long devotion to nakedness, the pursuit of sensual pleasures, and his serious study of human sexuality. His offerings emerge directly from his devoted practice!

Our beloved and handsome young Russell, AKA Dragon Puppy III, creates the most exquisite and powerful male masturbation videos on the planet. His devotion to his penis and to Mindful Masturbation render the vids he expertly crafts (with professional photographic, editing and musical skills) unlike anything else available! Watch this one HERE, or click the image above.

Tasty! Oh my, yes! Russell brings his human beauty, his sweetness, his wisdom and his erotic enthusiasm into view as he continues this outdoor tabletop session beneath a sunshade so that you can enjoy every glorious hair of his lean body, and the gleam of each droplet of delicious precum! Click above or HERE to watch this glorious vid!

Among the reasons I call this young man an Erotic Wizard is that he "gets it" concerning what actual Male Erotic Alchemy is about. You employ your human body as a hermetic vessel in which to perform the transformation of ordinary awareness into expanded consiousness. To witness this, click HERE or on the above image.

Become an OnlyFans Star on our

Russell has issued the above invitation to you and all men who might be willing to appear in our Mindful Masturbation videos online! This is a way you can contribute to our Mission and help us continue to thrive into 2023!!! You can join OnlyFans HERE! And contact us about halfway down this PAGE!

Connecting the physical and the spiritual! AJ is a gifted intuitive channeler and psychic who shares guidance by tapping into divine gay masculine energy and spirit surrounding you. His readings can help you make sense of your current situation and provide insights of the energies around the important decisions in your future. Sessions are conducted via Z00M and include a photo of the cards drawn just for you and a brief summary of the reading. Contact AJ HERE.

We employ the Golden Acorn, which represents the glans penis or head of your Golden Phallus, as a focus during our monthly Full Moon Sex Magick. Into it we place our intentions to maintain all through our sessions and the final deliberate ejaculation!

Our beloved Erotic Wizard of the Far North brings into our world of mindful erotic practice, specific and relevant elements of Traditional Chinese Philosophy and Medicine.

For example, the well-knownYin and Yang as polar opposite are actually about non-separation, for they have no separate existence. They exist in relation to each other.

Similarly, mind and body exist as integral aspects of a single whole. Your conscious intention to touch and activate specific loatuions on your body, as Alasdair does here using heated stones, activates meridian or energy pathways all through the body.

How remarkable to begin a Mindful Masturbation session by waking up various acupressure points with application of heated stones! Alasdair brings to his practice as shown here, this integrity between what are viewed as polar opposites. In truth they act as elements of a creative dynamic.

The solid line in Taoist imagery represents Yang, active or masculine energy: moving, assertive, outward, solid, hot, dry. The broken or Yin line associates with passive, feminine energy: still, non-interfering, inward, soft, cool, moist. In the ancient Greek world, along streams that wended the hillsides, the sunnier, dryer side was male, the shadier, moister side female. Fatherside and Motherside.

"Familiarity or friendship or closeness" are the usual definitions of "intimacy." When applied to sexuality, and specifically solo sexuality, this is the perfect instance of self-pleasure as self-love.

Humans are social animals. To the extent that you love and accept and appreciate yourself, others naturally, inevitably love and accept and appreciate you! Your sensory apparatus, the full range of your sensations including touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight, all contribute to sensual self-awareness.

Activate your senses, awaken your body from within. "As Above, So Below; as Below, So Above" is only the beginning of Male Erotic Alchemy, opening the way to "As Within, So Without; as Without, So Within!" Nothing separates internal from external. They are One!

There is no limit to the possibilities of bliss you open when you employ mindfulness in your solosexual practice. Pursued with a truly mindful focus of BE HERE NOW, male self-pleasure may provide you with the greatest erotic enjoyment you ever experience!

Truly: within you and without you are not separate places. What seems to be outside of your body is imagery manufactured within you by your nervous system.

Perhaps the reason pure,100% Organic Coconut Oil seems like the perfect masturbation lube to so many men is due to the symbiosis between the Plant Kingdom and Animalia! There are no dogmas or rules in this practice except "Harm none!"


Because thinking is over-rated, and often misleads you, simple alertness is a corrective and brings you more valuable awareness and insight, and alertness is the ismple essence of mindfulness. Full attention to your penis and your pleasure HERE/NOW transforms you!

Mindfulness is simply paying full attention, BEING present in the HERE and the NOW. For example, often while you read a book, you ascend into mental spaces in your head and become somewhat disembodied. However…

…when you read a book that includes arousing erotic content, this may help you to shift back into your body. As your penis swell, thickens, heats up and lifts upright, it demands your attention and brings you back to embodied alertness!

Indoors or out, to be naked and to manually stimulate your penis is a marvel! The mindful practice includes breathing deeply, switching hands deliberately, employment of a variety of strokes, keeping relaxed while excited…

…contributes to a fully mindful enjoyment of self-pleasure as self-love. When you employ sex toys that increase anal or penile stimulation to radical new heights--all of this can be enjoyed even more intensely in mindful, embodied presence! Place your attention on feeling as good as possible. Then other sensations and emotions sink into better perspective!

Every penis in the world is individual, unique in the literal sense, yet fabricated from Stardust through the agency of DNA according to the same basic biological blueprint. They all have the same purpose: perfectly designed for limitless bliss!!!

Carol Leigh: 1951 - 2022

On November 16th, we lost one of the great erotic activists of all time. Carol Leigh coined the term "sex worker." Her intelligence, dedication to sane and humane progress in the realms of sexuality and art, helped to change the world for the better. She edited Joseph Kramer's breakthrough video FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN, which changed my life. Later, she edited my own DVD Trilogy MINDFUL MASTURBATION FOR MEN. Read more about this great woman HERE.

(Trilogy of DVDs)

Available by clicking above or HERE!

Brother Nico's Lunar Glans Penis!

Don't miss the next Guided Group Masturbation Session over Z00M! Join us on Thursday, December 8, 2022, 11 am; 1 pm CST; 2 pm EST, USA to masturbate with intention focus and ejaculate to manifest! Come 15 minutes early and stay a bit late if you like. To reserve your space, click the images Above or Below or click HERE!

Brother Russell Ejaculates With Intention!!!

May all the dreams of your innermost heart come true as you ejaculate with intention!!!

Arunachala, like Mount Kailash, is the Lingam of Shiva!


In Loving Phallic Brotherhood,


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Dec 02, 2022

A little more on Intimacy, as it has been a question for me how this feeling of "nowhere else I'd rather be" manifests in the solo. There is a magickal place in our sessions where internal pressure in the penis matches arterial blood pressure and blood flow in the penis comes to a near standstill. It can be called a point of silence. Rather than ejaculating, or even riding this edge, this is a space in which to turn Inwards for a moment or longer. And then turn Outwards as you gently shift into the more Sexual and orgasmic.

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Dec 02, 2022
Replying to

Yes! I appreciate your comment on the nuances of arousal, Brother Alasdair. In the reference book MALE SEXUAL FUNCTION edited by John J. Mulcahy, which goes into medical and scientific detail, I've learned a lot more about how intricate the functions of the penis are. What remains to be studied as fully as I'd like to see are the various rates of brain chemical and hormone productions during various kinds and stages of arousal. Ejaculation and its aftermath have had some study, but I'd love more detail and the frontier is the specific of non-ejacultory arousal. Also more detailed mapping of the distribution of pleasure-receptor nerves on the head, frenulum, foreskin, shaft, etc. - BPG

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