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Infinite Penis Blessings!!!

by Bruce P. Grether

My multi-talented and Handsome Young cohort, Russell AKA Dragon Puppy III, often offers this dedication: "Infinite Penis Blessings!!!" Your penis can definitely open the doors of perception for you…

Handsome Young Cameron J. Gordon decided to bless himself for his birthday with a session of my coaching. (Contact me there!) After the spectacular offering of "Wood Metal" from Phallic Brother Alasdair (below), enjoy a photo tour of my first session with Cam.

This remarkable man practices Male Erotic Alchemy from a Far Eastern standpoint. His studies of Taoist Sexuality and Traditional Chinese Medicine principle and Qigong, modern sexual science and his long-time practice of Mindful Masturbation produces the remarkable synthesis that follows.

Please enjoy the following images and diagrams with a light-hearted, easy-going awareness, without struggle to intellectually absorb and comprehend concepts that may be new. Take your time, masturbate while you peruse this. Allow it to flow through you like a mountains stream of cleansing, relaxing, fertilizing awareness.

Turning on the tap to unlimited pleasure…

Something quite different from the Western tradition is the Chinese Five elements: Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Earth. These are not so much literal materials (though they can be) but qualities we experience in our world.

"Xi Sui Jing" is a Qigong teaching that involves erotic cultivation. The book quoted is for serious Qigong practitioners. I find the term "Brain Washing" easy too misunderstand, and prefer to say "Brain Bathing." (QIGONG: THE SECRET OF YOUTH.)

The Element Wood, can be associated with anything that like a Tree, rises and stands, and seeks to be recognized for what it is. The seasonal association is with Springtime.

The associated movement for Metal is downwards. Its Season is Autumn.

To grasp how the Five Chinese Elements relate to our daily human expeirnec of the world, the Seasons and Life itself, check out: THE WAY OF THE FIVE ELEMENTS.

I am no expert in the meridians and acupressure points of TCM. But I know they are valid and valuable. I know people who can press my body in a certain place and manner that dramatically proves it to me.

If you have questions about these matters and how they relate to erotic cultivation, please do not hesitate to address comments to Alasdair at the end of this blog, okay?

Late Summer is the season associated with the Chinese Earth Element, and this may be considered the first of two harvests in some parts of the world.

Earth acts as a center of balance, a fulcrum or center around which other elements move, turn and relate. In the Chinese system, unlike many traditions which view the Earth as feminine (Gaia), or masculine as with the Egyptian Earth god Geb, here the Earth is not actually Yin or Yang. Yet it can have Yang and Yin channels.

In terms of massage and reflexology meridians, there are Yang and Yin channels of flowing Qi, or energy.

Earth creates shape, forms, just as stream and riverbanks guide the flow of water. Also, the Yin channel of the Earth Element relates to that specially deep, kindly, and indulgent affection and relationship between grandsons and their grandfathers.

The Element Water is associated with Winter, the season we are as of the writing and publication of the blog post. Remember that all such seasonal aspects of the year are merely parts of the greater, timeless whole of the cycle.

This is the only Element naturally found in three states: liquid, solid, and gas in three conditions: common temperate temperatures, frigid cold seasons, and atmospheric conditions of a wide variety.

Yang qualities are associated with activity, warmth, motion.

Yin qualities relate to rest, coolness, stillness.

The Fire Element in Chinese tradition relates to the season of Summer, outdoor activity. All actual heat and flames we experience ultimately come from the Sun. The original human taming of Fire as a useful tool and process also led to increased warming of the human heart, as families and extended families grew more connected.

Sensory and felt associations are laughter, scorched odors, the emotion of joy!

Hot, bright, expansive.

Lesser heat, dimming, contraction.

Qigong practice of "Xi Sui Jing," or non-ejaculatory erotic cultivation increases the flow of energy through the body, converting this into Qi, meaning vital force or universal energy. In Yogic teachings consider circulating life-force energy within the body.

Follow the breath, allow erotic ecstasy to charge up your trillions of cells. Let this bliss sink into the marrow of your bones and become part of YOU.

Just as the Kundalini or Serpent Fire is actually the flow of nervous system signals along the spinal column and through various levels of endocrine gland activation, so the flowering of Qi that arises from cultivating is not only nourishing, but transformational!

You can convert the essence of your semen into Qi. Done with skill and mindful self-awareness, this process does not increase your sexual desire, rather it elevates your consciousness to new levels of alertness and joyful celebration of the simple fact of being fully alive!

This requires a calm gaze as you admire your erect penis without vanity or egotism. After all, it is not YOU who created this organ's variable magnificence, but the evolutionary process of your Ancestors over many millennia.

You male Ancestors developed you highly-evolved human penis as to tool of communication between you and your fellow men. It serves as a biological signal to trigger arousal and spiritual communion in Phallic Brotherhood.

The Golden Acorn of Sex Magick Focus!

During our monthly Full Moon Guided Sessions of Mindful Masturbation and Solosex Magick, and during your own individual sessions, the most effective way to keep your intention focused during the brain-dissolve of ejaculation is to place it with in a simple image such as this!

Cam Gordon Takes Off His Pants…

Please give a warm wet welcome in your heart and between your legs to Cam! This beautiful young man gifted himself for his birthday by asking me to coach him in Mindful Masturbation. Here you see him taking off his trouser before our first session.

Cam's background in Yoga, science, all manner of personal brilliance, prepared this man whose body, heart, mind and soul are all exquisite. You can see here that he is well equipped for the practice…

Lubricated with coconut oil, the handsome young fellow takes hold of his penis and begins the slow stroking I've urged him to perform. He employs his left hand, being largely right-handed, in order to enact neuroplasticity. If you missed my BW blog on the subject, please click HERE to read it!

Any genuinely mindful practice in which you explore new territory or re-train yourself with new techniques for familiar terrain, literally wires new neurological pathways into your brain and nervous system.

The delicious intensity of Cam's left-handed stroking on his penis shows on his face, and I urged him to press and rub on his perineum directly behind that magnificent ball-sac where his huge manly testes are contained.

vThough I've encouragied this superb masturbator to explore the possibilities of Male Erotic Alchemy via non-ejaculatory sessions, as usual, I seek to be ejaculation-friendly! See how that extra pressure with the middle finger of his right hand makes his expression a bit goofy?

Here's precisely how goofy it IS, as Cam's semen erupts from the fleshy obelisk of his erect penis…

…and he produces quite a spectacle!!!

To savor the afterglow of your session is something I always encourage coaching clients to practice, whether you choose to ejaculate or not! Even if you end your session with ejaculation, I urge you to lie back at the end and place your hands on top of your head. Take your time and relax even deeper!

Also, it's great to appreciate and enjoy the penis in every stage of arousal, from totally soft to huge and hard and back again. The penis forever waxes and wanes like the Moon, changing like the tides and seasons--all cycles!!!

Cam's Bateworld ID = WILL2STRETCH

You can contact him on that site, by entering this ID in the Member Search cell! He is a fantastic fellow and I am now also grateful to call him my Phallic Brother! Tell him HI fromBruce, okay?

My gratitude for these Brothers, Russell, Alasdair, and Cam, and also for YOU extends beyond any capacity of words to express.

Much Love,


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