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Limitless Bliss Can Be Yours!!!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

by Bruce P. Grether

Accept 100% responsibility for how much pure penis pleasure you experience when you embrace the practice of Mindful Masturbation, then one astonishing discovery is that the limitless possibilities for bliss are yours! At first, this requires some study and effort on your part… but the work is also play. It is its own reward!

Discover for yourself hat self-pleasure practiced as self-love is not a substitute for anything else. It is a precious, powerful and mysterious joy in itself.

The Winged Phallus Charms of ancient Roman times, called "Fascinus" gave rise to our modern English word "fascinate." This was for protection from the "Evil Eye," and helped in the practice of Magick, enchantment, and protection from envy. Your own penis has all of these powers!

Modern men all over our beautiful planetary parent, the Earth, are discovering this power in Phallic Brotherhood. Regardless of sexual "identity," men or every color and culture have the same potential to support and empower one another in the full enjoyment of pure penis pleasure.

You can fly! This is a form of pure enjoyment, adult play in utter innocence freed from he standard "sex-hunt" of gay and heterosexual cultural conditioning. Men who are gender fluid, even pansexual, are likely to have a lot more intense erotic fun!

Does this magnificent creature recognize the man's penis as something akin to the Elephant trunk? Or is the contents of the man's trunks simply being sniffed? There's some curiosity involved…

So this is a very important time on Planet Earth for men to consciously shift from insecurity about masculinity, to absolute self-confidence and extreme saturation with erotic pleasure via Mindful Masturbation. For the newbie and initiate, this is like being abducted from your previous life of relative frustration into living in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

You have all of the equipment required to make this quantum shift from neediness to deeply fulfilled and secure masculinity. It starts with willingness to learn and to retrain yourself.

When you let go of the belief that you already know everything about male masturbation, and humble yourself before the truth, you open a portal from this everyday world of uncertainty and struggle into Magical Realms of unsuspected bliss and erotic adventure!

You may quickly begin to experience such powerful, exquisite penis pleasure that it might seem difficult not to ejaculate very soon! But never, ever feel bad about ejaculation, even when you're trying to make it a choice.

There is an Undiscovered Country beyond ejaculating so often, which actually lies beyond the border of what is commonly called "edging."

When you learn to make ejaculation a choice, and to experience longer periods of non-ejaculatory self-pleasure for hours, days, even weeks or months between ejaculations--you truly know from experience that your bliss is genuinely limitless!

The Universe is created by a blissful dynamic represented in many different mythologies and religious traditions since ancient times. Only as human began to imagine Love and Sexuality as separate things, did the detached, abstracted, passionless concepts of Creation appear.

My personal favorite Creation Myth is that of Lord Atom, Lord of the Primordial Mound from ancient Egypt. The Complete One emerged from the Void of Chaos. He masturbated to maintain his own existence and to generate the remainder of Creation.

Every human male who experiences the creative power, the sheer joy, the exultation and celebration of his Living Phallus relives the myths of the Phallic Gods, as you discover in my book THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS.

The comment above recently appeared on the blog before this one! I am so pleased that this book continues to prove valuable to men from all over the world! You can find the book by clicking the quote or click HERE.

Human males are commonly conditioned to believe that sexual pleasure is something you should get from females, or at least that it is supposed to involve another person or people. Well, "it ain't necessarily so." You can increase your bliss manyfold by breaking free from such concepts.

Men who actively embrace masturbation as a primary form of erotic pleasure (if not necessarily the only one) are likely to multiply their experience of physical ecstasy many times over.

If you continue to give yourself as much as you can possibly want, your equipment stays tuned, exercised, in good condition.

Men vary, but whether or not you experience much partnered sex, accepting full responsibility by also enjoying plenty of solo sexuality assures you get enough bliss to help with your physical health and your mental health.

Truly, masturbation is self-care! As you touch and manipulate your erect penis (or indeed your soft penis!) with mindful awareness, you actually make love with yourself.

You create the world you experience: blissfully! The Egyptian myth of Atum, the Complete One reaches its creative climax (literally) when, he curls over and sucks himself to ejaculation. Not all embodied men now can manage this, but that's okay!

Phallic Brotherhood is about mutual and collective encouragement, generosity of spirit and definitely not about comparison. Some men are "growers" and others are "showers" but in capacity for bliss, all erections are far more similar than different.

This hardly matters when we consider that 2 is between 1 and 3. Or as THE BOOK OF THE LAW says: "Every number is infinite; There is no difference."

Homosexual attraction is not only natural, but it is naturally easier for men to comprehend and share the desires of our own sex. Accepting this fully can help create greater social harmony overall. Satisfied men means less harassment for women.

Men must be encouraged to develop more sophisticated self-pleasure skills and to share it with other men in support groups.

Whether in group session, in pairs of Brothers, or solo men, sharing in person or in today's manner sometimes online, it's all good when men share masturbation, which is among our most intimate activities. It's a catharsis, a path to increased mental health. We bond quickly!

Handsome Henry Meadows

This young man has truly blossomed as a fine Mindful Masturbator and Male Erotic Alchemist, as he brings his own pagan spirituality and Magickal traditions into the practice!

Henry recently laid out a Tarot spread that he felt confirmed the value of his participation in our shared Mindful Masturbation Mission, both for him personally, and for the Brotherhood around the world!

Nico: Massage Therapist, Sacred Intimate,

and Mindful Masturbation Coach

This beautiful young man has become part of our team, bringing his own trainings and experience. He grew up in a sex-positive household with female relatives who encouraged him to explore his own sexuality.

Nico plans to join us for this Full Moon event on the 13th, which will be guided by Handsome Young Russell.

This extraordinarily talented young man is definitely an Erotic Wizard in his own right now, and has many other gifts as well, including music, painting, videography, editing and _____! (That's for lots of others I don't know about or forgot!) Russell and I put a lot of work, time and money into the Mindful Masturbation Mission.

You can support us by sending a direct donation to DONATE or join our OnlyFans Page which has over 60 hours of great content!

Don't miss this amazing event coming up soon, as of this writing. After you sign up, before the session you will be sent a Z00M link. If you wish, arrive 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes after to share the fellowship.

To sign up for the Guided Group Session at the Full Moon of July 13th, click on the image above or click HERE.

Namaste & Much Love,


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PDV 68
PDV 68
Sep 06, 2022

Bruce, I was thrilled to discover that the word "fascinate", originates from a penis charm dating back to ancient Roman times.

There is no other word that I would use to describe perfectly how I feel about my own penis, and the study, and practice of Mindful Masturbation than the word, "Fascinating!".

And, there are no better feelings, than the limitless feelings of ecstasy, and bliss that, we, as Mindful Masturbators, and our unique "Fascination" with our penises, are rewarded with in our moment, by moment existence.

Just as, " Where Energy goes - Energy flows!", it can also be said of Mindful Masturbation, "Where Penile Fascination goes - Pure Penile Pleasure flows!"

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Sep 06, 2022
Replying to

Fascinating fact to know, huh? + your comments are marvelous, Brother!!! Thanks so much… Peace, Bruce 😍


Jul 09, 2022

Suggest that you spend longer than 5 minutes reading this blog. It took me 30 minutes to read it, stopping at 27 pix to contemplate each caption and jack out a nice dry orgasm from my supercharged cock as my energy spiraled up and up.

Jun 13, 2023
Replying to

If you aren't spending long periods of time reading and re-reading these posts, you aren't doing it right! I absorb them best reading while erect "RWE" and/or reading while stroking "RWS"


Jul 08, 2022

A note on " less harassment for women." Academically this is know as "the coital imperative." These practices offer a very viable solution. In partnered sex it allows you focus on an all too often neglected aspect, intimacy.


Jul 08, 2022

I always smile whenever I see a new E.E. blog post announced in an email. It always feels like a little gift was dropped in my lap, and I get tingly all over. Always an exciting, valuable read. "The Secret of The Golden Phallus" is my masturbation "bible."

Jun 13, 2023
Replying to

I keep "The secret" on my nightstand and refer to it often. It changed my life and led me on a path to living my best life.

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