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  • Bruce P. Grether

Creating the World

The World is created through touch, through action, not only words. To experience this does not require belief, only willingness to experience. Specifically, your World is created through self-touch, that blissful process of creative self-discovery that helps you nourish, sustain, and regenerate your existence. In this sense you are self-creating, and a co-creator with Nature itself. In a genuine sense this process is also what you call Real Magick, because Real Magick is the way you align yourself with the cosmic order, to alter your consciousness at will.

This is why the ancient Gods of Nature are also ithyphallic, meaning they sport erect penises, even when later ages do not always depict them truthfully. Such deities as the elder gods of Egypt, Lord Shiva, the Great God Pan, Cernunnos and Herne, Lords of the Forest and the Crossroads, and even that later arrival Hermes who flits about on his father's errands, in truth are always aroused, randy and ready for the pure penis pleasure that is the actual purpose of that organ between your legs. That pleasure is literally always within your reach. Your human body is an incarnation of Nature itself, no less than such deities who represent the same thing.

Male masturbation taken to a high level of penis craft as a fine art is in truth a Magickal Spell. This spell is not a human fabrication, rather it unfolds and takes effect as a natural function of your body explored to the boundaries of its potential, and beyond. Via consciously expanding awareness induced by sustained, prolonged, high quality masturbatory pleasure, this becomes the pure penis pleasure of the Alchemical Mystic, whose purpose is to transform the mundane into the precious; this is the process of changing your mind through erotic engineering.

Young men, sky-clad, share phallic brotherhood through mutual masturbation undertaken with the spiritual intention of looking beyond duality into the eyes on the Face of Oneness itself! Such Oneness rejects no-one and embraces everyone. This is how erotic ecstasy becomes a transformational process, which serves far greater purposes that simple self-indulgence. Whether you practice Mindful Masturbation in solitude, with a fellow man in concert, or with a group of men, in a real sense the Universe feels your pleasure. You benefit humanity and the planet. Your pleasure expands in ripples through the collective unconscious of humanity.

You can see this in action! Young men in phallic brotherhood hang naked and share their arousal visually, manually, in masturbatory socializing, with minds and hearts opened in fellowship… casting a spell upon themselves and one another. This noble and delicious process also sets the example for their brethren who may not yet be quite ready to surrender to this Group Magick that phallic brothers enjoy as they explore the limitless possibilities for bliss. When men engage in such group communion and sharing of pure penis pleasure, this actually influences all men below the conscious threshold, where the longing for such sharing and connection abides.

Men long for this deep sharing of their penises, and their masturbatory bliss with fellow men, and when they cannot understand or accept the unconscious longing within themselves, this may manifest as fear of other men and as self-loathing. Most of human awareness operates below the conscious level. This is why phallic brothers who practice solo, in pairs, or in groups actually generate waves of bliss that can literally heal and transform the hearts of all men in the World. You can take your pure penis pleasure to this level of Real Magick and of co-creation with Nature, of actually creating the world you experience. Choose to prolong and intensify your pleasure endlessly without any other goal except the ecstasy and sharing the bliss you can generate. It is not just for you.

Semen Retention produces the finest masturbator's brew of dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, testosterone--all those brain chemicals and hormones that make you feel to incredibly good and totally alive! This process may even induce your pineal gland to release a biochemical cascade that leads to the production of DMT molecules… and produce a kind of psychedelic trip naturally within your body. This way instead of opposing Nature, you align yourself with Nature. To consider yourself as the Creator of the World in these ways is neither hubris nor ego, and is not a delusion of belief. None of this is complicated or difficult: it is something you are equipped for. This is an experiential Rite of Magick and co-creation produced with the equipment you have: your human body.

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