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Grateful for My Penis, Your Penis & All Penises!

Updated: Jan 1

by Bruce P. Grether

Every morning before I get out of bed for my day, I masturbate mindfully for a while, and usually I choose not to ejaculate. Often I only ejaculate once a month during our Full Moon Guided Sessions via Z00M.

Handsome Young Russell is extraordinary in his role of facilitating these events. He is a major gift to our Loving Phallic Brotherhood of Men! I am extremely grateful for my own penis, for your penis and for all penises on the planet!

Consciously and mindfully employed, the human male penis becomes a Way of Transformation, a natural path into the Clear Light beyond illusions! In my own daily morning practice, the erotic sensations of pure penis pleasure feel better and better every day!

Many monks and priests, regardless of culture or religion, have always gotten up early at 3 am or 4 am because the testosterone cycle normally peaks then. Thus a man wakes up with "Morning Wood" or finds it is especially easy for him to become erect and enjoy pleasuring himself.

Surely this practice is a direct path of communion with Nature, or you may call it Prime Source, or even "God" though I would call it that aspect of yourself that is a Phallic God. Handsome Young Henry Meadows, is another great gift to our Brotherhood!

Henry has brought into our Phallic Brotherhood Mission not only his intellectual brilliance, but also a lovely foreskin--something often missing in the USA.

Henry has guided LIVE sessions you can find on our Phallic Brotherhood OnlyFans Page, and also appears in many other videos on there, sometimes with me, or with Russell and other men.

Brother Nico, is a fine Masseur and Sacred Intimate and excellent Mindful Masturbation coach. He is also an immense gift and precious resource for Men on a path of erotic self-discovery.

One powerful benefit from Mindful Masturbation is how the intense, prolonged states of pure penis pleasure actually provide a genuine, natural spiritual practice for a man. This allows you to truly enter into embodied PRESENCE, in the senes of Be Here Now.

You enter an autonomous zone in which your sensations allow your body, heart and mind to soar beyond any sense of the past or the future. You feel a deep rightness, reassurance, even protection from troubles and problems in your life and in the world beyond you.

How does this happen? Is it an illusion? This comes about because when you are truly present, mindfulness brings you into the "Eternal Now," where most of the time there truly are no big problems. You feel safe and relaxed enough to be cultivating your erotic pleasure in a conscious and deliberate fashion.

Right NOW you feel incredibly, indescribably good! The Present Moment is, in fact, always the only actual, real time that exists, though as humans we easily slip into our mind to regret or long for the past with nostalgia. We may also fear the future or hope for better times.

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Your pure penis pleasure can put you face-to-face with the Clear Light of no illusions. You see everything precisely as it is!!! See my recent article "Neuroplasticity and Masturbation" . Conscious cultivation of your erotic energy actually rewires new pathways into your brain, nervous system, entire body and penis!

This is why my own practice of Mindful Masturbation every morning before I get up out of bed and begin my day, continues to only feel better-and-better. Personally, I only began this practice in 1995, when I was already forty-two years of age, so imagine how it will benefit younger men who start doing it earlier!

When you cultivate your erotic energy this way, you experience greater physical bliss than you have ever known before. The best way to truly learn it this to take a break, at least for a few weeks or months, from other kinds of sexual relationships. Focus exclusively in recreating your solo pleasure in this regenerative, nourishing, and empowering manner.

Regardless of your age or appearance, to masturbate mindfully helps you keep your heart open to loving others, with a feeling of increasing confidence and safety. Vulnerability shifts from a source of anxiety to become the strength of sensitive awareness.

You and your penis are aligned: the head of your penis activates your intelligence and open-mindedness. The frenulum at the underside of your glans penis helps you tune in your intuition. The upper shaft connects with your heart. The rest of the shaft relates to your torso as a whole and your gut.

I feel indescribable gratitude for my penis, for your penis, and for all penises. Mundane everyday male masturbation to escape sexual frustration, or just "jacking off" out of boredom and nothing else better to do, doesn't really help our species. It just maintains you in a kind of holding pattern. The potentials of Mindful Masturbation take us light-years beyond that!

Phallic Brotherhood explores the common ground that all human males share simply by virtue of our biological design. Our human penis has evolved far beyond its original reproductive purpose into the realm of nonverbal communication and spiritual communion with fellow men.

This becomes possible for men of all sexualities who are willing to look beyond their conditioned beliefs around masculinity, gender, and social-sexual roles. To share male arousal and penis pleasure creates a natural spiritual path for men apart from limiting cultural and religious parameters.

How nice for THIS to become THIS! My suggestion is for men to wash your hands in a restroom BEFORE you open your fly and touch your genitals! I keep my penis and balls clean. Plus, mildly funky odors and secretions can be kind of nice to sniff on your fingers, right???

Then there is the Great God Pan, just one of the best known forms of the Horned One, the Horned God. His variants range from Lord Shiva with the Crescent Moon on his head, to the European Cernunnos. Even the Xstian Devil is modeled upon Lord Pan. However, as the God of Nature, Lord of Forest and Field, the Woodland God and Lord of Animals, Pan is always ithyphallic, his phallus forever erect: alert to presence!

Regardless of other details of your daily life and existence in the world now entering the Year 2023, your male genitalia is among the greatest gifts you possess, when you open the gifts of their unlimited possibilities for bliss, personal growth, conscious transformation.

What Ancient Egyptians called "Udjat," or the Wisdom Eye, also relates to that single eye, the meatus or "eyelid" at the tip of the head of your penis. "Meatus" comes from Latin that means "passage." This is the portal into the Eternal Now, but also potentially, into a better future than anything before. Some would call it the Crown Chakra, or Thousand-Petalled Lotus.

Handsome Young Russell's spectacular penis with what appears to be a tiny ooze of pre-cum or Cowper's fluid at the meatus. If enough human males, perhaps 3.5% or so, can be inspired to practice masturbating mindfully, the planet will shift in a better direction. Let's make it so!

Consider supporting our Mission by hiring Russell to coach you in Mindful Masturbation! You can find him on Twitter HERE or contact him via EMAIL.

Don't miss the Next Full Moon Guided Group Session!

Russell will facilitate on Friday, January 6th, 2023, 11 am PST, 1 pm CST, 2 PM EST, USA. The session is an hour long, and you can choose to ejaculate or not. You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early for fellowship and stay 15 minutes after.

Sign up HERE, or by clicking the image above (until one hour before the event).

Much Love in the Year 2023, my Phallic Brothers!

Bruce P. Grether

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