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  • Bruce P. Grether

The Son and the Father of All Things!

Mindful Masturbation is a specific set of practices that can greatly enhance the masturbatory pleasure of any man willing to try them. Certain parts of the practice work better for different men, because nobody is exactly the same. Still, there are some basic aspects that are valuable for any man in his self-pleasure because all human males share the same basic design: breathing, relaxing, variety--all these take you to higher and higher plateaus of erotic bliss, when you embrace them. Your brain, nervous system, your penis--these are all basically similar to those of every other human male.

The guys at the Bateworld website gave me the title of Bate Master when they asked me to write a weekly column for the site. I have developed this reputation as a sort of masturbation guru or erotic wizard due to simply being myself over the last 25 years of personal exploration of self-pleasure as a process of loving myself. This is an ongoing process, just as you loving yourself must be an ongoing process. Precisely what works for me may not prove the "cat's meow" for you, though it's probably with a try. This is why I don't "answer" the questions submitted for my "Ask the Bate Master" columns, rather, I respond to them.

The Vertical Axis of the Living Phallus

The erect penis corresponds with the Axis of the World, the vertical energy that connects the Below with the Above. When you lie on your back erect and masturbating, your erection aligns with this axis also known as the "Pillar Upholding the Sky" or the "Stairway to Heaven" or the "World Tree." Your Living Phallus is the creative force in the world and its actual presence is an integral and necessary aspect of the order of the world. Similarly when you stand upright, your body vertical, your erection generally aligns with the horizontal axis; both the vertical and horizontal axes comprise important aspects of the world.

The Horizontal Axis of the Living Phallus

Your erect penis aligns with the aspects of the world you inhabit. The Living Phallus prepares you for even more "advanced" processes called Male Erotic Alchemy. (ABOVE: a Male Erotic Alchemist adeptly transforming his experience of reality.) Male Erotic Alchemy is about cultivating your pure penis pleasure in a manner that becomes transformational. First it transforms you into higher states of awareness; then it enhances your ability to confidently manifest what you want in your life at will; finally it allows you to explore the limitless possibilities of what I call Golden Phallus Yoga. This last practice, after re-training yourself, becomes spontaneous, inspired, and truly opens the Doors of Perception.

This tradition Alchemical image can be understood without any complicated explanation. The Axis of the World, or the World Tree, as the Divine Phallus (your own penis in arousal) connects the various levels of Creation, from the deepest roots to the highest crown. Though the imagery is flavored by Medieval religious and cultural symbols, in essence it depicts how, when you employ semen retention to pleasure yourself consciously as an act of self-love you may ascend through numberless plateaus of bliss. You ascend without limitation and literally feel your connection with All Things, represented by the circular rainbow of celestial spheres. These rings of color contain the Lamps of Heaven, the Planets, which also correspond with the chakra centers of your body.

In Brotherhood Men Generate Phallic Energy Together

Generating transformational erotic energy can also be practiced as a collaboration between two Phallic Brothers, or even in a group of such men, so long as you all remain aligned in purpose. This purpose is to generate the same creative energy by which the world itself manifests. The male human body experiences this process of manifestation as erotic energy, when the penis is stimulated by touch. The Living Phallus is no mere symbol, rather a living, breathing, pulsating, swollen, ultra-sensitive, indescribably delicious dynamo. The Living Phallus generates pure penis pleasure to enhance your experience of living in your body as part of the spectacular material world in which you live, this world your sensory equipment is designed to explore and enjoy with wonder and amazement.

Another traditional image of Alchemical Process also actually speaks of the transformational power of self-pleasure practiced consciously. In the "Hermetic" crucible, the Ouroboros or "Worm that Swallows His Own Tail" signifies your hands stimulating your genitals, a similarly circular process in which nothing is missing, and everything required for Creation of the World is present. The birds perched upon the Ouroboros Serpent are the manner in which pure penis pleasure that you generate "gives you wings." This allows you to fly above and beyond other aspects of your existence that might bring you down. With this kind of transformational masturbation you participate in co-creating the world, aligned with Nature itself. You know yourself as the Son and the Father of All Things.

The time for keeping "occult secrets" is now past. Men of today's world desperately need to learn these effective ways to transform their human experience as male creatures who have all the equipment required to become Erotic Wizards, but most often lack the knowledge of how to get there. These more "advanced" practices don't just come naturally for most men. In traditional Alchemical Arts, which are about transforming "base metals to precious metals," or the mundane into the magnificent, the Alchemist is called the Son and the Father of All Things. This is because you are produced by the world you lives in; you generate the world at the same time as co-creator in the same process. Male Erotic Alchemy is about feeling this and realizing what you are doing as you engage in this ecstatic process.

If you wish to support my ongoing Mission to empower men with these practices, go HERE.

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