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Activate the Regenerative Power of Your Penis!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

by Bruce P. Grether

We have a "Medicine Wheel" or Magick Circle of Erotic Wizards at the Four Quarters of the Cardinal Points. This was not planned. Like Mindful Masturbation itself, it developed naturally, perhaps from necessity.

Following the last blog, a man I call the Erotic Wizard of the Far North posted the above comment. You may recognize Brother Alasdair from his previous comments on the blog. This time, I begin with the Erotic Wizard of the Far East, Mr. Henry Meadows, and then move widdershins back to the North, to further introduce Alasdair in more detail.

Handsome young Henry is a long-time friend. After our first brief contact about ten years ago, he temporarily vanished from my world. He was not quite ready then for the kind of loving Phallic Brotherhood we now share.

Henry has become important to the Mindful Masturbation Mission. He began to practice what I taught immediately after we reconnected early in 2021. He learned swiftly and dedicated himself to the practice.

Henry describes himself on his Twitter page as: "queer pagan | yogi | surfer | nature lover | spiritual naked | antifa | witchcraft & magic | phallic brotherhood & mindful masturbation | bttm."

As he consults the Tarot, this brilliant and Magickal fellow, has re-dedicated himself to participate in the Mission even more fully!

Among the Phallic Mysteries we explore are connections between our penises and the phases of the Moon. The glans penis, that shapely "helmet of flesh" seems to be directly connected with the Lunar Orb. Many ancient traditions suggest this! The glans covered by the foreskin is like the Dark of the New Moon; the glans fully revealed with the skin pulled back is like the Full Moon.

On Sunday, August 28th, 2022 at NOON PST, 2 pm CST and 3 pm EST, Henry plans to host a New Moon Group Masturbation Session LIVE on the OnlyFans page. You can join him then exclusively by becoming a member HERE! Don't miss this chance to masturbate with this beautiful young man and experience his New Moon Magick!

Henry is a perfect example of how you can activate the regenerative power of your penis! He credits me with a sort of rescue from some of the shadowy aspects of his life when we re-connected. I would also credit his exquisite Living Phallus and his dedication to explore the potentials of pure penis pleasure. You can Direct Message Henry HERE!

Henry is a Great Blessing to the Men of Planet Earth!

Thank you, Beloved Henry!

My first recorded communication from this remarkable man, Alasdair, is here: July 14 2020:

Interesting connection of 5 elements with masturbation. I've been playing with 5 lately also, adding meditation upon prana, apana, samana, vyana, and udana to practice of Golden Phallus yoga. The source I have describes them as upward lifting, downward rooting, balancing, outward-moving, and upward moving energy. - Alasdair

Above is a recent exchange on this blog. Alasdair lives in the Far North from me. Like me he feels a strong connection with Asian cultures. He was introduced to Transcendental Meditation (sitting meditation with a mantra) at the age of ten years.

His father was something of a nudist. In boyhood, he remembers that during camping trips, once they established their camp, they got naked in Nature. Since then, he has always loved to hike in natural surroundings and enjoys nudity whenever possible!

Alasdair, Age One

Though always a sensual man and sexually active with partners and during erotic massages, it was not until 2010 when he encountered my first DVD MINDFUL MASTURBATION FOR MEN: DEVELOP YOUR SELF-PLEASURING SKILLS TO EXTRAORDINARY LEVELS that he began to focus on Mindful Masturbation.

For over two years now, Alasdair and I have communicated directly. He contributes significant influences to my work, as well as encouraging me from "behind the scenes." Well, he's no longer behind anything, except for that rather magnificent Living Phallus that emerges from between his legs probing into the Universe.

Alasdair's interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong, among other things, has more recently led me to "Xi Sui Jing." This is a Qigong teaching of cultivating Qi or energy via mindful and careful stimulation of the genitals. Also, Alasdair often reminds me of the value of "soft cock" stimulation, which may be overlooked in the emphasis upon erection.

Along with Daoism (also spelled Taoism) and Buddhism, Alasdair credits his fellow Erotic Wizards of the Great Circle as important influences: Russell, Henry, Nico, and our greatly beloved Erotic Wizard of the Far South, Carlos.

It means a great deal to me at this juncture that this man has "come out" to the extent of offering to share his glorious photographic images!

Sequenced Practice: 5 Phases of Attainment

Here he demonstrates how he has integrated the sexological studies of the male arousal response with ancient Chinese wisdom that merges "The Four Attainments" with the Five Elements of Chinese Tradition: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

The regenerative power of your penis becomes a powerful agent for your health and well-being as you choose to ejaculate less often, though you continue to masturbate plenty. Semen retention does not mean no orgasms, on the contrary! It may mean "dry orgasms" and multiple male orgasms or continuous orgasmic states.

Alasdair specifically described and named the "Expressway Y" in which a man triggers his frenulum while stimulating a nipple with the other hand.

When Alasdair returned from overseas during the first part of the pandemic, he spent fourteen days in quarantine. He told me he was grateful to have a nice fireplace and plenty of coconut oil so he could enjoy spending his days naked. And of course…

If we think of this as a school of martial arts (sexual gongfu) or a temple (male erotic alchemy), I treat it as a sacred tradition.

- Alasdair

The term "queer" has come to mean anyone not conforming to simplistic categories such as "straight, bisexual, and gay." Though it once meant "odd" or was even used as an insult, now it more often means anyone not strictly identified as straight or cisgender, perhaps someone more gender fluid. Being queer is a point of pride! It means "not ordinary!"

Alasdair in the Far North

I'm immensely grateful that this passionate, intelligent, beautiful and extraordinary man has now become an integral part of the Mission of Phallic Brotherhood as our beloved Erotic Wizard of the Far North!

Handsome Young Nico is one of our two Erotic Wizards of the Far West. His spectacular practice can be witnessed on the OnlyFans page. He is smart, kind, encouraging and wise.

Consider Mindful Masturbation coaching with him online. Contact Nico through Direct Message HERE! (Or click the image above!) He's remarkably adept and skilled!

This fabulous fellow is my primary apprentice and protege. I've trained him for over two years now, and also learned plenty from him at the same time! I could not be where I am without the loving, luminous, highly-sexed help of this luscious lad!

Russell too, is a great Mindful Masturbation coach! He is raising his price from $100/hr. to $150/hr. and he is more than worth it! Still, he's offering to lock in his previous price for you if you prepay for however many sessions you want before September 22nd, 2022. What a deal! For coaching with him, Direct Message Russell HERE! (Or click the image above.)

As I have stated before, Russell and I seek more financial support for our Mission to foster Phallic Brotherhood among all men of Planet Earth. Surely on a planet of an estimated 3.97+ billion human males, at least a few million of those pulsating penises are connected with feverish brains that could benefit tremendously!

The OnlyFans page provides you the finest male masturbation videos available anywhere! Please tell any man you know about Erotic Engineering and about the OF page! Send men our way, and you can also directly DONATE (find the "I want to help" button). Let's aim high, to help humanity and the planet survive and thrive!

Don't miss the next LIVE Full Moon Group Masturbation Session over Z00M on Sunday, September 11, 2022 at 11am PST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST. Here's where you can SIGN UP!

You've seen here only some of the numberless ways you can activate the regenerative power of your penis!

But this remains only words until you DO IT!!!

Much Love,


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1 Comment

Aug 24, 2022

Hi Henry, can you please tell me which is the tarot card deck are you using in the great pictures above? Thank you. Much Love. Oscar

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