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Full Moon Penis!

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

You actually experience the Full Moon energy whenever you attain a full erection and enjoy the incredible sensitivity of the head of your penis, the puffed-out glans with its basically lunar in its shape.

For intact men, this is possible whenever you draw your foreskin back down and uncover the head for exposure to intense direct stimulation. Circumcised men, in a sense, experience the Full Moon energy all the time while erect and being stimulated.

Plus, in terms of the actual Full Moon of the Lunar Cycle that you witness in the skies above the the Earth, the energy of this monthly event can be processed for about three days around the actual astronomical event. In this case it is precisely 9:28 PM Central Time Zone, USA, on December 29th, 2020.

Glans Penis resembles Gibbous Phase of Moon!

This direct connection between your penis and the Moon, the links of the Living Phallus with the Lunar Cycle of tides, phases, months, was well understood by man accent people and is something well worth reclaiming as 21st Century men! (See the similarity noted above?)

Glans more like the Crescent of Emerging or Yielding Moon

A major reason the Moon and your penis are connected is a form of what is called Sympathetic Magick: a similarity actually can connect things. Your penis is the most variable part of your anatomy: it waxes and wanes, growing from smaller soft-as-jelly state to larger rigid-as-wood condition, and dwindles back to softness.

So. What specifically does the Full Moon mean? It brings you to the fullest expression and manifestation of who and what you are. Everything that you are up to this point become apparent and visible, as you have the opportunity to utilize all of your gifts in whatever way fulfills you most completely.

You could say that this is where the Path of Your Soul (whatever that may be!) and the Path of Your Penis converge and intersect. You have probably noticed that if you don't pay attention to the impending Full Moon energy, it can really throw you off, render you sleepless, make you feel over-stimulated, disgruntled, disoriented, even aggressive.

However, if you pay attention and allow the sweetest, deepest and highest rewards of Mindful Masturbation to help you to surf on top of any gravity that might pull you downward, the Full Moon can be a portal, a MoonGate that opens into a luminous, precious, fertile realm of experiencing embodied Heaven on Earth = Penis Paradise!

At this peak of the Lunar Cycle, as in full erection with your glans penis maximally exposed to stimulation, you are empowered to embrace your full potential, along with your erotic potency as a human male. Relationships with others may grow deeper and stronger, or simply dissolve as you shine the bright light of clear and honest awareness upon them!

Be ready for anything as you listen profoundly to the wisdom of the pure penis pleasure your body is equipped to provide for you. Practice Mindful Masturbation with fully developed skills and ride the ecstatic Ley-lines of your inner landscape in pursuit of phallic bliss for its own sake.

This is no time to overthink. Pay close attention to your own body and to the bodies of your Phallic Brothers. Admire the nuances of diversity, as well as the essential similarities with all other men whose bodies are fabricated by genetic wisdom according to the same remarkable design of evolution. Stardust, to RNA, to DNA, to organism, to trillions of cells in the collective being you are as a human body.

When you can experience the practice safely, without concerns over health issues, you may discover that rubbing your aroused male genitalia against the aroused genitalia of a Phallic Brother communicates, connects and bonds you on deeper nonverbal levels than almost any other form of shared experience.

Pay attention to the actual and human realities behind such curious institutions as religious hierarchies, beliefs, rituals and practices. In truth, no doubt thousands of priests for centuries have grown aroused hearing men confess such supposed "mortal sins" as masturbation and doubtless themselves masturbated to hear such explicit confessions.

The Full Moon is a time to manifest your true self and to communicate who and what you are by being authentic. Reveal yourself bravely and honestly. Any tendency toward exhibitionism may in fact become teaching by example; by example, encourage others to be shamelessly and openly true to themselves!

Phallic Brotherhood is a sacred trust that emerges not from any external source, but from expressing completely who and what you are on the inside, by allowing your inner self to emerge into full visibility.

Reach for what you really want in your innermost heart and grasp the engorged, expansive evidence of this that reaches out for your hands just as you reach for the swollen and risen phalluses of your fellow men in order not only to give one another pleasure, but to manually and in full tactile expression affirm and confirm your Phallic Brotherhood with fellow men.

From this open, honest, complete revelation and expression of yourself emerges genuine happiness that fills your heart and radiates from your face. The moment of fullness when the Moon is precisely opposite from the Sun is like your smile: it illuminates those who behold it and they reflect it back with the burst of joy that fills their own hearts.

Bruce's Penis Head Viewed as the Full Moon!

So here is that moment of full illumination from the perspective of the Earth--or Gaia--from between the Sun and the Moon, when the ecliptic longitudes of Moon and Sun differentiate by 180 degrees, meaning precisely half of the 360 degree circle. You can see from the photo above how my glans penis viewed from straight on echoes the Lunar Orb.

Plus, let's not ignore the fact that the Mysteries of the Moon bring us back into communion with Powers far older than those figures of the more familiar mainstream religions which may distance us from the Divine Source in Nature. Let the Moon Gods such as Tehuti, Khonsu, Alignak, Men, Mani, Nanna, Tsukiyomi, illuminate fully your Path of Penis.

As you explore the Lunar Dimensions of your own penis, always keep in mind that its primary purpose if to connect you with your animal nature and even more, with Nature itself. Your penis is not just an organ of sexuality and erotic sensations of bliss--it is an organ of Love! Your heart directly connects with both your head and your penis; these three form a kind of trinity by which you are whole.

Don't miss the extraordinary experience of my Erotic Wizard's Apprentice, Young Russell, who I now consider a Wizard. Though I am still his mentor, he has done the work of the Initiate and the Adept and is now a member of the Order of Erotic Wizards! To benefit from his marvelous energy and allow his Magick to fill you with ecstasy. Find him HERE.

Here's the real message of the Full Moon: Penis Paradise really IS Heaven on Earth!

Peace & Namaste,


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Mo O
Mo O
Dec 10, 2022

Please remove the third photo of a single man from the top. It's of me and I did not consent to it being posted.

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Dec 10, 2022
Replying to



Jan 04, 2021

Guess what my New Years Resolution is?


Dec 30, 2020

In need of guidance suffering from PE and it is not fun. I feel like I will never really be on the golden path. Any guidance is welcomed .

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