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Cultivate Penis Power!

Yes! In a famous sci-fi story two handsome, healthy young astronauts travel a long way in search of the meaning of a vast black phallic monolith. What's not described or shown is their epic masturbation, and the possible mutual masturbation of these beautiful men. When you cultivate pure penis pleasure, remember that you bring forth your inner child, your sense of wonder! You are a Starchild made of Stardust! This Penis Power is yours alone; you may also share it with the world.

Your penis has evolved over millions of years, not through competition, so much as cooperation, and the display shared among men of their mature male genitals. Thus, envision Phallic Brotherhood as cooperation, sharing, mutual support, encouragement, and inspiration. Historically the penis has been weaponized, made into a symbol of domination over others, of competition, and control. In reality it is a direct link to your heart!

It is time now to reclaim the actual properties of the Living Phallus, which is strong and firm, yet incredibly delicate and extremely sensitive at the same time. Vulnerability, legs spread open, is a fearless stance of dynamic invitation, and celebration of what your penis has actually evolved for over millions of years. It is for communion with yourself and communication with fellow men.

For untold millennia men have selectively re-shaped and re-sized and refined this biological instrument from a simple tube of fleshy tissue designed for urination and procreation, into a Truly Magickal Instrument, a Wand, a Wizard's Staff, the Living Image of the Divine. Of course! And important here is this, which comes from the Reclaiming Tradition of modern Wicca: not to seek power over, but power with, in collaboration and co-creation!

Sharing male masturbation, whether in person or even online, is an extraordinarily intimate, glorious, profound and exquisite experience on all levels: physical, mental, sensory and emotional. Perhaps this is so intimately intense and intensely intimate because so often we human males experience this is secrecy, or at least solitude. We break through into total honesty and shameless revelation.

We discover an intimacy and male bonding many men find more powerful even than with penetrative forms of sex with partners… for as delicious as those partnered forms of penetrative pleasure can be, they often involve domination and surrender, or control, and ego games. When men masturbate together in a spirit of generosity, mutual encouragement, support and inspiration take the experience to higher levels. Our erection stand in parallel.

Regardless of how a man may identify his sexuality to others, in truth almost every male on the planet, barring serious health issues or emotions of conditioned self-loathing and fear, otherwise virtually every male person on Earth masturbates. Most men love to masturbate--still, how good are they really at this skill? How fully you are able to surrender to the powerful possibilities for pure penis pleasure is ultimately up to you. It requires dedication and practice, practice, practice…

When men actually rub their erect penises together to experience the potent ecstatic sensations this practice of penis-to-penis frottage can generate for both participants, the nonverbal communication between the men becomes actual communion. Phallic Brotherhood becomes a sacred rite of self-initiation, as the initiation of the ancient Mysteries Schools, "Know Yourself" becomes an ecstatic filter bubble that encloses both men.

With the Internet and social media of today, male masturbation as a daily practice of blissful participation in feeling totally alive, triggering the racing heart, the speeding blood, the mind-space that becomes dreamy and delirious with so much exquisite stimulation of the aroused genitals transmitting from the surface of the swollen and activated erection to those brain centers of pleasure, to the pineal, the thymus, the adrenals, and the testicles--this transforms consciousness with brain chemical and hormones from the mundane to the magnificent!

Electronic media of the Global Brain encourages men of all parts of the world, all countries, all cultures, all religious and ethnic backgrounds, men of every color from the darkest to the palest skin tones to assiduously and devotedly practice cultivation of their erotic energy. This is still pioneering territory compared with how many men masturbate in a frantic race to the finish line. "Cultivation" is a good term, for it is something like gardening, as you tend to the potentials of your penis from its deepest roots, through the flower of full erection, to the production of seed.

When you really get it about retaining your semen for longer periods to masturbate as the Fine Art that male self-pleasure can be, you live in the Garden we have always called Paradise. Your pubic hairs are the vegetation of this Eden, and standing there in its midst is the One Tree, the Tree of Life. In this awareness, you become the Gardener of Paradise, and you embody the Phallic God.

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3 kommentarer

31. maj 2020

In The Secret of the Golden Phallus, Bruce says, "There's only one tree in the garden of eden : the tree of life. Reach between your legs and feel it."

Synes godt om

14. mar. 2020

What's important is retaining your semen for long periods - also known as edging. This means you stay close to the point of no return without going over the edge. This will bring you into present time and out of your head. You are then mindful. If, while doing this, you take rapid deep breaths (hyperventilate) then your phallus is the true magic wand, charging your body with erotic energy and taking you into worlds of altered states.

Synes godt om

22. feb. 2020

A touching story. The astronauts traveled so far only to discover the answer was within their grasp at arms reach all along. Inspiring masturbators in those photos as well.

Synes godt om
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