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Every Erection is a New World!

by Bruce P. Grether

Your erection is capable of taking you into another "world," not necessarily as an escape from horrible things in this world, but as a thrilling adventure. Stories featuring many timelines, each a different world, now abound. The Multiverse is trending! It starts between your legs.

Pure penis pleasure is mysteriously always a great story! It transports you to a realm in which your own life is the Hero's Journey. You can take yourself into such a New World at any time by your own choice. It's literally in your hands.

Such stories are not always easy and happy, but may come with challenges, and yet you are perfectly equipped! As a male human being, you are born with everything it takes to do what I call "Ride the Naga."

Employ your erotic energy to surf the cycle of ongoing changes. That lovely, fleshy acorn-shaped head of your penis bears an uncanny relationship with the Moon! Glans and Lunar Sphere are literally connected. The forms echo one another in parallel.

The Faces of the MOON MOTHER: an archetypal cycle

by Rowena Pattee Kryder

My friend Rowena, who entered the Light in 2014, had a Kundalini Rising experience as a young mother in Berkeley, California in the 1960s. To beat her insomnia, she began to study mythologies and symbols. She poured out creative work for the rest of her life!

June 18th, 2023, the day I plan to send out my newsletter and publish this blog, is the New Moon, also sometimes called the Dark Moon. In the image above this one, see Rowena called the 16-phase cycle the "Draconic Month."


Rowena plotted the phases in parallel with the Ouroboros Serpent (that bites its own tail) which is the Erotic Engineering sign for Mindful Masturbation. Your erection is more like a line than the wiggly worm of your soft penis. Each erection creates a new timeline.

Your penis is like the Naga, the King of Serpents in Asian imagery, which is often a deity of the deep river waters who guards his home, the Palace of Wisdom.

Manipulate your erection and you invoke this Naga, this Dragon. You stir the Kundalini Energy from its nest of eggs, your scrotum.

Rowena says of the New Moon:

"There are times when I go down to the sea,

the primal sea of the void,

where I walk to understand the cosmic cycles."

"Everything in nature is a story, a teaching, a true myth -

the clouds, branches, stones, leaves, ants, birds, mammals."

"There is a golden column all the way to heaven

and a great flashing of white wings around it.

It is a transfusion of compassion into the earth."

"We are crossing the sea of the dark night

in the boats of our bodies, these vehicles of light."

- Rowena Pattee Kryder, THE FACES OF THE MOON MOTHER, p. 76

Will Parry is the New Adam!

In HIS DARK MATERIALS--both the novels by Philip Pullman and the recent 3-season television adaptation--there is a prophecy among the Witches of the North concerning a girl who will become the New Eve. In this story of many worlds, her name is Lyra. Of course, she requires an Adam with her in the Garden of Paradise, so they can Fall. His name is Will.

The story suggests that experience should be valued over innocence, and that the "Fall" in this case is not evil, but a good thing, a matter of learning and of gaining maturity.

The new Adam and Eve actually preserve the integrity of all the worlds as their daemons, external animal souls settle into fixed forms. The daemons of children often change form, but upon adulthood, the daemon settles to reflect the person's character.

Will and Lyra (above) as Dust (consciousness) accumulates in them. When this shift is felt, the angel Xaphania says: "The flow of Dust is slowing down." (Dust leaking from all the worlds into the Void has endangered all worlds.)

Witch queen Seraphina Pekkala responds: "Then the prophecy has been fulfilled. The love of Eve shall heal the Earth and all the worlds shall feel it. Nature will be restored. Hope will spark in darkness. As innocence turns to experience, all will be in harmony once more."

Experience the Deep Inner Mysteries!

The power of your penis alters your consciousness and transports you into another world, which is within your own body, with its awakened capacities for ecstasy, delight, adventure and limitless possibilities!

Sexual freedom and diversity are under assault in the USA, so here is a resource to learn more and show ways you can help resistance agains this oppression. Please click above.

CLOUDWHALE: A Novel of Cometary Space

Enter a world in which many of our worst problems caused by male dominance have been changed. In this engineered society, self-pleasure is considered the supreme form of eroticism. Same-sex relations are encouraged for recreational enjoyment. You may enjoy this world enough to stay for a while. But it's also a wild adventure about saving the world!!!

Click image above to purchase this book!

From someone now reading my new novel: "I’ll read to the end of CLOUDWHALE then reread. I know there is plenty of inspiration and imagination still to discover." From someone who finished it already: "Wow! What an amazing story."

You may enjoy masturbating quite often while you read this novel, but it also has strong, well-developed characters and a suspenseful plot.

Allow your penis to take you into this New World beyond your prior imaginings!

Much Brotherly Love,


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John Canon
John Canon
Sep 05, 2023

Exposing my spiritual and erotic journey. I love exposing my mindful masturbation stimulated through this blog and group. Gathering male sexual spiritual energy and also sending to all you men.

John Canon
John Canon
Sep 05, 2023
Replying to

Hearing from you heightens my session. Nice n hard now, Hope you can receive the vibes!


Jun 19, 2023

Every erection is a sacred invitation to a new journey of deeply spiritual and erotic discovery. Deep within us is the secret to be uncovered. Each session has the ability to unlock something new about us - in addition to being highly pleasurable. As a mindful masturbator, I anxiously await the next lessons to be learned within myself. I freely embark on such journeys - often, shameless and open to what lies within my eager and well-trained manhood.

Bruce Paul Grether
Bruce Paul Grether
Sep 05, 2023
Replying to

If you practice with these 9 FREE videos on this site, don't just watch by DO it, you can shift into a more mindful form of masturbation practice! - BPG

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