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Help Us Plant Our Phallic Forest of Brotherhood!

by Bruce P. Grether

Russell, Henry and I extend to you a personal invitation to help us plant "Golden Acorns," which represent the intention to propagate the Phallic Forest of Brotherhood worldwide! We invite you to act as Phallic Forest Stewards.

This may sound ambitious, even audacious, but we'd like to quickly increase the membership of our OnlyFans Phallic Brotherhood page by 10X. Our means is the delicious, ecstatic process we call Male Solo Sex Magick. As such, this form of Magick somewhat resembles Law of Attraction psychology, only it restores the missing element.

So-called "Law of Attraction" doesn't really work by simply thinking positive and expecting what you wish for to fall into your lap. What is often missing from that teaching is the crucial element of feeling good about what you focus upon. Those good feelings are clearly restored when you add Mindful Masturbation to the mix! Plus you take appropriate action.

So here, you can literally see where the Phallic Forest has been planted so far, at least as erotic potential! The Americas are pretty well covered, and the so-called "Old World" shows a kind of diagonal surge upward from East-to-West. Also the southern regions of Africa are not without plenty of Brothers!

Our Phallic Forest of Brotherhood is both figurative and literal on several levels. Our penises have an arboreal quality as they grow and stand upright, connecting lower and higher realms. It's marvelous when men gather naked in actual forested places!

Regardless of how you may identify your sexuality, if you love your own penis and like to masturbate without conditioned guilt or shame, you can appreciate the penises and the masturbatory practice of your fellow men.

Younger men tend to have intense erotic energy, and be especially highly-sexed during their twenties and thirties, and often experience spontaneous erections often during the day, perhaps masturbating to ejaculation several times each day--at least!

As men mature, reaching forty is quite often a threshold when having relations with others as either binary sex or any variations has been experienced enough that many human males begin to explore self-pleasure again and reclaim it as a practice just as valuable as any form of erotic enjoyment.

In the Kingdom of Bhutan, a Himalayan nation known for the happiness of its citizens, a tradition of sacred phallic art goes back centuries to a legendary holy man, who actually existed. Drukpa Kunley (1455–1529), also called the "Divine Madman" was a Tibetan Lama who visited Bhutan. He shamelessly prized his own penis and phallic power and yet was considered a saint.

And just as the sacred phalluses of Drukpa Kunley decorate and protect the walls of buildings in modern day Bhutan, now with the renaissance of male masturbation as a holy and self-actualizing activity, this practice becomes another animal altogether!

Come Out of the Masturbator Closet!

One major way you can help us to plant Golden Acorns is to evaluate your own attitude toward your penis and masturbation. Consider opening up to other men you know, not necessarily to actively recruit them. Just to let them know that you adore your penis and you love to masturbate.

Though various men you know are likely to react in a wide variety of ways, let me challenge you to try to open up to at least ten men in the coming days. You may even discover a real-time masturbation buddy or group, to share mutual masturbation and frottage with!

We Erotic Engineers offer a wide range of resources. We provide many FREE video coaching. Our OnlyFans has more and more amazing masturbation-oriented resources, as well as weekly LIVE Group Sessions. If your buddies are interested, please direct them to Erotic Engineering + our Phallic Brotherhood + the OnlyFans page.

How you relate to your own penis and the penises of your fellow men are both part of the same male human nature you possess. This, along with your appreciation for masturbation are not only something wonderful in your life, but crucial to the future of the planet.

Yes, the future belongs to the young. Some things may not be easy to change for the better until certain cabals of greedy old white men who are super-rich simply die off. However, many of us elders (such as me!) plan to stick around a while, and continue to share our wisdom with all interested Brothers.

The young Brother above wears gorgeous skin-art that suggests his beautiful, open heart, his whimsical appreciation for beauty, innocence, and Nature. I could be wrong, but tatts tend to tell no lies to a discerning "reader."

Also, among the global scope of the Phallic Brotherhood are the Naga Babas, the Naked Sadhus of India. Among the most ancient traditions of holy men in the world, these men give up everything considered "worldly," often including garments.

These Naga Babas sometimes smear their bodies with ash from the cremations along the riverside as a reminder of fleeting mortality. They preserve ancient shamanic traditions such as the animism that views Fire as the god Agni. Before India's infection with Victorian prudery, these holy men may have engaged in actual erotic Phallic Brotherhood as Tantrick Same-Sex Magick.

The term "homoerotic" means literally erotic attraction to what resembles you. Thus, this kind of Phallic Brotherhood may be called that, though consider what this actually means.

If you can love, celebrate, and stimulate your penis without any guilt or shame, then the same applies to the penises of your fellow men and their enjoyment of masturbation.

The pursuit of pure penis pleasure for its own sake through Mindful Masturbation has the capacity to transform your erotic experience of being a human male into one of open-hearted enjoyment of your body and the bodies of your fellow men.

To the extent that you can satisfy your own erotic desires via self-pleasure as self-love and share this with fellow men, you may become kinder and more respectful of everyone else. True Phallic Brotherhood spells the end of male dominance, male fears and insecurities, and the actual discovery of a New Earth.

Handsome young Russell and our beloved Brother Henry now collaborate, opening our arms and our hearts to you, to invite you to practice Sex Magick with us for the next two weeks, from October 6th to the 20th. If you have not joined our OnlyFans page, please do that, for the beautiful and arousing resources we offer, also to help support our Mission. Masturbate Mindfully as much as possible, with the focused intent of the Golden Acorn, then on the 20th join our online "see/be seen" interactive z00m session to ejaculate consciously with us!

Special Note About October 20th Circle:

(Russell speaking:) This Circle of Men takes place on the powerful Full Moon in Aries, a time when our Penis Magick prowess is strong. Bruce P. Grether has asked the Mindful Masturbators of our community to join together and focus our energy on the concept of expanding the Phallic Brotherhood and the idea that this work reach every man in the world! With the hopes that every man relaxes into acceptance of himself as a sexual being, to realize the full potential of his pure penis pleasure, and to embrace and share that pleasure with others without shame!

From now until October 20th, we will masturbate and generate as many good feelings as possible by stimulating our bodies and Penises, all the while focusing on the sacred intention of Mindful Masturbation reaching the masses, and increasing our connection with our Phallic Brothers! When we finally ejaculate, releasing the sum total of our collective energy, guided by our conscious mind, we will enact a magick ritual that will ripple over the face of our Beloved Earth!

Click this LINK to register. You will be emailed a z00m link prior to the event. Feel free to connect 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes afterwards for some Phallic Brother social time. Sign up to take your place in the group and share your ejaculatory energy with us!

Please click the graphic above as another route

to join us on the 20th!

(Bruce again): That about says it all! We want YOU as a Phallic Forester of our Brotherhood. Think about it clearly--if you try this with us, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Don't hesitate to contact me, Russell, or Henry, via DM on Twitter if you have any questions.

Much Love,


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