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Honor the Ancestral Penis!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

by Bruce P. Grether

Have you ever considered the great questions of "Where did I come from?" and "Where am I going?" and "Who AM I?" In a certain real sense the answer to all of these can be found between your own legs in the form of your Living Phallus!

That is no mere symbol or image of a deity! Rather it is your incredibly variable male organ, from softly cool to rigidly flushed with heat--your penis! You have inherited your penis from every male in your lineage going back to the beginning of penises. That began with the emergence of amphibians from the water onto the shoreline, and with reptiles that lived all of their lives on land.

For a male creature to emit a mass of sperm cells in the water near a receptive female no longer sufficed to assure fertilization and continuation of the species. In reptiles, the early forerunner of the penis was kept within the body until it began to grow erect and emerged in order to be able to do its job. Thus it appeared externally only as needed. This changed…

The mammalian penis tends to appear external to the abdomen, even while it may remain enclosed in a sheath of tissue until erection occurs. Your human penis is always external.

The ability of this organ to generate pleasurable sensations is closely aligned with instinctive and hormonal urges to mate, but we 21st Century men have learned to prolong and intensify the bliss.

Our closest living relatives, the Bonobos (formerly known as Pygmy Chimpanzees) actually enjoy erotic stimulation intensely. In fact the Bonobos tend to resolve conflicts by having sexual relations, with great promiscuity and gender fluidity, even incestuously.

We humans have evolved a penis far larger, longer, thicker and wider relative to our body size than any other Great Ape.

At the same time, our testicles remain relatively small compared to our body size, in contrast with Chimpanzees. The Chimp's testes weight over 1/3rd the weight of their brain, while ours weigh in at about 3% of our brain weight.

Other Apes are designed to copulate doggy-style from the rear, except Bonobos who, like us, can enjoy face-to-face fun.

Clearly evolutionary selection has led to the large size of the human penis relative to body size (though this does not hold up compared with monkeys, it is true with other Apes). Yet this is not due to women's preferences.

Female humans are not so concerned with the penis size of their mates. As a display mechanism, the human penis is evidently so large in order to impress or even intimidate or attract other men for playtime.

The size of men's penises varies widely. The actual function of the penis, in terms of reproduction, pleasing a partner, or the capacity to produce pleasure for YOU, its owner, actually has little to do with its size. Your opinion and attitude towards your penis are far more important in this sense!

In prehistoric times, through natural selection ancient humans morphed the penis of our species from something more like that of Chimps in dimension, to the magnificent pillar of flesh capped by an elegant mushroom head that we see today.

Though penis size is not irrelevant to females, they seem more impressed by girth of the organ than by its length, while males tend to value length as well.

Human females apparently value sexual relations not only for pleasure, but also for the reproductive function. They care how they might bond a male to them as helper in raising young. Males seem to have participated in the enlargement and complexification of the human penis to a great extent for the purely pleasurable sensations it can produce.

Such pleasure can be generated manually by any human male, and created in tandem with other males.

Only when male dominance tied paternity to "ownership" of property did the actual paternity of offspring come to matter. Males sought to control reproduction of their offspring and to claim territory and possessions.

While female attention naturally went toward raising young, males often sought erotic pleasure for its own sake and discovered this could be fully enjoyed with fellow males.

Selective pressures that have morphed the human penis actually mean that, though size varies, in reality, not many men have extremely small or extremely large penises. The vast majority are in the happy medium of being far larger relative to body size of any Ape.

In a 2006 survey, it was found that while only 14% of women wished their partner's penis was bigger, 45% of men reported they wished their own penis was larger.

The evolution of the human penis has occurred mostly in about the last two million years, influenced by such matters as the bipedal stance and locomotion of our Ancestors standing upright on two legs. Also, the front-facing head and torso, and the dexterous hands with opposable thumbs evolved in perfect proportion for manipulating the penis and balls.

Science speculates that the head of your penis evolved with a coronal ridge, that flared edge of the mushroom that divides your glans penis from the "neck" of the shaft, in order to scoop back out the semen of any previous male who copulated with your mate. Whether or not this is the case, this visually-elegant design has led to that tactile wonder that your touch can stimulate so deliciously!

If you wonder about the length of your erect penis (human average is somewhere around 5-to-6 inches) just be glad you're not a Chimp, whose average is about 3 inches, or a Gorilla at about 1.25. Again, this matters far more to your fellow men than to other humans!

Primates in general, including Chimps usually have a penis bone. However, your human penis evolved to grow huge, hot and heavy and outstanding via a process called "vasocongestion." By design the increased blood flow into it and expansion also pinches off the vessels that carry blood out of your penis = penile erection. Thus your penis is far longer and thicker than those of those evolutionary cousins, yet more flexible and "bendy" as well!

Among primates, only the human penis has such a dramatic and exquisite bulbous head, or mushroom cap at the apex, along with the distinctive frenulum, that delicate strip of skin at the underside of the glans penis that connects the head with the shaft.

In circumcised men, when present enough to see and feel, the frenulum may be exquisitely sensitive. It is in fact a remnant of the foreskin, which it tends to draw back up toward the head when the foreskin has been pushed down along the upper shaft.

Your human penis is far more complex than other primate penises which are basically somewhat tapered and functional delivery systems. Be grateful that your Male Ancestors morphed the penis you inherited from them into something so extraordinary! It's capable not only of providing you measureless, potentially limitless amounts of pleasure, but of actually learning to do so with increasing skilled effectiveness! Yes, you can train your penis!

Creator Gods of antiquity like the Sumerian Enki and The Egyptian Atum created the World and Life Itself via their pure penis pleasure and ejaculations. And now, some millennia later, your marvelous 21st Century penis is far more complex than would be required if it was a purely functional sperm depositor!

Tutankhamun depicted as Nefertum

If you read my book THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS: MALE EROTIC ALCHEMY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY, you may notice my account of the ancient Egyptian deity "Nefertum."

He is the God of the Blue Lotus, Lord of Fragrances, spirit of a flower that is actually the water-lily Nymphaea cerulea, which has euphoria-inducing and mildly hallucinogenic properties the Egyptians greatly prized. Nefertum means "Handsome Young Phallic God of the Morning Sun Whose Beautiful Act of Masturbation Creates the World."

And in modern times, though the current people are not mainly direct descendants of the ancient people, there are a great many extremely handsome young men in Egypt. One would hope they know how to pleasure themselves and each other!

The next LIVE Group Masturbation Session on Zoom:

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 11am PST/ 2pm EST

To sign up click the image above or HERE.

Handsome Young Russell, who has become a remarkable facilitator of such events, will lead an hour of Mindful Masturbation over Zoom on November 24th (above), where you can SEE the other men and BE SEEN in a safe container. You will be sent an invitation and link to the Zoom session. We hope you'll join us for this incredibly intense erotic experience!!!

So the Phallic Brotherhood we advocate now, and even Mindful Masturbation, may not be anything quite so new as it seems. However, in these days of Internet porn and poppers, we are rather subversive to the mainstream of male masturbation, with our focus on Nature and being present and simply using your own hands!

Enjoy Yourself and Be in Touch,

Peace & Much Love,


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14 Kommentare

08. Nov. 2021

IMHO, the word mindful means mind-empty. When you’re high on penile pleasure, you move away from the mind and allow erotic energy to bring the body into paradise.

Gefällt mir
08. Nov. 2021
Antwort an

Good points, Brothers Bill and Tim! Mindful in the Buddhist Zen meditation tradition that influenced my word choice 20 years ago means "being present in the body," not just mentally alert, but somatically, in embodiment! It's not being full of mind, but in a sense allowing mind to overflow the container and overwhelm thinking in full attention, alertness, heightened awareness!!! - BPG

Gefällt mir

05. Nov. 2021

Great information about the history of the development of the penis. The photos of the guys enjoying themselves are delightful.

Gefällt mir
19. Nov. 2021
Antwort an

Thank you for sending that beautiful prayer.

Gefällt mir

04. Nov. 2021

the power of the cock unites us all.

Gefällt mir
07. Nov. 2021
Antwort an

Yes, it’s

Gefällt mir

04. Nov. 2021

Beautifully done, informative testimony to the majesty of Cock. Kudos

Gefällt mir
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